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Favorite Destiel Moment Part 1 ** Celebration Edition **

As promised, (with a day or three of delay) another favorite Destiel moment for your consideration and my amusement.

This is an official and delayed celebration for 200+ followers.

I really don’t understand how this happened. I’m Truly amazed and very grateful that you let me in on your dash to contribute to feed your Castiel, Dean and Destiel needs. Really thank you.

This should be a straight (no pun intended) gifset about a particular scene that I enjoyed in Supernatural of this two. But it turns out I will divide it in two parts, because this is too much to process in one post (even if this one is larger than life).

The first part as follow, is a regular “walk through" the scene, from my personal perspective (and a proof of how the whirlwind known as Destiel is messing with my sanity).
As usual, I want to comment about my re-discovery of this ship in this particular scene and how I enjoyed while making the edits.

The second part is a rediscovering of a constant internal debate that maybe everybody that ships Destiel can be caught into. (specially if you read smut) Inside our beloved ship, this issue has started numerous discussions and probably divided us when is time to choose between:

Bottom!Dean - Top!Cas
Top!Dean - Bottom !Cas

So, expect for tomorrow the second part of this brief scene, but with long implications that I couldn't avoid to cut in two parts. So those who are not interested in such sinful and impure implications, can only focus on this fluffy post.

Again, to whomever is reading this and decided to follow me, thank you very much.

Please Enjoy!

The Third Man
SPN 06X03

To remind you about this episode, Sam is soulless, and this is the scene of the return of Castiel to the series since Sam went to hell.
Because of this case involving biblical plagues, Dean makes the suggestion that they have to contact Castiel. Sam explains to Dean that he already try that a year ago since he returned from hell, but Cas didn’t answer any of his prayers. So Dean (I wonder why),is keen and more than eager to immediately pray and make contact with him.
So he starts the pray, like this:

Now I lay me down to Sleep, I pray to Castiel to get his featherly ass down here.

Because I can, and for demonstrative purposes, I intentionally Slowed the frames of Dean’s smirk when he thinks about and mention Castiel’s ass.
This was an important discovery for me, because it’s the first time I noticed this with my Destiel goggles.
But thinking back then,  the principal hint should had been: Why Dean will mention Castiel’s ass, as the first thing that he will like to get down?
So this time I tried to “observe” this scene as any other Supernatural fan will do, and just enjoy the episode without such goggles.
Flashing back to this first curious observation, maybe many bros use this language when they miss each other, and the solicitations of their bros’s ass, is a common and affectionate way, of saying I miss you bro.
Returning to Dean’s requests for Castiel’s ass prayer to ask for Castiel’s presence despite Sam´s disbelief. He took his time in this prayer asking for help to solve this case.

The detail of Dean praying will be the main focus of the second part, so here you have what happens after Dean prays.

Sam: Like I said, The son of a bitch doesn’t answer (sounds of wings as classical hint of Castiel’s arrival) He’s right behind me isn’t he?

Pay no attention to his idiot face we talk about it in the second part.

You have to admit, the face of Sam is priceless and the way he looks at Dean like accusing him of something. But Dean is cool, just answering with another smirk.

After Sam continues bitching about why Cas didn’t answer when he called him. Dean is like.

Sam: You like him better or something?
This is Cas while Sam ask this question

Yes, the frames are slowed where he casually lick his lips, like any bro will do if his brother ask him: What is so special about my bro being you bro for you?
Other thing to notice here is how Cas doesn’t make eye contact with Dean. Why should he? He know exactly how the eyes of his bro look like.
The follow is a milestone for Destiel. Oh yes, the profound bond scene.

But bro Dean is unimpressed and still cool. And bro Sam is like, wait what?

Then, Dean gives to Cas the speech about how Sam Took one for the team by going to hell (the only thing he can give to him, speeches ;)) , so he should come down and talk to him. This is Castiel while Dean is talking.

And the first eye contact combo with lips licking, as we know is as a common custom between bros. Then Sam insist with his interrogatory about how he returned from hell, and maybe because of this we can enjoy Sassy Castiel (edited to avoid conflicts with another ship).
First with the answer he gives to Sam:
- What part of I don’t know escapes your understanding?
And then maybe because Dean, very well assured about the Profound Bond he is like.

Yes, another mention of his ass, and watch the look Cas gives to Dean, when he listens to the orders by the other extreme of his profound bond. So Dean keeps pulling the bond to his end.

And then Sassy Castiel appears quickly to clarify he don’t take no orders from his bro, no matter how profound is their bond.

I would say this is the first newlyweds fight scene of the season.
Here we can see how two bros have a mature conversation about important and relevant stuff.

So you can see here how Dean´s heart is broken by his husband bro, because he pulled the strings of the profound bond too tight for Cas´s comfort.

Here is his face in detail because I like how Cas put him on his place.

And that is the first part of this Favorite Destiel Moment, that had everything I enjoy about this two bros. Obviously in the second part I would explore the profound bond and try to give some comfort to those who sail our ship, and prefer that the wind blows in direction of Bottom!Dean (no pun intended ) 

Again, and again thanks to all my followers for read this and feel free to send me your suggestions so we can dissect another precious interaction of this bros that are killing me softly every time this exchanges occur. 



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Harry is just the ultimate troll! He's brilliant at it and I love him so much!

I know, this is the best thing he has ever done, my belly is still aching from all the laughing!

But LISTEN, sassy Harry is out there and I level up every time he shows his face.

Remember when he had to go out to get papped and he was so pissed, he didn’t even put on shoes just to show them: “Fuck this, I am not going to bring my A-game”

And there is so much more…

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Yeah the more I think about it, the more I'm ok with Levi tripping on his own feelings in 81. There's always been an extra something there. Petra described him as someone who follows orders but admits she doesn't know the whole story of how he got in & truth is Levi challenges Erwin multiple times but backs down due to personal trust. Levi mentions Erwin a lot, uses him as a compliment to others, in 51 he was the only one emotionally reacting to Creepywin then follows it up with banter (cont.)

(cont.) that apparently even Hange doesn’t get the reference to, enemies taunt him with Erwin’s safety specifically, in 80 he discarded his “you choose” philosophy and the chain of military command to get Erwin out of his funk, etc. Isayama may have used it as an excuse to save Zeke but it’s definitely one that works.

I remember many of the moments you mentioned here like following orders, using Erwin as a compliment, and teasing him. In fact, if I had to pick my favorite Sassy Levi Moment, this might be it.

*ba dum tch*

Their relationship is unique and special. And the more I’ve thought about it, the more ok I am with Levi “tripping over his emotions”. I feel pretty confident that once I see the entire chapter I’ll be blown away by how well it all works. 

I spent some time today looking at the spoiler panels and I think I’ve been a bit harsh on Levi. I called what he did a mistake. Truth be told, he only looked away for a moment before the Cargo Titan swooped in to carry Zeke away.

We see the far off field of dead soldiers from our perspective, not his. Focused on his attack, he had no way of knowing how far away they were. I honestly believe he looked up quickly to see if anyone was coming. Given another moment, he would’ve seen the corpses in the distance, known it was logistically impossible, and taken Zeke’s head off.