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Post Tartarus Percy and Annabeth whose bodies seem to still take longer to heal than they used to. Who have aches and pains which don't go away like they used to. So they take up yoga to try and help their aching muscles. This leads to morning meditation and Percy wearing pink leggings that one time and trying to do those ridiculous couple poses on the beach which results in collapsing in a tangled pile of limbs more often than not. Yoga percabeth fight me.

the pink leggings make him feel pretty I love it 

Post Tartarus Percy and Annabeth who take absolutely every opportunity to just lay in the sun. After being stuck in the darkness of Tartarus, they never want to go so long without enjoying daylight again. Whether it’s sitting out in the strawberry fields at Camp with Grover, looking for shells and taking a nap on the beach in Montauk, or reading to each other in Central Park, they have a new appreciation for feeling a fresh breeze and the sun against their skin. And when they’re alone after these long days, they run their hands over each other’s tan lines, placing kisses to faded scars and joking about trips to nude beaches to even out their tans.