howdy pals

so i’ve changed the url and name of this blog in support of our great danny boy and i’ve decide it might be time for a bit of an overhaul and such

i’d like to change the header on this blog to a more current dan gif so hey all you lovely folks submit your favorite gif of daniel that’s a bit more recent and i’ll feast my eyes on each and every one and pick my fav

if i pick yours i’ll credit you/the creator or something?? who knows

thanks guys i love u all

anonymous asked:

u could make some winner bios?

  • if winner exists thank god because it exists.
  • god create namsong (or other couple) and the devil w/ jealous create kangnam (or other couple)
  • shut up and enjoy the living art called winner
  • kim jinwoo (or other member) is the most beautiful art ever created by mother nature
  • song mino’s (or other member) body is the sea where i want to navigate
  • sometimes i look at seungyoon (or other member) and i dont know if i’m in heaven or hell
  • nam taehyun (or other member) is more beautiful than me, you and all mankind together
  • i love lee seunghoon (or other member) and i will protect him
  • winner slays your fav
  • if you dont like the winner you need medicine called “slap in the face”
  • my name is innercircle and my work is suffering
  • i ship jinhoon (or other couple) bc i believe in true love
  • idk dude, i just love food sleep and winner
  • the smile on winner’s face make me forget the tears on my face
  • if you attack winner i’ll attack (your face)
  • winner is my religion
  • if you don’t know what love mean don’t touch my namsong (or other couple)
  • i’m just here to spread the word of winnersus, our saviors
  • i say “winner” and you say “kings”
  • winner is all that matters for me
  • winner gives me purpose
  • if being a winner fan is a job, i’m a pro here
  • if bio is life, my bio is seunghoon’s (or other member) smile
  • [winner’s voice] debuted to shine
  • i have a problem, it is called winner (or a member) 

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