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48% of Republicans say there is a lot of discrimination against Christians 

  • A new survey from independent research organization Public Religion Research Institute has shed some light on Americans’ attitudes toward LGBTQ people, especially whether transgender people should be able to access the restroom that matches their transgender identity.
  • According to the survey, the 53% of Americans oppose laws that ban transgender people from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity. However, broken down by political party, Democrats oppose such bills 65-30 while Republicans favor them 59-36. 
  • Though Republicans favor limiting transgender access to gender-appropriate restrooms, they do favor LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinances, which are heavily favored across the board. 
  • According to the survey, 60% of Republicans and 70% of all Americans favor laws protecting LGBTQ people. 
  • 48% of people who identify as Republicans believe that Christians face a lot of discrimination. More Republicans reported widespread discrimination against Christians than against black Americans, lesbians, gays, immigrants and Muslims. Forty-eight percent of Republicans believed transgender people face a lot of discrimination. Read more (3/10/17 5:12 PM)
Lance AU

  • Okay but like what if one day Lance crashes into an alien planet and for some reason Blue isnt working and communicators are down and he realizes that hes alone. (And for some reason Blue cant fix herself… pls bear with me.)
  • The first few months Lance is barely getting by. He does some small jobs to get the food he needs and soma scrap parts for Blue. (He’s gotten skinnier and more cunning. He also sleeps in Blue bc he wants to remember NEEDS to remember that the other paladins are looking for him. He needs Blue to remind him.)
  • But as time goes by he starts question whether the paladins are really looking for him. So Lance decides to just live there for the time being… he gets a military job, buys/rents a house, and starts making an image of himself. (He forgets to continue fixing Blue but still remembers her… She obviously told him that it was okay for him to do this.) He becomes well known and jumps up the ranks in the military. His skills improve, hes the best of the best, he has alot of power, he is a hero to some (But honestly hes just really lonely.)
  • Then one day, on a patrol/battle, Lance comes across someone. (Someone who was taught to be a emotionless killing machine) (Im using they/them cuz who knows if its a girl or boy… who knows?) This person is captured and everyone wants to kill them but not Lance. He believes that they can become someone better.
  • So Lance takes it upon himself to teach this person all about love and care. (Obviously it would take a long time. He gets hurt in the process. He sometimes almost dies. But other times, he laughs. He tells them all about his life, about his family in earth, about the paladins, and eventually about his insecurities. He jokes and they laugh. He feels like hes finally doing something good.)
  • after a while he starts to see that they arent as aggressive and that they are more calm and he might even say trustworthy.(they just really love Lance. They would die for him. They really appreciate what Lance did for them and what better way to return the favor than to protect Lance?) So he decides to partner with them. They both work together. They fight together. They live together. (By this time, many years have passed) The person helps Lance get through his loneliness, his anxiety, his troubles. Lance helps them too. And so both of them heavily rely on each other that if they are separated they cant function normally.
  • And then one day, Blue calls out to him. she tell him that she ready, shes fixed, they can go home. Lance doesnt know whether to be happy or sad. He doesnt want to leave but he knows he has to. He knows he has a bigger responsibility. (Voltron and saving the universe) but he doesnt want to leave his friend behind, doesnt want to leave the one person who made all these years better, doesnt want them to feel alone(like he always felt) So he decides to take them with him.
  • they say their goodbyes to the planet and get inside Blue (who lets them get in cuz they have been taking such good care of Lance all this time) and leave of to space.

aaaannnddd thats all i have and i may or may not continue

who knows?
Part 2
So its come to my attention that my AU is similar to an AU from @nuro-does-art, which you can find here. Of course it was never my intention to copy them and im really sorry for any troubles. Of course we have different ideas and i hope to see how both of them develop!! Sooooo go check out their blog!! They are really nice and their AU is really good too! Anyways, Sorry once again!!

Should assaulting police be a hate crime? Lawmakers across the US are saying “Yes.”

  • More and more states push to are enacting special “Blue Lives Matter” laws making violent acts against cops a hate crime.
  • Social justice advocates argue the new laws give police greater power to crackdown on protesters and silence dissent.
  • New York’s state senate on Tuesday became the latest legislative body to pass a so-called “Blue Lives Matter” bill, voting 55-7 in favor of the Community Heroes Protection Act.
  • If it’s passed by the state assembly and signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the proposed law would “make crimes explicitly committed against law enforcement and first responders punishable as hate crimes,” according to a New York State Senate press release.
  • Louisiana became the first state to pass a Blue Lives Matter law in May of 2016. Kentucky followed suit in March by increasing its own punitive penalties for attacking cops. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed a Blue Lives Matter bill into law on April 17. Mississippi and Maine lawmakers have introduced similar bills as well.
  • So far in 2017, at least 15 states have introduced or passed so-called Blue Lives Matter bills, according to a March HuffPost report. Read more (5/12/17)

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Ambitious art students try drawing what they believe the Fair Folk may look like. New Fae are “born” and consider that artist their “parent,” one that gave them whatever they consider life, and they “repay” that favor by protecting said artist. Artists become feared and respected, though not on the same level as the Fae themselves are.


Ohhh I actually love this idea! Artists who conjure up fantastic creatures solely from their imagination, and Elsewhere creatures who’ve never really taken a solid form before building themselves from the art.

So many of my problems with the Jedi Order come back to their relationship with the State. The Jedi and the Republic are inextricably wedded. The Republic relies on the Jedi as a relatively cheap law enforcement/ diplomatic corps/ officer corps/ intelligence operation. The Jedi, meanwhile, rely on the Republic for authority, funding, and recruitment. They wield a frightening amount of power within the Republic, yet consistently refuse to actively shape policy except as it serves their immediate interests.

By marrying themselves to the Republic and it’s interests, the Jedi sold out. They sold out the ideals of justice, compassion, and respect for all life in favor of order and protection of the system which sustains them. The Jedi should have been morally opposed to slavery, but, since it was in the economic interests of the Republic, they tacitly condoned it. The Jedi should have supported Separatists in their quest for a more just and equitable galaxy, but instead lead a slave army to oppose them in the Republic’s name.


Sooooo I wrote a little more of the mob boss omega Rhys AU with Russian alpha bodyguard Jack so….I hope you all like it c:

Rhys is so new—new in money, new in power, new in body that it makes Jack’s breath short in his throat.

Jack, who has cut his teeth on some many men, old and blubbery and armed only with years of loyalty and manipulation to innervate arthritic muscles usually clenched around pen or pipe rather than gun or knife—Jack who has killed more than his far share of arrogant upstarts as superficially fresh-faced as Rhys—sees something more that he hasn’t seen in a long time in the young omega.

And it’s exhilarating to watch.

It’s been only a few scant months since Rhys’ father, Jack’s former boss, met his end in a busy train station with hundreds of witnesses but somehow, no leads. Rhys could have very easily been swept under the carpet of the ensuing power struggle, or killed, or worse considering his omega status, if not for Jack and his pistol stepping in the path of the bullets fixed on the back of Rhys’ head.

“If you don’t step up, зайчик, they’re going to kill you.” Jack had murmured, his hand heavy on the back of Rhys’ neck one night in the boy’s new office. The carpet is mustard yellow and stained with old spots of blood, the desk cleared of any personal affects, blank and lacquered and shining in the lamplight. Jack had felt the moment that the trembling of the boy in his too big suit and too big chair had stiffened, resolve hard as chips of ice in Rhys’ eyes as the omega looked up at him.

“All right. Let them come.”

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A Quick PSA About Freelancing

As some of you may know, I do a lot of freelance Graphic Design, and am trying to work in animation as well.  I get a lot of crazy clients, but for every crazy one I have 5 amazing ones.

For the past two weeks I have had a client who has made my life miserable.  Because of her potential connections I went way above and beyond to help her meet a deadline, that she did not tell me about when we agreed on a contract.  In fact, her contract says that there is no deadline and that I am not responsible for helping her meet one.  Going that extra distance has been a huge mistake.

She approved her file last week saying how everything is perfect and that she is planning on hiring me for her next book.  She has since called me late at night and emailed me several times because she has changed her mind and that she needs everything to be done immediately because she still has her deadline.  I told her that our contract has been fulfilled and that I would need to charge her more and if she needs it rushed I will need to charge extra for that as well.  She balked at this and demanded I work for free.  Each time she contacts me, I give her the same answer.  

She has also tried different tactics and admitted to trying to manipulate me into dropping everything and doing extra work for free.  

  • She called and told me how perfect my work is to try and butter me up, but when I said I wasn’t available she played the angry customer so that I would feel compelled to make her happy again by giving her her way.  When I asked why the sudden change of tune, she responded that she was trying to play my emotions to get me to do the extra and rushed work for free.
  • She later called me and said that she would like me to do another task, but that there was no rush on it.  I said I would send her the new file in a couple of days and this was the cost.  She responded by telling me that even though she had told me no rush she really needed it within the hour.  She had only said no rush to seem respectful of my time, assuming that I would drop everything to assist her to be nice.
  • She has threatened to put bad reviews online and telling everyone how unprofessional I am because I won’t push back my many other clients an do her work now, for free.  I have an excellent reputation online and am often known for being professional and accommodating as well as reasonable and speedy.  Also, I feel that at this point in time, that my portfolio also speaks volumes for the quality of my work.  
  • She has since broken her file in an attempt to change things herself, which is against our contract and now it needs to be completely redone as opposed to just tweaked.  I still have the unbroken file.   She went in and deleted functions and formatting and now her file doesn’t function properly.   She is claiming that even though I had told her how to use her file and that she knowingly did things I told her not to do, that it is now my fault her file is broken.  

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I am holding firm in that she will either have to wait until I have time or pay me for the extra work and an added fee for the rush.  She has demanded I work through the night.  I have given her options on timing and how much the work will cost depending on her chosen timeline.  She has decided to go elsewhere because she feels “entitled to have this done for free”.

Reasons I am telling everyone about this.

  1. This lady is straight up driving me insane, and it’s nice to vent.
  2. Plus, everyone loves the schadenfreude of hearing other people’s experiences with the insane.
  3. I have things set in my contracts and in how I work that helped me in this case and this serves as a great example why I do.
  4. There are lessons in this that I’ve learned that will also change how I do business in the future and are worth sharing.

Tips for freelancers.

  • Always work with a contract.  I mean, don’t trust anyone.  Not even family or friends.  Some of my best friends in the world have tried to screw me over.  A contract helps to set up boundaries and have them treat you more seriously instead of expecting a friend to do a favor.  Also, contracts protect you and your interests in sticky situations like the one I have been going through this week.
  • Make sure your contract has a detailed scope of work.  I usually work and charge per task instead of by time.  I set up in my scope a limit on the rounds of revisions.  This forces the client to make decisions and be more concise in their feedback.  If they know they don’t have to pay to see more options they are less likely to be wishy washy.  It’s like free samples.  If you tell people they can only have three and then after that they have to pay, then they’ll only take three.  But if you don’t put a limit they’ll eat the whole tray.  
  • Have your contract address the important stuff.  Spell out things like the ownership of the work, licensing of any materials, payment, liability, and timing.  You can add other things in there are well, but those are must haves.
  • Make sure to always get a deposit.  I usually get 50% upfront and then additional work outside the scope gets paid upfront in full.  Sometimes people will still ghost you out, but at least you won’t have lost out on everything.
  • Never send final files or files without a watermark until you’ve been fully paid.  People will try to take advantage of you and steal your work.  If there is nothing there to stop it from happening there will always be someone who will steal your work.
  • Stand firm and be careful with how accommodating you are.  I made a conscious choice in this case to bend over backwards for a client who I thought would both appreciate my work and also bring me valuable connections.  She has instead started doing what is common problem with freelancing.  If you are too accommodating, they will constantly expect it.  She emailed me at 9pm and demanded I send her new work by the next morning.  She essentially asked me to work all night and forgo sleep to do this work, that she wasn’t going to pay for.  When clients start making requests this ridiculous, they stop seeing you as a person.  They start to see you and treat you like you are their personal servant.  When this happens, be firm and stand up for yourself.  You have to ask yourself is this client worth that much work and the sacrifice for your personal time.  Or ask yourself how much money would it take for you to be willing to accommodate the ridiculous request.  If the client is not willing to pay the amount or compromise on the request, stand firm.  They will either change their request or go somewhere else.  Both outcomes are good.
  • Have professional boundaries.  This client somehow found my personal number and would call me late at night.  I had to ask her to stop calling me at home because I have a family (Carl and my puppy, Mabel) and she was interrupting that time.  I keep office hours and I have an office number via Google Voice.  If someone calls my office number after hours, instead of forwarding to my phone, it goes to voicemail and I get a text of the transcript.  While I may do a lot of work at night, I make it a point to wait and email people the next day during my listed work hours.  If you respond to emails at night, clients will begin to expect you to be at their beck and call.  Then you get phonecalls and emails on Christmas from clients wondering why you aren’t available or responding.  If you act like you are a business people will respect those boundaries as if you really are a business.  And those boundaries are important for your mental health.
  • Treat yourself with value.  If you don’t treat your work and your time as valuable people will treat it the same way.  Honestly, getting people to value your work and time is one of the hardest parts of freelancing or even just art in general.  If you value yourself, your time, and your work, other people will start to follow suit.  Albeit, others are a little slow on the uptake, but it does help.  Don’t give out a lot of stuff for free, and be sure to price things out fairly for you.  Don’t sell yourself short and you’ll get clients who’ll appreciate you even more.

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Lysaedion kids HCs

I’M SORRY I KNOW I’M LATE (Let’s just pretend it’s still Saturday. OK? Thank you lovelies)(To make up for it I made this one extra long for you guys). So this is the next TOG kids HC list that I am releasing for my happy-fourth-of-July-but-also-apology-posts-for-delaying-the-Elorcan-high-school-AU-fanfic-I-promised-you-guys 😬(that took forever to type omg). Anyway, ENJOY DUCKLINGS. (P.S., if you can’t figure out the next TOG kids HCs that I am doing for tomorrow (technically today) based off of this one, then SHAME ON YOU (JK duckling, it’s OK if you can’t)). (P.S.S., Let’s just pretend that everyone is immortal in TOG that matters because that needs to be a thing in order for this HC list to work. Actually, why don’t I just add that to my HC list. Oh well, too lazy to change it now).

Lysaedion kids HC

  • After Lysandra finally agrees to marry Aedion, they both decide that they want to wait to have kids.
  • These plans go straight out the window once they see Elide’s firstborn. Within the first 15 minutes of meeting the little guy they both decide that they are through waiting to have kids.
  • Lysandra struggles to get pregnant at first, but when she hears the news that she is pregnant after ten years of trying, she can barely contain herself (she tells everyone she can (literally everyone) on her way back home from the confirmation meeting with the local healer).
  • Lysandra grows even more ecstatic when she finds out that she is having not one, not two, but three children. Aedion acts the opposite to this revelation, trying to fathom how he is going to handle three children at once; He also suspects that the chances of his children being just as stubborn as their mother is very high.
  • Lysandra gives birth to triplets: all girls.
  • The “eldest” daughter has Lysandra’s dark hair and Aedion’s Ashryver eyes.
  • The “middle” daughter also inherits Lysandra’s dark hair and Aedion’s eyes.
  • The “youngest” daughter looks just like her father; blonde hair and blue-gold eyes.
  • All of them are shapeshifters just like their mother.
  • When the triplets were babies, they proved to be quite a hassle for Lysandra and Aedion. Staying up all night caring for their daughters was not uncommon, but Evangeline’s help got them through the worst nights.
  • Evangeline loved her new sisters and always helped the lord and lady of Carraverre care for them whenever she could. Once the triplets grew up, they returned the favor to Evangeline, growing fiercely protective of the future lady of Carraverre. The triplets are compared to iron teeth witches for their fierce protectiveness of their heir; the sisters don’t mind the comparison at all.
  • As expected, the triplets grow up to become just as egotistical and protective as their father, and just as beautiful and clever as their mother.
  • As for pairings, let’s just say these girls are fairly content with just having each other (not in an incest-like way you nasty). They are stuck together like glue, inseparable from birth, and, besides Evangeline and their parents of course, never really let anyone else into their “circle.”
  • Not to say that they didn’t like flings or any of the such; they have needs after all 😏.
  • After 90 years, Lysandra becomes pregnant again (a surprise, but a welcome one none the doubt).
  • Lysandra gives birth to a boy: The only child that inherits Lysandra’s green eyes.
  • Evangeline absolutely adores the boy. She is constantly braiding his curly-golden hair and telling him stories about Terrasen: more specifically how their queen came to power and defeated both Maeve and Erawan with the help of her mate.
  • The triplets spoil the boy even more than Evangeline, buying him the most expensive gifts imaginable and shifting into his favorite mythical creatures just to keep him happy. 
  • He actually doesn’t inherit his mother’s shifting abilities, but he still becomes lethal in his own way.
  • While (most definitely) spoiled, he is raised with kindness and a respect for his people. Every year on “fire night,” he walks with his sisters through the neighboring villages and hands out gold coins to them.
  • His generosity and humbleness ends up attracting Elide and Lorcan’s youngest son. The two end up as mates, and spend their days reading and assisting their people in both Carraverre and Perranth.

I watched the vault 6x08 deleted scene. Thanks Swen, you are awesome.

I think what’s making Regina sad is what she sees in the mirror. She looks sad at the beginning when she’s looking in the mirror, before CS start truly being lovey dovey, but they’re still touching and paying attention to each other, etc.

So I think everyone is right. Because what Regina sees in the mirror is herself, her son and CS and later just herself and CS.

So I think that moment is about the Queen, about knowing how the Queen feels, being unable to secure the happy ending she wants. Because Regina feels the exact same way even though she has a lot more, happy ending-wise, than the Queen does.

It’s about having to watch someone else have part of what you want.

It might even be about what’s behind the mirror, the Dragon and what he told her. And since dragons seem to represent lady love on this show that leads right back to Swan Queen. Two women fighting with the dragon, their inner beast, their attraction to each other and almost getting swallowed up by it. (I actually read this somewhere, that in the bible dragons might represent women giving into their desire for other women, you know, the usual. And this show uses a lot of biblical references.)  Henry saving them from the dragon also makes sense then since every decision they made when it comes to each other, especially in the beginning, most notably shelving the sexual tension in favor of friendship, was about protecting Henry. 

It is also about CS, I mean that moment where Regina’s actually looking at CS is obviously about how she feels about seeing Emma with Hook. She kind of looks the way Emma did when Regina had been kissing in the hallway with Robin and came in with this blinding smile. 

And the way Henry is looking at Regina, obviously trying to make sure she doesn’t catch him looking just confirms that he knows. Knows how Regina feels about Emma. I wonder what his thoughts are on how Emma feels. If he has a clue about what’s going on in her mind as well.

That moment is also a direct link to Henry looking at Regina during the second CS proposal scene as Regina moves them out of the way.

But the moment of her looking in the mirror, I think at least, is about still being able to understand how the Queen feels because at least when it comes to relationships and having the romantic one she wants she feels the same way. Like it’s always out of reach.

I mean, in the end they have the same goals. To have Henry and a romantic relationship.

The Queen went after Henry. But she also wanted a romantic relationship, a home to call her own. She was in fact so desperate for it that she tried to make it happen with Rumple.

Regina on her end tried to make it happen with fake Robin. 

They are not all that different. The hopes and dreams are the same, the goals, it was just their approach in trying to get it that differed.