favorite band tho

im sitting in the parking lot at dollar general listening to the CD from region band this year with the windows down and this dude just gave me a “why are you listening to the star spangled banner” look. it’s ART, hoe


My top favorite bands (tho i listen to a shit ton, this is narrowed down) are: 

All Time Low 

The Maine 

Mayday Parade

Twenty One Pilots


Disturbed  ( Just saw them in concert in October!!!) 

Crown The Empire

A Day To Remember 

Forever The Sickest Kids 

Soooooooo send suggestions and ill tell you if i heard of them, or already listen to them, etc. (: 

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I’d like to remind everyone that at the height of the original Pokemon boom in 2001, Pokemon got a boy band to sing a song about how parents don’t understand our love of Pokemon.

(It was one of my favorite boy bands tho, young Jesse McCartney ftw)

(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tj61OUP2yfw)