no wonder solange performs in museums. that’s performance art, her songs are art, and the fact that they’re performed in museums is also a statement. she said herself she wants to make space for black people to be avant garde. she wants to send that message and is so intentional about it, and it’s such an important mission on its own too. like yes, black people are avant garde. black people are art. 

Creepypasta #1113: Caverns of Kentucky: The Echoless Chamber

Length: Short

Mammoth cave is the largest known cave system in the world. There are places that are toured daily, but then there are the lesser known places that spelunkers like myself go. It’s these caverns that hold all sorts of secrets. Usually I enter through entrances off the beaten path, like a cave in a river or some other spot. The actual entrances to where tours are given are usually quite well patrolled by people who stifle my adventurous spirit. 

This particular entrance was not too far away from my own home. While the other entrance was practically in my back pasture, this one was a good fifteen or twenty miles away on Drake’s Creek, a small little cave that leads to adventure and horror.

This trek started like any other. I entered the cave, turned on my headlamp and went at it. The ground was slick with moss from the river, making its way in the entrance. I fell, scraping my leg up pretty good. Looking in from the outside, the blackened walls glistened with water that the rain had blown in, warping the light in various directions like thousands of tiny little mirrors.

As I descended deeper into the darkness, the condensation dripping from the stalactites gave an eerie, yet soothing rhythm that echoed through the caverns. These were drowned out by my overbearing footsteps as I intruded into the sanctity of whatever creatures called this place home.

About eight hours in, I hadn’t stumbled upon anything interesting. Spelunking is like looking for treasure. Sometimes you find small things, other times the mother load, but more often than not, you find nothing. I was debating on turning around when I heard something shrieking in the distance.

At this time, one would have turned back, but I was curious. I didn’t hear anything echo. If you shout in a cave or a wide open space, normally you would hear an echo. So this was a bit off putting. I hadn’t noticed it before, but the water drops from the stalactites were still echoing, albeit slightly.

Slowly but surely I made my way to the source of the noise. The large cavern was formed by limestone, dotted with stalactites and stalagmites. There in the center was a distressed rabbit that was being tormented by something insect-like. Its back was turned to me. Given its lack of reaction when my light hit it, I assumed that it was blind.

It was completely black in coloration. Perhaps a deep red- it was hard to make out. It resembled a large centipede with a myriad of legs and two large antennae that protruded from what appeared to be the head. Its segmented body was protected by a hard carapace. Its legs, upon closer inspection, had sharp barbs on them. Overall it was enormous, like the size of a large dog.

The rabbit screamed in distress as the creature used its front two legs to torture the poor thing. Where most animals after securing prey would kill and eat it, this thing didn’t seem to have any intentions of doing that.

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I had this beautiful, perfect, wonderful piece of art commissioned from @tenhimi!!! Thank you so much! Go check out their art please, you won’t be disappointed!


@sonador-reveur and @electricarmchair tagged me to list the 6 albums I’ve been listening to. Thank you both! 💜 (since I don’t listen to music much anymore, I’m just gonna do 6 of my favorite albums)

1) Journey-Greatest Hits
2) Fleetwood Mac-Rumours
3) Def Leppard-Vault
4) ELO-Light Years
5) Daughtry-Leave This Town
6) Heart-These Dreams (Greatest Hits)

I tag anyone who wants to do this!

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