Puppy Love | Part 12

warning: 3.6k of a stressful ass time

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You struggled to open your swollen eyes as fresh sunlight spilled into your bedroom, Chloe pawing at your face and begging to be taken outside. You were disoriented, heart falling as memories of yesterday’s events flooded your foggy mind. You were confident in your relationship with Shawn and then found out he was fucking someone else, someone he’d promised you didn’t have to worry about. You got home and refused to comply with Geoff’s wishes, your own sobs rocking you to sleep.

You peeled the sheets off of your body, a whiff of Shawn’s scent twisting the searing pain in your chest as you shakily got to your feet. Chloe was scratching your ankles as you slowly made your way down the stairs, throwing an oversized jacket over the sweats you were wearing and stepping out of the front door. The cool air stung your burning eyes as you looked around the street, thanking heavens it was empty.

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Songs of Life:  Avengers Headcanons/Imagines: Singer Edition

Imagine that you’re a person that sings a lot.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’re a person that sings “well”.  It’s fabulous. You’re fabulous and you sing a lot.  That’s all that matters here.

Here’s some reactions… lol.


You sing in the shower a lot.  Usually, Tony is in front of the bathroom mirror, trimming up his facial hair at this time.  He’s knicked himself more than once just laughing at you as you sing “Don’t Stop Believing” into the damn shampoo bottle, lol.


While Steve is the artist…you just like to be creative.  He adores that about you. You might paint a bunch of colors on a canvas and be totally happy with that.  It usually involves being barefoot and some tunes playing in the background.  There’s paint on your nose that you haven’t noticed yet and your eyelashes kiss your cheeks as you close your eyes and belt out the lyrics to “I Will Always Love You”.   Slay, girl, slay.  You never fail to make him fall in love with you more and more every day.

In his hey day, he was a smooth dude who could dance like no other.   Occasionally, you’ll be singing as you dust the furniture in the living room and he’ll sweep you up into a dance from the past.   You’re sunk after that.  I mean, come on.  Those blue eyes?  Forget about it.   A little Ella Fitzgerald can work wonders.

You sing right before missions.  At first, she thought you were silly.  Now it puts her at ease.  She’s particularly partial to Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.  

Sam Wilson
You sing while making breakfast.   Eventually he joins in and it’s a full on dance party while the two of you sing to James Brown.   There may have been some kitchen naughty times, lol.

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You sing Wanda to sleep most nights.  It’s a peaceful thing.  Your hand in her hair and her head on your shoulder.   “First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” puts her out every time.  

You and Pietro are ridiculous.  You sing at the top of your lungs in the car.   Other people on the road are actually embarassed for you.   You don’t care though, lol.  I mean, who else could you belt out Aqua with and be that happy?

Thor’s rather taken by you when you sing.  He’s just very fascinated.  I mean, sure he’s obviously heard people sing before but you do it a lot when you’re getting ready for the day.  You don’t noticed him watching you a lot of the time but he’s just blown away.    "I’m Yours" by Jason Mraz give him a major case of the blushies every time.

That sneaky little shit catches you singing when you don’t realize anyone is there.  On occasion, he’s popped up while you were driving and you nearly had a heart attack.  Both of the sudden appearance and also because you’d been right in the middle of belting out the Spice Girls.  I mean, seriously.

Bruce loves it when you come around the lab because you tend to just quietly sing to yourself and while you two don’t talk a lot…he loves having you there and hearing your voice.

Hulk is amazed by you and everything that you do, lol.  This is no different.  He tries not to draw attention to how much he actually loves it, lol.

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Shoujo mangas ( only manga )

Aries : Dengeki Daisy

Taurus : Akuma to Love song

Gemini : Namaikizakari

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Cancer : Tsubaki-chou lonely planet

Leo : Reimei no Arcana

Virgo: Haru Matsu Bokura

Libra: Oresama Teacher 

Scorpio : Karakai Jouzu no Tagaki-san

Sagittarius : Last Game

Capricorn : Love so life

Aquarius : Horimiya

Pisces : Rere Hello

GOT7 and their small s/o
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Mark :

He would find it adorable ! Telling his lover some cute ass things such as “ babe, you are an adorable smol girl, i love you really !”. Find it cute when you wouldn’t reach for a bowl or pop corn on the top shelf, putting one arm around your waist and reaching for the said thing up there.

“Mark Tuan, if you call me small once again you’ll never have a kid of your own !”

Giving you a piggy ride and you almost feel like a giant because being 5'1 isn’t fun all the time around GIANT7 !

Jaebum :

Jaebum wouldn’t tease you a lot, but buy some plushies when he is away on tour cause it remind him of you ! Yes a small weird pink japanese koala remind you to Im Jaebum !

One of his favorite thing would be to see you upside down on the couchplaying video games, your legs in the air and see how small and cute they look ..

JB loves a lot things about you, but your small hands surely are his favorite one ! “ I mean I feel like I can break the world to protect her just when we walk side by side in the street cause I do feel like a giant”

Jackson :

Mr. Worldwide teasing : Wang Jia Er ! Putting his arm on your head while talking to one of his friends, “sorry have you seen my girlfriend she probably is an elf because she is shor ..” “JACKSON !”

My girls is small but damn she is a savage – Jackson.

He likes to tease you but what he likes the most is when you guys are laying together and you just look so small and fragile in his arms.

Jinyoung :

Teasing Master ! But also have a lot of photos of you in his phones, and seeing you in the morning in nothing but one of his shirt being a dress on you.

He would totally laugh at you when you tried to put your legs on the coffee table to enjoy the movie but your legs are way too short so you ended up putting your legs on his.

Even if he is a savage, Jinyoung have a big soft spot for you and the fact that unlike Yugyeom you are a real small minion in your onesize !

Youngjae :

The sunshine itself ! As the smallest member of his group, yes he would find you adorable but wouldn’t tease you a lot ! You guys and Coco would be Got7’s “small & cute fam”.

For him you being “small” wasn’t a thing you were just you the person he loves, so yeah youngjae would find it cute and all but wouldn’t make it a big thing !

He surely loved when your head rest on his arm when you guys are walking around !

Bambam :

Long legs SpongeBam ! Even with high heels you stil look small beside the fashionista ! But that’s why Bambam loves you, whenever he see photos of you two he would giggle due to the height difference ! He would ruffle your hair to tease you and ask you how is the weather down there !

“Babe do you dress in kid section ?” “ are you tired ? .. No cause you know you have small legs !” “KUNPIMOOK BHUWAKUL”

Yugyeom :

Giant maknae ! At first he would thought he lost you in mall but nope you were just right next to him but he didn’t remember to look a bit down !

He would love to tease you by putting his arm on your head too but also how your head sit on his chest whenever you guys cuddle.  

“Your niece is almost as tall as you and she is only 9” “Kim Yugyeom you want to sleep outside tonight ? ”