favorite artists meme

it’s so weird drawing myself ;; but I haven’t done an artist meme in about 7 years, so here’s a thing (so that in another 7 years I can look back on this and laugh at my old self)

I tag dearest @oibob and anyone else who considers themselves artists!!!!!

I had already started this and I was tagged by @hamsterfox and that pushed the drive to finish this XD 

I cheated the items, it started with my beloved mug and just…yeah.  I like/hate a lot more things but I tried to keep this simple!

Here’s me! I’m sure you all see enough of me but here’s more of me >//w//>;;;;; 

I tag anyone who wants to do this >:3 here’s your excuse to do it if you needed one!

what are you talking about this is a perfectly normal comic just two guys being bros just two dudes being gay

@colanom for… reasons


get to know me meme: favorite artists [1/?] Maisie Williams
Sometimes you miss friends, and it’s hard for them, as well, when you’re just gone for a long time. I can’t just go and see them any time I want because when I’m free, they may not be free, but I definitely wouldn’t change it, ever. But, when you find really great friends, that doesn’t matter, and I’m lucky to have some people who really, really look after me and look out for me. I definitely wouldn’t ever change it.

Voltron Teen GC Asks

Ai: What’s your favorite meme?

Bailey: What do you look for in a significant other?

Bee: What are your nicknames?

Bees: What’s your favorite animal?

Bella: What’s your favorite three apps?

Bo: What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done?

Bruce: Who’s your favorite superhero?

Can: What’s your favorite number?

Danny: Who’s your favorite writer?

Dru: What’s your biggest fear?

Gian: What’s your favorite three songs?

Gran Gran: What’s your favorite cryptid?

Hannah: What’s your favorite food?

Kaley: What’s your sexuality?

Kath: What’s your favorite three fandoms?

Kitt: Describe your appearance/share a selfie if you’re comfortable

Kiley: What’s your favorite ice cream flavor

Lexa: Who’s your favorite three characters?

Lilly: What’s your most unpopular opinion?

Lub: Who’s the nicest person you know?

Lytzy: What’s three things you like about yourself?

Maya: Who means the most in your life?

Riley: What’s your top three OTPs?

Shane: Who’s your favorite author?

Shauna: What’s your favorite color?

Taylor: What’s your favorite country?

Tim: What’s the rudest thing you’ve experienced?

Vicky: Who’s your favorite artist?

Favorite Works of Art Meme - (5/9)

Rivera was the best-known and most prolific artist of the Mexican mural renaissance, which began in the 1920s in the wake of the Mexican Revolution. Through government-sponsored public murals, he and other Mexican artists sought to communicate and foster national pride, and in the process they captured the public imagination in the United States as well. Rivera described the movement’s utopian ideals, stating, “For the first time in the history of monumental painting, Mexican muralism ended the focus on gods, kings, and heads of state” and “made the masses the hero of monumental art.”

“Agrarian Leader Zapata.” (Fresco on reinforced cement, circa 1931)
Diego Rivera. (Mexican, 1886-1957)