favorite achievement hunter let's play moments

My favorite moment of any GTA V Let’s Play is when Griffon drove up to a building riddled with cops and there were explosions going off every other second. Because when she asked what the fuck was going on literally everyone in the car said “Ryan” in such a bored and overly done tone and if that doesn’t tell you everything about Ryan Haywood I don’t know what will.


Favorite Achievement Hunter Let’s Play Moments: Gavin Makes the First Tower of Pimps

Gavin: All right. I’ve created the Tower of Pimps. Everyone worship me.
Geoff: Whoa you made a gold…
Ray: Is that what you did with my gold!? You made a fucking gold tower four blocks high?
Gavin: Yeah, I’m stood upon the Tower of Pimps! Kneel down, bitches!



“I listen to the loudest voice in the room.”

This was by far one of my favorite moments in the Let’s Watch: Until Dawn Playthrough and has spawned so many amazing Team Crazy Mad headcanons, god bless. I also had a lot of fun playing around with the styles. I don’t usually (back on my old channel) post a lot of drawings done in my “quick draw” style but I was doodled in class and this idea sparked. 

Fifa 14 doodles for day 10