Blogroll Additions

My Blogroll has been way overdue for an update, so of course more blogs than usual. Hope you enjoy, they all post great things. 

Original Photographers: @riverwindphotography, @mistymorningphoto, @greenandflex, @mediocrebirding, @noirerora, @cowtownchad, @celestialphotography, @dennybitte, @benjaminhardman, @occasionallybirds

Photography Blogs: @festivalsofleavesandlights, @justemoinue5, @americanbirdconservancy, @ponderation, @favna, @wildings-run-free, @astronomyblog, @isleofskye, @landscapeexposurenetwork

Also just as an FYI, I have started doing Follow Friday for Original Photography and Shout Sunday for Photography Blogs on my personal photography blog @twilightsolo-photography. Beyond just posting there, I also reblog here as well as some examples from the featured blogs. I have a much bigger following here, and I’m trying to build one there, so this is just one more way I want to help promote other artists and blogs here on tumblr. I will be working my way through my blogroll list but if you would like to be featured, just send me an ask. As long as it’s nature related, it has a good chance of being featured. 

Photography Blogs

Here’s a list of some of my favorite photography blogs on tumblr. All blogs listed properly credit their photos and promote original photography on tumblr. Categories are not always strictly what the blog posts, but the general feel of the blog. (A few of the cat ones are submission based) I will update this post as I follow more blogs. 







Mixed Media


For a list of my favorite original photographer blogs, click here.