Messages about abusive relationships and how you should get out of them because they aren’t healthy. I’ve been there and had my fair share of that, what I say to that is: I know it can be scary at first, but get out, stand up for yourself, and get help. Little messages like these are another reason why Steven Universe is just the best!

Creepypasta #866: The Mirror Boy

Length: Medium

There was this kid we used to play with. His name was Simon.

Simon could pass through mirrors.

We didn’t know how he did it, but for him, it was the most natural thing ever.

He would just ask us to stand aside, and then he would poke his head through a bathroom mirror and climb through to the other side, clothes and all, and then turn and wave back at us from the mirror world. He could step through the mirror in his brother’s garage gym as if it was a doorway. He accidentally pushed his fingers through reflective surfaces when he tried to touch them. One day he randomly sat down at the edge of a puddle and lowered his legs into it as if it was a bottomless pit.

He wouldn’t shut up about what it’s like to be inside the mirror world. How the left and the right sides were flipped. How people’s reflections pass him by without noticing. Apparently, if the mirror was smudged, the world behind it was dirty as well. And if the mirror was slightly tilted, the mirror world was tilted, too, and he could slide down the floor and had to run uphill to get back out.

One day, this other guy named Mark invited Simon to his birthday party. Simon wouldn’t stop showing off his mirror pranks, and Mark got fed up. He chased after him, but of course Simon went through a mirror and Mark couldn’t follow through. We thought it was pretty funny until Simon turned towards Mark’s reflection and hit him so hard he punched out three of his teeth.

Mark was fine, of course, but his reflection wasn’t. Whenever he stood in front of a mirror, he saw a battered boy bleeding out of his mouth.

We waited for a day when the sky was clear and there was no wind. We ganged up on Simon and held him down and dragged him to an old fishing pier. Mark held him by his ankles, upside-down, over the clear surface of the lake.

‘If you ever do shit like this again, mirror boy, I will drop you down into this lake, I swear to God!’

And Simon pleaded for his life and said how he was sorry and Mark actually intended to pull him back up. But he wasn’t as strong as he thought he was. He lost his grip and Simon fell down.

When Simon went missing, an old fisherman told the cops he’d seen us drop some screaming kid down into the lake.

Divers searched the lake for five days straight, looking for Simon’s corpse. They didn’t find anything, of course.

We didn’t drop Simon down into the lake. We dropped him down into the sky.

Credits to: OnceInAYellowMoon