favorite alpha kid

Another live upd8 reaction

shiiiiiiIIIIIIIT (spoken aloud involuntarily)

See I knew he would at least TRY to hurt her. But duh of COURSE he wouldn’t go for the hand, he knows jack shit about that ring. Only John would have any clue. Still.. she’s immortal, this is nothing :/



I mean yeah she’s immortal, but that’s still gotta hurt. Dirk Strider doesn’t fuck around, though. Reasons he is my favorite.

Yeah bro she’s kinda immortal :/

Come on, totally looks like a vaguely creepy/halloweeny clown face

ARANEA: Those were some nice moves. 
ARANEA: I particularly enjoyed how you took a casual swing at my arm in the middle of that com8in8tion. 
ARANEA: As if I am not perfectly aware that you understand the significance of this ring. 
ARANEA: I know you must have overheard my convers8tion with Roxy. 
ARANEA: Really, it is one of the gr8 disadvantages of having a reput8tion for offering detailed explan8tions. 
ARANEA: When you inevita8ly start going on at length a8out your weaknesses, there are sure to 8e some eavesdroppers taking notes!

Oh so he did know. okay

ARANEA: 8ut I really don’t mind that you know my secret. 
ARANEA: What kind of sport would I 8e if I didn’t give you a fair shot at defeating me? 
ARANEA: In fact, to show you what a generous and honora8le opponent I am, I will give you one free chance at disarming me. 
ARANEA: I won’t move an inch. I promise! Surely with your speed and swordsmanship, it will 8e a piece of cake. 
ARANEA: Well? 
ARANEA: Go on, Dirk. Have at it. 

Wow yeah no I don’t trust this for a single fucking second. But I can’t see her blatantly LYING so what the hell is her plan? Bring Gamzee up here somehow? Jesus I don’t even know, man.