FFXIV - Little Gathering Help V

My lasts 5 guides :

Gathering : Collectable System, Botanist & Miner Edition
Housing : Sitting differently on a chair
Chocobo : Food & Buff
Crafting : Red Scrips Rotation
Crafting : Crafting Basics

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Favor & Concealed Nodes

It’s been a little while I didn’t write a guide for gathering so I figured I would explain how the Favors work and give some tips to exploit them the best way possible to make a lot of money and/or craft all the ★★ lv60 items you want ♥ !

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Dear everyone, I'm preparing a little surprise for a special someone and I could use a little help. He has some medical problems and I decided to make him feel a little better. People from all around the world, you are very welcome to message me for details if you're willing to do me a tiiiiiiny favor. Pretty please! It’s literally two minutes, I promise!

Mnogo bi mi značilo ako biste odvojili 2 minuta vremena da mi pomognete da nekome ispunim želju, pogotovo ako živite u različitim zemljama sveta. :) Inbox za detalje.

Ayuda / Help

¿Y si me ayudan a ganarme esta bicicleta?
Si le dan “like” a esta imagen puede que una bicicleta termine en mi poder.
Por supuesto toda ayuda es bienvenida, si quieres corre lavoz.

Muchas gracias a todos, felices días para todos.

And if you help me to win a bike?
If you give “like” this picture may finish a bicycle in my hands.

Of course any help is welcome, if you want to spread the word. 
Thank you very much to all, happy days for everyone.

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