seu amor é Cuba com uma barba, uma multidão de dez centavos respirando rum; seu amor é beisebol de gravata-borboleta tocando bandolim para Bhahms; seu amor são gatos agitados em minha mente; seu amor é um bêbado de gim e loucos santarrões vendendo panfletos na East First; seu amor é um traje sob medida numa cela solitária; seu amor é o naufrágio dos navios, o torpedo da dúvida; seu amor é vinho e pintura e a pintura de Picasso; seu amor é um urso hibernando no porão de Moulin Rouge; seu amor é uma torre em ruínas, destruída pelo raio de Eiffel; seu amor precorre as colinas e escala as montanhas e dispara russos para a lua.
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anonymous asked:

I'm currently learning German and I'd like to expand my vocabulary. Do you know any German speaking youtubers or tv shows I could watch to improve my German?

Hey yes ofcourse!

Sooo first of all Im not really up to date much with german Youtubers, but one of the few I have seen and are famous in Germany are:

  • coldmirror
  • freshtorge
  • Jay&Arya

My fav TV Shows are:

  • MTV Home (with Joko & Klaas)
  • Duell um die Welt (Joko & Klass sending eachother around the world to complete impossible tasks its so funny)
  • Die Heute Show (you can find full episodes on youtube)
  • Galileo/ Galileo Mystery/ Galileo Big Pictures (Science/Culture Series)

I can only speak for myself but my favourite german TV Series are:

  • Türkisch für Anfänger (Turkish for Beginners) favfavfav
  • Der Klub der roten Bänder (german casted Red Band Society)
  • Ritas Welt (a series about a woman handling her ordinary day at the grocery store she works at [I loved Gabi Köster when I was a kid, her voice is so cool])
  • Der Frauenknast (my main reason for watching it was Katy Karrenbauer lol)
  • Kommisar Rex (this one is so great! Its a german shepherd police dog solving every case there iis yaayy)


German Movies:

  • Lissi und der wilde Kaiser (animation comedy)
  • (T)Raumschiff Surprise
  • Der Schuh des Manitu
  • Der Wixxer (comedy Triology) this one i recommend especially because it picks alot of fun at the english language
  • Der Nanny (comedy)
  • Fack ju Göhte 1+2 (comedy)
  • Alemanya -  Willkommen in Deutschland (its a comedy about 3 diff Generations of turkish immigrants livin in Germany)
  • Honig im Kopf (a sweet but sad story about a girl travelin with her Grandpa whos got Alzheimers, there are a lot of heartfelt and funny moments but its also sad af so prepare the tissues)
  • Wilkommen bei den Hartmanns (a comedy movie about the daily struggle of being an immigrant in Germany)
  • Die Blechtrommel (Drama)
  • Der Himmel über Berlin (Fantasy Drama)
  • Christiane F. - Wir Kinder vom Bahnhofzoo (Drama)

[EDIT] I dont know if you are interested in childrens stuff too but Im gonna add these because Im a big fan of them okay xD

  • Bibi Blocksberg (Animation series about a little witch)
  • Bibi & Tina (starring same witch but shes with her friend Tina (whos not a witch lol) and they basically spend all day with their horses
  • Löwenzahn (an educational program for kids its really nicely done)
  • Siebenstein
  • Biene Maja (but the original one the new one sucks xD)

I hope this helps! Have fun studyin ^^