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MAJOR congrats to the Zootopia crew at Walt Disney Studios! Cant wait to see them win at the Oscars :D

I didn’t really pay attention to how the stage looked like so this will have to do.

Inktober 2016 Giveaway!

I start a giveaway as thanks for 50k follower on Instagram AND Tumblr!

I want to thank you for all the feedback that motivates me so much! Just follow the following rules to participate and win your favorite ORIGINAL INKTOBER ARTWORK!

1. Reblog this blog entry 
2. Reblog your favorite Inktober artwork done by me 
3. Add the hashtag #inktobergiveawaybykaro2016 
4. Tag it with @karolinepietrowski 

I will choose the winner next Wednesday. Good luck everyone!

P.s. You can also participate this give away on Instagram for double chances of winning! :)

I decided to celebrate Christmas by drawing my favorite versions of all my beloved problematic favs! (I used one of those draw the squad things because I had no idea how to pose everyone haha) The list is ever growing and I can’t wait to see who else gets added to it! ☺️✌️️ Thank you so much for all your love, support and good vibes this year ❤️ Can’t wait for next year! (Hopefully there will be far fewer casualties 😅)


So I have done quite a bit of fiddling around choosing my pencil style and I think I finally found one I really like.

The Wilde Family with @trashasaurusrex character Isabelle

Hope you all like it ^-^