Bem, as favicons são essas imagenzinhas que ficam junto com o nome na aba de navegação, isso: 

Aqui vão algumas para você poder usar nos seus themes, etc. Se for util, dê like. 

Por Helo

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Q1TiVi: Favis – Why

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Behind the Scenes mit Favis

Und auch dieses letztes Jahr hat der Gewinner von Rhein-Berg rockt ein Musikvideo gedreht, und ich durfte wieder helfen.

anonymous asked:

Glad to hear your merch is nearly set! The real question is, what brand have you decided to print on???

my favy, Next Level 3600. waterbased inks too so theyre gonna be beyond soft and comfy


Sooooooo yeah… Got my Ren stuff few days ago~ finally tried it out at Tucson Mall the other day with my Clear! and totally forgot to take pics! Had a few people snap pics of me and Clear. I got memed “WHAT ARE THOSE?!” yep… That meme! Haha anyways here are some of MY fail attempts at ren Makeup! Whoo! My Clear(even though there is no Clear pic) was the-favi-side. We need to take duo pics together!