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favorite ASOIAF places/cultures [1/?] - Dorne

Dorne was the last of the Seven Kingdoms to swear fealty to the Iron Throne. Blood, custom, geography, and history all helped to set the Dornishmen apart from the other kingdoms. At the outbreak of the War of the Five Kings Dorne took no part, but when Myrcella Baratheon was betrothed to Prince Trystane, Sunspear declared its support for King Joffrey. The Martell banner is a red sun pierced by a golden spear. Their words are Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. - A Feast For Crows

mzyraj  asked:

I've seen you reblogging Jon/Dany stuff and I'm curious how likely you think that level of love/romance would be in the coming canon. Even putting aside whatever state Jon is going to be in post-resurrection, I'm not sure their past relationships suggest that each would be the other's type for instant attraction, and I don't know if they'd have time to develop much of a relationship what with the oncoming winter apocalypse. Or is it just a ship people like the idea of but don't expect?

Oh no, I don’t think the all-American, crewcut, boy-next-door Jon Snow we’ve seen in AGOT - ADWD is Dany’s type for instant attraction at all! 

Dany’s the type who likes rockstars with wild hair, and the power and danger of a big ol’ Harley-Davidson between her legs. She’s looking for a maverick fighter pilot from Top Gun to ride one of her dragons.  She wants a rebel with a cause, not a lost, grieving boy. I don’t think the Jon Snow we know is the type of guy Dany’s looking for!

But Jon Snow died. ;)

In the words of the King, “The person you put up there ain’t the person that comes back. It might look like that person, but it ain’t that person” (Pet Semetary). “Resurrection… ah, there’s a word (that you should put right the fuck out of your mind and you know it).”

GRRM has said that “Death is hard.” It changes a person. Look at the Lightning Lord. Look at Lady Stoneheart. They remember, but they’re not the same people anymore. I think Jon Snow, after spending some time in Ghost, is going to come back wilder. More reckless, more dangerous, more … rockstar. So I think Dany will find Jon very attractive. 

(from Jesus Christ Superstar

(Will TWOW please come out soon, because my ASOIAF / pop culture analogies are getting wilder and wilder.) 

So anyways, you can’t just “put aside” Dragonriding Rockstar Jesus Jon Snow and his Resurrection, or his Freefolk Groupies on the tv show, or his tv manbun when considering the potential for Jon/Dany. The resurrection – and the change it will bring – is a big reason why I think Jon/Dany has potential.

So how likely do I think there will be love/romance between Jon/Dany in canon? I’m certain of it. I think Jon and Dany will grow very close as they fight together to save the world, and I think that’s a beautiful thing. I’ll wager money on Jon/Dany falling in love in the books before the end of ADOS; any takers? First come, first served

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Arya Stark’s Character

Everyone seems to love Arya because she’s the badass girl that defies gender roles. I completely agree with that. But that’s not why she’s my favorite character. At the beginning of AGoT, Arya is a 9 year old girl that hates traditional lady like pursuits and she is bullied for it (by her sister and best friend). And she is always considered the “less beautiful Stark daughter.” I know a lot of women say that they are more like Arya than Sansa (including me). And of course you are. Because most women reading ASOIAF are privileged enough that major sexism doesn’t affect them (of course some will, but not to the degree in which it is to in Westeros). You probably enjoy outdoor things to an extent and dont appreciate gender roles. But Arya Stark is nine (and 11 by ADwD). What were most (most, not all) girls like when they were nine? Let’s see. Trying desperately to be a teenager. Having a crush (or as they like to say, being in love). Hell, I remember some kids back then stuffing their training bra. Of course they like sports to an extent because it’s the modern age. An “Arya” in this group of nine year olds would be one that doesn’t fit into the girly trends, has short hair, and acts like a boy. She would also be someone who is overshadowed by her sister’s beauty. At first, I honestly thought Arya was a basic cliche character until I realized I used to be her. I’m not saying this to glorify myself because it’s not what people think it is. I was a really plain looking person when I was nine. I had short, uncombed hair, wore very plain clothes or boys clothes (unless I was forced to wear a dress). The people I hung out with were boys in middle school and high school (I don’t say friends because all I did was play with them and some of them didn’t except me because I was a girl). Because of being outside a lot, I was really skinny and had scratched up legs. I was also good at math. Here’s the best part (note the sarcasm): A lot of girls insulted my looks (don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t as much of a loner as Arya because I had friends; some of which I am still friends with today), and my mom didn’t entirely approve of my general tomboyish-ness. My dad did, but ah he used to drink a lot back then (3-4 days a week and heavily at that) which was really bad for my mom. And my sister was always called prettier than me (still is). That’s how I relate to Arya. I’m not exactly like her because I haven’t had nearly as traumatizing experiences. Plus, I’ve had crushes since I was 10 (which Arya doesn’t have… canonically… I ship Gendrya but I won’t talk about that now). And anoother thing that bothers me is that people say that Arya isn’t bothered by people insulting her appearance. THAT’S WRONG. As someone with personal experience with this sort of thing, it did bother her. She wanted to be pretty. But she had other priorities that ranked way above being pretty (cause beauty is only skin deep). As she got older, she had trouble with her identity, as in who she was. I think a lot of people can relate to that aspect of Arya. Of course, none of us are training to become faceless men, but kids struggle with things like personality and maybe even gender and sexuality (which Arya doesn’t struggle with). As Arya gets older (when she’s 12 or 13-ish), she’ll start to embrace herself. I did. And many other people eventually did. As I conclude my rant, I want to add one more thing. Beauty started to matter less and less to Arya because she was faced with other things. Just wanted to point that out because I think it’s important. All of the above reasons are why I LOVE Arya. She’s the most relatable character on that show. Although, Jaime comes in close second. That’s for another rant though.