etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.17.15

DAY FIVE: favors + gifts
featured: mini-plant wedding favors in glass jars, set of 50 by cactuslimon

if you’re a succulent lover like me, you’ll swoon over cactuslimon’s creative mini-plant favors! choose from silver, gold, red, green, or other colors, plus your choice of succulents and cacti. green, kind, and super cute!

A favor!

Ah, I don’t think I’ve ever asked my followers for any favors, at least not recently, so I would like a big help from you guys!

This local anime convention’s holding a mascot fanart contest and I would really like to win this! Public voting counts for 30% and there’s a chance I could win “Fan Favorite” even if I don’t get grand prize or runner up ; u ;

I’d really appreciate it, for those that have Facebook, that you would go here https://www.facebook.com/AnimeRevCanada?sk=app_162412093894968 and “Like” my entry!

Mine is Serena Trinh, with the thumbnail looking like this 

Thank you very much! The voting ends July 17th, so please be sure to vote before that! 


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week | 6.17.15

DAY FIVE: favors + gifts
featured: custom-stamped soap favors by viceandvelvet

customized soap favors are a super-useful gift for your wedding guests — everyone needs a little hand soap in their bathroom! you can get your perfect scent and color combination, plus choose your own initials, names, or a nice message for further customization!

*link has been updated, thank you for letting me know, jeblaguejeblog*

—Es que resulta muy fácil ser un “bien pensante”. Parece que solamente hay que estar en contra y a favor de algunas cosas muy obvias: en contra de las desigualdades sociales, en contra de la matanza de gente, a favor de Olmedo como el mejor cómico nacional, a favor de la marihuana libre, a favor de los libros, en contra de la tele… Sacar patente de bien pensante no resulta un trámite en el que haya que tener demasiadas luces.
—No estoy de acuerdo en absoluto. Pensar suele ser un proceso muy lento para los tiempos que corren.
—Estoy cansado de los tiempos que corren. Cada cosa horrible que pasa alrededor tiene que ver con los tiempos que corren. ¿Usted no se da cuenta que somos nosotros los que corremos alrededor de los tiempos?
—¿Y hacia dónde supone que vamos?
—¿Usted y yo? ¿Sicólogo y paciente?
—La Humanidad, hombre. Que a dónde cree usted que va la humanidad.
—¡Otra típica pregunta de debate! No debe haber, en toda Barcelona, dos cristianos que vayan para el mismo lado, y todos quieren saber a dónde va La Humanidad… De las dos preguntas fundamentales, de dónde venimos y hacia dónde vamos, yo no tengo la más puta idea; pero se me hace que estamos llegando tardísimo. No me acuerdo quién decía esto, pero tenía razón.
—  “Cincuenta minutos con Gravinsky” - Hernán Casciari.

“Hello, darling.”

The familiar voice with the british accent made you jump. When you had heard it the last time, you had lost your soul. All the memories from years ago came rushing back.

Inhaling once, you slowly turned around to see the King of Hell himself stand in the middle of your kitchen. He looked exactly the same from when you had last seen him.

“What do you want?”

You eyed him without fear, your voice steady. It wasn’t hard to do when you had no soul to react accordingly.

“I’m only here to give you back your soul”, he smiled.

Just when you knitted your eyebrows together suspiciously, a warm feeling spread inside of you. It made the ends of your nerve tingle. Shortly after emotions started to rain on you. It was quite overwhelming.

During all that Crowley eyed you carefully, waiting for your reaction. When you only looked at your body in wonder, he cleared his throat and continued speaking.

“Since you’ve got your soul back, I’d say you owe me.(Y/N), I need a favor.”