favorite 'sassy' moments

Lookin’ good, Barnes.

inspired by the Infinite Coffee & Protection Detail series by Owlet


apologies, milady!

Days of Outlaw Queen

We don’t see Rebekah as often as we’d want to and we all miss her very much, so we hope you’ll agree that it is about time for another Rebekah Appreciation Week! The week will take place 23rd to 29th November and the themes are planned as follows:

Day 1: favorite scene(s)/quote(s)
Day 2: favorite outfit(s) and/or hairstyle(s)
Day 3: favorite flashback(s)
Day 4: funniest moment(s)
Day 5: most heartbreaking moment(s)
Day 6: favorite relationship(s) (romantic/platonic/crackships)
Day 7: free choice*

*suggestions/ideas: TVD throwback, favorite overall/TVD/TO episode, Maisie!Rebekah appreciation, favorite tropes (x/x), favorite badass/cute/sassy moment, songs/poems/quotes, most underrated moment, favorite location, scenery, colors, parallels, AUs etc.

For each theme you may create as many posts as you like, you can pick as many relationships/quotes/outfits etc. as you want, there is no limit.
Just don’t forget to tag your creations (gifsets, graphics, videos, etc.) as #RMAW2015 so that we can reblog them on dailyrebekah!

We encourage all Rebekah fans to participate by creating their own artwork and/or reblogging the work of other people. All kinds of support will be highly appreciated! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’d also appreciate if you reblogged this post to help spread the word. 

Let’s have fun, reminisce and celebrate our beloved queen together! :)

Hey kcers! We haven’t had ANY klaroline interaction for more then a year so we decided to us back to the days when Klaus and Caroline had scenes. Lets go back and rewatch our favorite moments of klaroline again! If you’d to participate you can create graphics/gifs/drabbles or even write a post talking about each category. Let’s do it!

Please tag (make sure its in the first 5 tags): #Klaroline rewatch week