It’s here! Today is one of my favorite days - our annual Christmas Party!!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!
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etsyfindoftheday | gifts for: the crazy cat lady | 12.9.16

holiday cat cards by jamieshelman

thedancingcat by etsy shop jamieshelman is my favorite kitty illustrator on etsy. one of these days i need to commission a custom grizz-and-rog piece!! their holiday lineup of cards, posters, prints, and more is ideal gift-giving for any cat person on your list.

Day 2 of my favorite pokemon of each type! Today is fire, and my favorite fire type is Chandelure. I can’t even really explain what it was that initially caught my eye about Chandelure. But I just always loved it’s design. And then, it came to Pokken. And dear Arceus is Chandelure the best thing ever. My favorite is when you win and Chandelure bounces around happily, then leans back and rocks slowly back and forth while going “BLehhhhe?” It’s so friggin cute.

So anyway, Fire type: Chandelure! I’m going to try to go into more detail on each pokemon, and maybe try different styles as I go too.

When Natasha stepped into the elevator, Steve burst out laughing. “Shut up, Rogers,” she growled, embarrassed at having been seen in this ridiculous get-up.

She was used to going undercover for SHIELD missions, but wearing this outfit was not easy. It was just her luck to be sharing an elevator with her boyfriend, THE Captain America himself, while wearing this terrible costume.

The blonde laughed for a few long, torturous moments longer before clearing his throat and attempting to act natural. Natasha could tell by the shaking of his shoulders that he was holding something back, and it was something very difficult for him to resist. Sighing loudly, she knew that she might as well let him say what he was thinking so she could stop looking at that dumb grin on his face. “What?” She hissed in annoyance.

Steve held out his hand and cleared his throat. “You look very patriotic, Nat.”

Natasha’s cheeks burned and she scowled. “Can it, Rogers!”

But he couldn’t stop just yet. “Looking at you makes me feel like singing the national anthem.”

The redhead’s hands clenched into fists and she closed her eyes, hoping the doors would open soon. “Stop. Talking.”

And, of course, he didn’t. “God bless America!”

Natasha was ready to yell in frustration at that point when the elevator doors slid open. Without hesitation, she ran from Steve, cheeks faint pink from embarrassment.

Steve poked his head out and called, “Honey, don’t forget to finish sewing the flag when you get back home!”

The doors closed and even though he knew that Nat would kick his butt later for teasing her, Steve didn’t regret it one bit. It wasn’t every day he got to make fun of the Black Widow.

This is one of my older Instagram oneshots, and it’s a bit silly, but it made my dad and my brother laugh when I read it to them, so it has a special place in my heart.❤️ @chernaya1vdova


Paul Simon

“The Sounds of Silence” Live from Philadelphia

Paul Simon
“Fifty Ways To LeaveYour Lover”

xaandiir  asked:

So your Jamilton series have been recommended on my dash a couple of times and I finally decided to read it and I love it and I love the angst and I wanted to thank you for writing this series! (I know it's not over but it almost is...!) Do you think you'll write more Jamilton stuff once this is over?

Oh my gosh thank you so much for reading the series and for sending me such a kind message! :’) <333

I will definitely be writing more jamilton stuff! It’ll be one shots for a while, but I would love to do another jamilton series in the future. For better or worse I am addicted to this ship, so have no fear, there will be more jamilton here! ;) 


My mind seems to be stuck to this, for a while, now. ;w;

vivre-le-reve  asked:

Hey Jessie, so I recently attended a high school reunion and it was strange. It reminded me about all of the things I hated about high school. It also taught me that no one changed, which was a good thing for my old friends who I don't think I appreciated as much back then. I sure appreciate them now. What do you think about that? ;)


Wow, it’s so strange that you send this ask now because I recently attended a high school reunion and had the exact same expierence… ;D

But I think it’s great! Because while the reunion brought back some unwanted reminders about being in high school, it reminded me of the amazing group of friends that surrounded me, even when I felt pretty alone. And it also showed me that those friends are still there, and that they are just as awesome (maybe even more so, if that’s possible!) than they were in high school. I appreciate them so much, too.

So yeah, I think that is pretty great! ;) <333