favorite ball

I’ve always wanted to write a piece about the small cheap things in our daily lives that are nevertheless perfect for us — the inexpensive brand of coffee or tea or honey or ink or…. that after much trial and error, you’ve found is the exact right type for you. Anything else just won’t do, or it comes in a very distant second. Or the cheap pen (my favorite roller ball pen costs 2 euro which I buy ten at a time when I find them), a hat, or rubber sandals you bought on vacation one summer just because the sandals you brought with you broke. But since then these have become your favorites. My favorite summer cap cost 3 euro at a French supermarket ten years ago. I thought I’d lost it once and went crazy looking for it. Those small, inexpensive wonderful things that magically fit us or our lifestyle perfectly. The cheap bracelet with the small anchor attached that you bought at a souvenir stand by the sea last summer. The old leather messenger bag bought for nothing at the flea market, the sunglasses you found in a diner on the way to wherever that day…
—  Jonathan Carroll

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