favianna rodriguez

As several Third World Feminists have argued, a historical weakness of liberal feminism in the West has been its racist, patronizing attitude towards women of color who have been seen less as allies/agents and more as victims in need of rescue. This attitude prevails both in relation to women of color within Western nation states, as well as women in the global South. This is what allows figures such as Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton to be viewed as feminist saviors even while both, in their roles as Secretary of State, have advanced US imperialism. It is liberalisms understanding of the state as a neutral body, rather than as a coercive apparatus used to advance capitalism and empire, which is at the root of such perspectives.” – Deepa Kumar

Artwork by Favianna Rodriguez (2013)


“I developed this piece to represent a woman of color in the frontlines of the fight against climate crisis. I believe that most visual imagery about climate change does a poor job of speaking to communities of color, communities who are the most affected by environmental destruction and ecological disruption. This piece shows a fierce mama standing up for our mother, Pachamama, and defending her family and her hoome. Get ready for the People’s Climate Mobilization in New York in September!! #climatechange #newyork #planet #motherearth #climatecrisis ”

Hopeful,'Unapologetic' Art Rebrands Undocumented Movement


Every year, during their mating season, millions of monarch butterflies make the journey from Canada and the U.S. to a small town in Mexico called Angangueo where they coat branches and leaves like gobs of black and orange paint. Migration is built into the monarch’s DNA. For that very reason, the creature has played a central role in the rebranding of the undocumented movement. The choice in symbol is simple: Migration is natural, borders are not.

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Migration is Beautiful Trailer - Voice of Art (by Favianna Rodriguez on Vimeo)

Documentary web weries “Voice of Art” releases episode, "Migration is Beautiful”, highlighting the growing movement of artists, designers, performers and musicians working for migrant justice, featuring activist and artist Favianna Rodriguez. The episode also features actor and activist Rosario Dawson and Pulitzer Prize Winning Author Undocumented Activist Jose Antonio Vargas.

This episode is part of a weekly series that airs on Pharrell Williams’ I am OTHER YouTube Channel Voice of Art, a powerful new documentary series on Pharrell Williams’ I Am Other YouTube Channel. The episode focuses on artists-activists using online and offline art and activism to bring about definitive changes to immigration policy and perceptions of immigrants.


Please read and share! BAY AREA: My fellow artista and homegirl Favianna’s partner Chris has been missing since last night. He has no technology on him and was last seen in west Oakland near Adeline and Grand. If you have any information on his whereabouts please contact Favianna Rodriguez at her facebook page. Thanks so much!

Wednesday was December 18th, International Migrant’s Day! Favianna Rodriguez created this art piece inspired by a poster done circa 1975 by an unknown artist. Today there are over 232 million international migrants living outside their countries of origin, about 3% of the world’s population. Migrant rights are human rights!

Feliz Dia Internacional del Migrante! Los derechos de los migrantes so derechos humanos!