To all of my friends and followers- please just go ahead and block @hollowzeal and @zealvent. He’s the same dude, he is completely obsessed with me, his entire blog for the past few days has been about me, and now he is accusing me of pedophilia because I said that I think HE has a crush on ME. He’s a 16 year old trans male, and he is trying to use the fact that he is “biologically a woman” (his words, not mine) to justify his misogyny. To be honest, I find that really offensive and invalidating to other trans men.

His obsession is getting pretty severe, and I would like to eliminate all means of contact with him. Please block these blogs.

No sé si es mucho pedir, pero..

No sé si hay gente que sepa dibujar y nos quiera hacer un dibujo o algo así como un logo para ponerlo en la cabecera del blog, obviamente, le daremos crédito :D.

(Que tenga que ver con el blog :v)

Si hay gente que puede, ya saben, nos pueden mandar eso en las colaboraciones, tranquilos, si son bastantes, obviamente tendré que poner una :c pero igual les daré créditos a todos :D así la gente conoce su trabajo jajsjsjs

Saludos! (Espero que se pueda jajsjsjs)

Can I have some favor? ~

I’m getting thousands of messages everyday and it’s seriously spamming up my inbox regarding on copying and/or stealing my works, my quotes through re-posting them without any given permission coming from me, and then claiming it as theirs.

I really need your help badly.

Help me teach those thieves on how to respect other people’s works especially the copyright by asking them to delete the stolen quote from their blog and/or reporting their account to Tumblr to prevent them from further doing this repeated action, again. 

I’m currently working on the legal aspects and I need more eyes to help me from preventing it happening again. Not only for me, but for others also who’d put all their efforts into originality through their works.

Little did everybody know, I worked so hard to be able to come up with all those quotes that you’re reading every single day and I won’t allow anyone to just copy and paste it in just one snap of a finger and use any of my works for their own satisfaction. 

So here I am, begging everyone to help me teach everybody to respect the copyright of someone else’s works. 

Again, if you see a stolen quote or work of mine, please ask them to delete the quote from their blog and/or report their account immediately.

Please spread the word.

Together, let’s promote originality and creativity with a twist of imagination.

Thank you and may God bless all of us.

Sincerely yours,

J.D. x