I want to know you, and every part of yourself.
I want to know your good and bad.
I want to know your habit.
I want to know every inch of your body.
I want to know your days routine.
I want to know your thoughts
I want to know your scary 3 am thoughts when you having a bad dream.
I want to know how you smile over little things.
I want to know your jokes.
I want to know your dance moves.
I want to know your favorite song.
I want to know your laugh.
I want to know your favorite shirt.
I want to know your favorite bands and why you loved them.
I want to know your favorite places.
I want a midnight driving with you while our songs playing.
I want to feel your touch.
I want to feel your embrace.
I want to feel your hug when I feel like the world fall apart.
I want to be there with you through the storm and wind.
I want to be at ease with you.

But the most thing I really want is,

I want you to know,
That I’m exist.

Person A and B are roommates and have been for a while, comfortable enough to the point that they can casually wander around in each other’s clothing half dressed.
Person C, a newly made friend (and crush) of B’s, is visiting and is sitting in the living room when Person A walks out with Person B’s favorite shirt.
BONUS: Before Person A could talk, Person B walks out with only a towel and drags Person A back inside the room.
BONUSBONUS: Person B awkwardly explains their friendship with Person A, who makes several sexual comments about it to fluster B.

okay but imagine this as an ending scene for 6x02 or 6x03!!!

a few days after stiles goes missing, lydia seems to be holding it together pretty well while everyone else is falling apart. she keeps insisting “he’s fine” and “we’ll find him”. no one understands how she’s so calm and levelheaded. scott and lydia go to stiles’ house to look for anything that might help. lydia checks stiles’ room while scott’s downstairs with the sheriff. 

scott comes back upstairs to tell lydia something and sees her facing the opposite direction. she turns around slowly. she’s trembling, tears are streaming down her face, and she’s cradling stiles’ favorite plaid shirt against her chest. scott tries to say something, but all lydia can do is shake her head, slowly sit down on the bed and begin sob.

so scott immediatly walks over to lydia, sits down next to her, and pulls her into him. she cries louder against his chest. he rubs circles on her back and whispers

“i know.”

boom. camera pans out, episode ends, everyone across the world is officially heartbroken.

anonymous asked:

So s/o sneaks into McCree's , Hanzo's, and Soldier 76 room and puts on their favorite shirt and they caught you wearing the shirt; and the only words that came out of your mouth is "I really like your smell." What would their reaction would be?

• he would snort
• would 100% give you a huge bear hug
• “why would you need an ol’ tee when you have me?” Or something like that
• ////might wear your shirt bc he likes yOUR scent too!

• would be flattered
• would let you use his clothes more often
• cuddles you 1000% more often
• likes to roams around in front of you and “show off” his scent

Soldier 76:
• he would be like McCree
• would lay his jacket around, kinda hinting for you to put it on. He’s too shy to ask you to wear it
• would ruffle your hair and tell you that you look good.