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Name: Brett
Gender: Male
Star sign: Aries
Height: 6'2"
Time: 4:29pm
Birthday: March 27
Favorite Band(s): It’s damn near impossible to pick just one but right now Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, Tool, Volbeat, Flaw are some favorites
Favorite solo artist: Not sure
Song stuck in my head: Staind-Mudshovel I just heard it on the radio coming home from work
Last movie I watched: Domestic Disturbance
Last thing I Googled: Recent prices for 556 bulk ammo
Do I have any other blogs: Nope this is it
Do I get any asks: Sometimes
Why Did you choose this blog name: Outlaw I almost always go against the grain, 762 as a reference to my love for guns
Blogs I’m following: 465
Followers: 1,934
Favorite color: Green
Average hours of sleep: 6 hours
Lucky number: 12
What am I wearing: Carhartt work clothes
How many blankets do I sleep with: 2, a sheet and a comforter
Dream job: Farmer/rancher my own cattle business
Favorite food: Texas BBQ, Cajun
Favorite song: Too many to name

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1. Nicknames
Chels, mainly, but some people in my witchy group chat call me Queen, which is short for Trash Queen, so it’s definitely accurate, haha. 

2. Gender
Woman (she/her/her’s)

3. Star sign
Cancer sun, Capricorn Moon, and Gemini Rising

4. Height

5. Time
2:31 am

6. Birthday
July 13th, 1992

7. Favorite bands
Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana, Radiohead, Linkin Park, Pearl Jam, Jefferson Airplane, The Mama’s and the Papa’s, Within Temptation, Evanescence, System of a Down, Tool, Metric, Smashing Pumpkins, July Talk, Garbage, Hole, The Cranberries and a bunch more I’m sure I’m forgetting about.

8. Favorite solo artists
Tori Amos, Chelsea Wolfe, Stevie Nicks, Father John Misty, Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan, Aurora, Lindsey Stirling, Fiona Apple, Marina and the Diamonds, Kesha, Sarah Brightman, and, again, a bunch more that I haven’t included.

9. Song stuck in my head
Holy - Zolita

10. Last movie watched
The Haunting (1999)

11. Last show watched
Mrs. Brown’s Boys

12. When did I create my blog
About three months ago, sometime in June, I believe.

13. What do I post
Mainly witchy aesthetics (plants, crystals, nature, etc), but I also just post witchy stuff in general (spells, rituals, masterposts, tips, etc.)

14. Last thing I googled
I honestly can’t remember

15. Do you have other blogs
Yes!  I have my super old personal blog that I’ve been using for about 6 years, it’s mainly just a bunch of sad 90′s trash, haha, but feel free to check it out if you want @queerologist

16. Do you get asks?
Yes, I do, somedays more than others, but I usually get a few questions or IM’s a day.

17. Why did you choose your URL
Because I do a lot of witchcraft with the moon and the lunar phases so I figured it was just direct and to the point, lol.

18. Following

Roughly around 4.6k+

20. Favorite colors
Black, wine red, silver, and violet.

21. Average hours of sleep
Usually anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, I have really intense insomnia

22. Lucky number
3, 9, and 13

23. Instruments
I used to know how to play the violin a bit, but aside from that I’m really not musically inclined.  Though, I would love to learn more on the violin, and also I’d really enjoy learning how to play the piano and guitar.

24. What am I wearing 
A black Led Zeppelin t-shirt (the 1977 USA tour), and plaid pajama pants.

25. How many blankets I sleep with
One, just a comforter.

26. Dream job

27. Dream trip
I’d love to travel all around Europe, but specifically Ireland, Scotland, Romania, and Italy.

28. Favorite food
Pasta, literally any kind, JUST GIVE IT ALL TO ME.

29. Nationality

30. Favorite song now
Up The Creek - Tori Amos

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Time Right Now: 17:03

Nicknames: Ion or Cupcake

Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 1.63-65 cm (don’t know for sure)

Birthday: 03.03

Favorite Solo Artist: Dean, Jónsi, Keaton Henson, Heize and Troye Sivan

Favorite Bands: BTS, Mumford and sons, NCT 127, Bastille, DBSK, Of Monsters and Men and Blackpink

Songs Stuck In My Head: Hooked on a feeling

Last Show I Watched: Voltron: The Legendary Defenders

When Did I Create My Blog: summer of 2012

What Do I Post: Mostly BTS, Harry Potter and other fandoms I’m in like movies/TV shows but mostly the first two

Last Thing I Googled: Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: Yes @nynnphadoratonks

Do You Get Asks: No

Why Did You Choose Your URL: I have no idea what went through my mind when I was trying to choose an URL the last time

Following: 215

Followers: 206

Favorite Colors: Night sky blue, lilac and black

Lucky Number: don’t have one

Average Hours Of Sleep: either it’s 4 hours or 12 there is no in between

What Am I Wearing Right Now: some green pajamas

How Many Blankets I Sleep With: none it’s too god damn hot

Dream Job: —

Dream Trip: Iceland, Scotland, Japan and S.Korea

Favorite Food: pasta

Nationality: Greek

Favorite Song Right Now: forever and ever it’s gonna be “So Far Away”

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Today I have a suuuuper special drawing. I decided to make fan art from my favorite artist Cloud! DreamerOfExistence
(Be sure to give him a WATCH & support him he makes awesome art!) He’s also a friend of mine I met from another artist here, Lola.
We’ve decided that we are going to be teammates & that we’ll be supporting each other from now on.

Btw: This is Clouds’ lovely Kimura

Bts are going to be in America soon, and even though I am extremely excited to see the boys and are so happy they’re back in my country again, I can’t help but feel anxious and nervous as well. I know how ‘passionate’ fans here can get, to where it borders on stalking and aggression, to just plain rude. I’m not singling anyone out, I just know what I’ve seen first hand at the various concerts of other groups and people I’ve attended. Fans are so dedicated to getting the best view, or making sure their favorite artist sees them, that all rationality goes out the window.

Please, please, treat Bangtan with the respect they deserve while in America. Give them their space and just enjoy the concert if you’re attending. They’ve worked so hard and don’t deserve to be hassled at airports or stalked and yelled at by a bunch of immature fans. Let us all be respectable and show them that we are actually capable of not being the crazed fans most of the world thinks we already are.

how hard is it to literally restrain yourself and not chase after your favorite artist? sure, in your head you’re thinking it’s a good idea and you’ll for sure get to meet them, but did you ever stop to think about the danger you’re putting them in? your favorite artists (like panic!’s brendon urie and frank iero) have become afraid to be in their house and are afraid of being in high speed chases to their hotels. don’t do this. don’t make them regret what their career is. don’t make them regret sharing their time to go on a tour for us only to have them be scared off by dumbasses who don’t know what’s right or wrong. don’t make them regret their choices. please.

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How do you overcome not feeling like a good enough artist? It's my dream to have my own studio and be in a gallery one day but I never like any of my own work I feel it's very childish and cartoony looking and no one would take me or my art seriously 😞 but my heart calls for nothing more than to do it forever

There’s this quote from “My Girl” movie:

that I will use to give an advice about overcoming that feeling of not being a good artist:

Make sure to talk to people that makes you feel good when you show them your drawings. Don’t go for those who don’t understand what you do, who won’t add nothing to your art and your improvement, who won’t help you at all. Telling you “you need to improve this and that” is different than “your drawing sux” - avoid those “your drawing sux” people, they won’t help you to get anywhere - and always think about getting better.

But sometimes the problems are not the others, but ourselves. I know how cruel we can be in our own thoughts :(

I awe a lot of things to tumblr and my friends to help me with this. Thanks to my friend who said “you should make a tumblr account”, now I have a place where I can show my daily art and receive notes and messages. Surround yourself with those who motivates you, who inspires you, who makes you want to get better, who makes you have positive thoughts!

Having favorite artists is important. I’m sure you look up to artists that have a style that you would like to achieve, right? When you say “childish” and “cartoony” I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Child+Cartoon makes me think about Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks, etc. It makes me think about Claire Keane, one of my favorites. She’s an absolutely amazing artist and her paintings goes like this:

and this!

Both paintings are beautiful in their own way, but clearly they have different meanings - because of the style. Some people might enjoy the first one, others enjoy the second one. It doesn’t matter - both are great and beautifully painted and executed by the same artist. So now’s the main question when creating art: what message do you want to show in your paintings and how would you do this? You don’t need to go to the realistic side, but Claire Keane, for instance, has enough knowledge and fundamentals to create both style (that’s something I really admire about her)!

And that’s how I started to overcome this feeling. The moment I realised how studies are important. So take your studies seriously, always motivate yourself to learn new things. Find inspirations and artists who has a “similar” approach that you have. Learn from all kinds of artists, from Picasso to your favorite tumblr artist, but always stick to the one who makes you wake up and draw everyday.

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Hey, I love your style, would you say you had any big influences on it?

My go-to favorite artist is Normal Rockwell. I’m not sure my style looks a lot like his (because it’s just too super good) but I look to him more for his amazing ability to tell a story in a single image.

Then there’s Mary Blair. I like how she used deceptively simple shapes and colors to convey a powerful moment.

My biggest overall style influence was probably Disney movies, because that’s what I absorbed growing up (and drew fan art of). This was almost to my detriment because it’s such a strong “look” that it’s hard to break away from it and find your individuality. The same thing goes for artists who grow up emulating manga or superhero comics.

Other influences? I tend to like landscape painting and sketchy concept art. My art tends to be more painterly and rough vs. tightly rendered, especially in the backgrounds.

And some how I ended up here:

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Yo I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your art!!!!! Like you're one of my favorite artists for sure! Keep up what you're doing, and I'm so excited to see the animated BMC and your new comic! I just wanted to ask if you base your style off of something in particular?

Thank you so much!
My style is a mixture of  all the things I like from cartoons and manga. Plus I take a huge inspiration from my favorite comic book artist, Alessandro Barbucci!


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I need to be a bit salty with these individuals who are upset about BTS not performing. Y'all. They are CONSTANTLY going going going and doing for US. Let these little lovelies have a night to sit back and enjoy their favorite artists performances, Vegas, AND THEIR AWARD!! I've never performed but I'm sure it's stressful and tiring. They've done SO MUCH, let them enjoy their time here before they have to start grinding again. Ya feel?

^^^^^^ - Admin Jaefairy

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What are some of your favorite guzmoon blogs, or guzmoon artists?

Um, I’m not sure if they have tumblr blogs, but I know they have twitter!
I’ll list some of my fave artists down below:


There are waaaay more, but I don’t wanna make the list too long.
These artists draw グズミヅ really well, so please enjoy their content!

EXO Reactions: How they would surprise you for your birthday


 He pretends like he forgets your birthday only to surprise you with a day filled with doing all of your favorite things.


He takes you to see your favorite artist in concert and makes sure to blog the whole experience for later.   *you are D.O*


He surprises you with a secret love song he’s spent months writing you, where he expresses his whole love leaving you speechless.


He was planning a surprise birthday party. He invited all your family and even paid for all their plane tickets and hotel rooms. He would take you shopping and keep you out of the house while your family decorated and set up all the food. When you get home you are so surprised and you start to cry because what he did was really sweet. You run and hug him.

“Thank you Lay.”

“It’s no problem baobei. Happy birthday.”


His surprise would be taking you on a special trip to all the places you’ve always wanted to go to. *you are luhan*


 He takes you out on and adventure through China, carrying you on his back while you gasp at the views.


Takes you on a romantic date with beautiful scenery that you both enjoy. *you are suho*


After a nice homemade dinner (in which D.O helps him) he takes you out for part 2 of your surprise which is, he rented a boat and is taking you to a beautiful island for your birthday.


Surprises you with a great birthday with everyone you love and at the end has fireworks for you.  *you are D.O as you watch the fireworks*


 He’d wake you up early with a delicious breakfast *chef soo* and then proceed with the festivities he’s prepared.


 Surprises you by throwing you the sickest birthday party and then gets excited when you get excited. *you are tao*


He’s taken note of everything you said you loved and surprises you with it all on your birthday.

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Name: ಠ_ಠ 

Nickname: Orsi

Gender: female 

Star sign: aquarius

Height: 5 ft 8 (and a half)

Time: around 10 am i think??? or you mean what time is it now

Birthday: you tryna buy me something? seriously, buy me something

Favorite band: i don’t listen to music like that 

Favorite solo artist: i’m not sure

Last movie I saw: Blade Runner (1982) yes i just saw the movie for the first time this last Sunday lol

Last show: I don’t go to shows

When did I create my blog: 2014 what am i doing with my life

What do I post: everything but i’m moving to the shitposting/personal direction. i used to blog more about politics

The last thing I googled: technically that would be “how to view browser history in google chrome” and before that “how to sign a formal request”

Do I have any other blogs: nah

Do I get asks: rarely, but i get really nice ones which i am happy for! i think i got 2 negative anons my entire time here 

Why did you choose this blog name: there was a serious post about cheating being a choice and around the time the cheating penguin story was viral someone reblogged that post and added “YOU CAN TELL THIS TO THAT PENGUIN HOE”. i thought that was hilarious so here we are 

Blogs I follow: 533

Followers: 679

Favorite colors: white, grey, denim, green, beiges 

Average sleep: 8-9 hours during the week, less during weekends

Lucky numbers: 3, 23

Instruments: i don’t know what rhythm is so like..nothing. they tried to get me fuck around with that triangle and stick shit in school once but i got that wrong too so they removed me from the play

What am I wearing: ripped jeans, white socks, david bowie shirt, long beige cardigan from mango 

Dream job: i really love my current job (director of product at a skincare company) so i hope i can continue to work there while i do law school, after that i’ll be some type of lawyer i suppose? i don’t know 

Dream trip: i saw a documentary about the food culture of Taiwan and now i really want to go. also Thailand for the same reason.

going to the US was my dream trip since i was a kid up till last year when i went and that dream is cancelled 

Favorite food: bitch where do i begin.

in general i love smoky flavors, good quality red meat, LAMB omg i love lamb, some seafood (not mussels tho),  corn fed chicken (or as we call them in Hungary, chicken), RICE, Thai and Japanese food, soul food, HUNGARIAN FOOD, my god just most the food really.  

Nationality: Hungarian for at least another 4 years 

Favorite song: i have Crazy in love in like 4 versions so I guess it’s Crazy in love? 

@duplavid @lassukmibolelunk @wonder–panda @e52711 @homoprincex @mevrim @veresfika if y’all feel like it