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For the meme, how about Ushiwaka?

YAY! Ushi!

First impression

First of all I love how we were introduced to Ushijima lmao, Kagehina talking about him and then he just happens to be running by like “hey whats up” JAPANNNN, i died. I honestly thought he was a villain up until season 3. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Impression now

A SWEET BLUNT CINNAMON ROLL who wants to win. I may not agree with the way he treats Oikawa but he’s still just… a kid really. Kids do dumb things especially when they are competitive. I really really really hope Ushi continues with volleyball, he’s fucking amazing.

Favorite moment


Idea for a story

What if Oiks really did go to Shiratorizawa…..

Unpopular opinion

Sigh, Farmer!Ushiwaka is annoying THERE I SAID IT also the “you should have come to shiratorizawa” meme is ANNOYING TOO

Favorite relationship

Yoooo UshiTen is adorable.

Favorite headcanon

Animals love him. And he loves animals. “Wakatosh-kun there’s a dog over there” “We must stop practice immediately”



He said sorry to Tsukki in his own way

Emotions? Never heard of them

OH AND BONUS BONUS nice cameo ushiwaka ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Thanks for asking!! 

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Hey guy i just realise de reach 155 follower so i want to do something but not a raffle si i’m gonna try something new yeah
Just tell me : the exemple is mine
-Your favorite color (exemple : green and orange)
-Favorite créature or animals you can as as many as you want (ecemple fox and kirin)
-Whatkind of oc you prefert with adjectif (exemple cute and fluffy)
-And if you want it To be a beast or à human version
And i will draw you an oc with that 😜just reblog this post telling your choice

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name: u can just call me K

nickname: “oh-no”, “the thigh high lance blog dude”, “satan”, “god”, “asshole”

birth month: July

height: 5’ 3

ethnicity: whiter than snow

orientation: im rly into cookware

favorite fruit: banananananas

favorite season: fall

favorite books: Grimm Fairy Tales

favorite flowers: dahlias (I’m growing some outside)

favorite scent: citrus stuff

favorite animals: my asshole cat and 4 asshole dogs

favorite beverages: tea and coffee

average hours of sleep: ?????? who knows at this point

favorite fictional characters: Jason Todd (DC Comics), Spider-Gwen (Marvel), Shiro (Voltron), Lance (Voltron), Roy Harper (DC Comics), Bucky Barnes (Marvel), Keith (Voltron), me (i’m not real)

number of blankets you sleep with: 1

dream trip: to go to Rome, lay down on the floor of the Sistine Chapel, and cry staring up at the ceiling as I get yelled at for laying on the floor

blog created: April 2017

number of followers: 672 (holy shit that’s a lot of u thanks for being here)

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I think Cowboy Bebop is probably the best anime of all time. I also really like Trigun, and Inuyasha... all Adult Swim... kind of ashamed? I like Onegai Teacher and Twins and Love Hina. They're all killer. Asumanga Daioh was okay, I watched the whole anime(unless theres more since I was 14). Dragonball and Sailor Moon is cool. I like your monster collector animes poke/digi/monster ranchers. Thats my life story.... just kidding. What is your favorite animes/Suggestions for me? smackyamama

Nothing to be ashamed of! Adult Swim and Toonami’s line ups were always good. Thats what really got me into anime, like a lot of others on here. As for my favorites, Inuyasha will always be my #1 lol! Ranma ½ is a strong 2nd. Some others to mention: Yu Yu Hakusho, Hunter x Hunter, Mushishi, Steins Gate, Eureka Seven, Monster and Kimagure Orange Road were all amazing imo.

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Name: Hayley
Nicknames: -
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 5′10 1/2″ (Im so tall  (ಥ﹏ಥ)
Ethnicity: Latina, Irish, Italian, and more lol
Orientation: Of..? 
Favorite Fruits: Watermelon, Banana, and Grapes 
Favorite Season: Winter! I LOVE Christmas! 
Favorite Books: “The Glass Castle” By Jeannette Walls
Favorite Animals: Penguins and Dogs are life 
Favorite Beverage: Water cuz im boring

Average Hours of Sleep: Probably 6hrs

Favorite Fictional Characters: lucy heartfilia, natsu dragneel, bakugou katsuki (This list can go on for ages)
Blog Created: Uhhh maybe half a year ago?
Number of Followers: 3,767

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  • far better at textual conversation than face-to-face. save for with a select few people, he’s extraordinarily more talkative online. actually sort of awkward in person, more verbally unsure/hesitant
  • his favorite sport is golf. hockey is a close second though
  • He Loves Carly Rae Jepsen
  • his favorite animals are moose, and his favorite flowers are dandelions
  • his first time was in high school, in the school pool with another boy he was head over heels for. that was the last time he ever spoke to adam
  • ocd, anxiety, depression, potentially bdd
  • uncomfortable with being uncomfortable, godawful at discussing this particular feeling, more than anyone else. stews in silence while others make jokes at his expense unless a third party attempts to dispel the situation in which case he might have a moment of clarity, a moment of “oh, that’s right, that’s bad, i can say that that’s bad”/needs to have his feelings validated before he has the audacity to feel them
  • he doesn’t wear colors very often aside from monochrome sorts, natural kinds, he would love to wear more blue, but his anxiousness keeps him from even considering it
  • always has this sort of sleepy, dreamy look to him, eyes half-lidded, hooded, clear blue
  • knows all the lyrics to salt-n-pepa’s shoop

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What is your opinion on Disney?

I love the animated movies muchly. The business itself is kind of a scary conglomerate, owning the Muppets AND Star Wars, haha, but oh man, some of my favorite movies are animated Disney films. Robin Hood, The Aristocats, Sleeping Beauty, Atlantis, Tangled… You could leave me no movies left in the world but Pixar and animated Disney and I would be content. (Don’t take my TV shows, though, I need my Voltron.)

(Ask my opinion on anything.)

Get to Know Me

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1) Name: Paul 
2) Nickname: My mom has this beautiful nickname for me “Not Mine” :)
3) Zodiac sign: Gemini 
4) Height: If you ask me in person, I’ll say 6′2″. If you ask me online, I’ll say 6′3″ 
5) Ethnicity: Black 
6) Orientation: 

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7) Favorite fruit: Pineapple (you’re not alone Dan lol)
8) Favorite season: Summer 
9) Favorite book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
10) Single or taken: Single
11) Favorite smells: Food cooking (or cinnamon)
12) Favorite color: Blue 
13) Favorite animal(s): I don’t like animals :/
14) Favorite beverage: Non-alcoholic - Water; Alcoholic - Jagermeister (I happen to be trash.)
15) Favorite characters: Annalise Keating (HTGAWM); Lafayette (True Blood); Mindy Kaling in anything; Cheryl Blossom (Riverdale); Linda Belcher (Bob’s Burgers)
16) Blanket number: 3 - 4.
17) Nighttime or daytime: Nighttime :) 
18) Follower number: 94
19) Blog created at: Like, 5-ish months ago? Pretty recently 
20) How’s your day: I spent all day taking pictures of myself…so pretty good.

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“If you ever cry alone again…or even if the day comes where you just find living to be painful…then I promise I’ll save you again and again.” ― Takano Ichigo.