I love the way she grips her hands around his waist and buries her head in his neck😍😭

Finished my entry for @fe-communitydesign just in time before May ends! ;v;

The theme was Light/Dark and since I’m playing the Blazing Blade, I wanted to include a character who goes from the light to the dark. And since that goblet is what changed him, I wanted to include it too

Songs about Geri on El Dorado:
  • Me Enamore: Song narrating when Shakira first met Gerard and how she quickly felt physical attraction to him and fell in love. 
  • Amarillo (Yellow): This is the song that Geri talked about that includes a Catalan word in it (T'Estimo=I love you). 
  • Coconut Tree: This song talks about a trip Shak & Geri first took as a couple, where they went searching for a lost island to find peace. She describes the feeling of falling in love “under a coconut tree where we created a universe”.
  • Toneladas: A ballad that talks about the “tons” of love Shakira receives from Geri and how happy he makes her.
Writers aren’t so special, I think. They listen more. They spend their lives looking for stories. They don’t wait for them.
—  That’s the difference