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-mbf me(other wise you have no chance, its only fair)

-must reblog this at least once(you can like, but it wont count)

-must be a rosy or bubblegum blog

-must have a fab blog:) 


-be on my faves list on my blog for awhile

-make a new friend(me!)


for a higher chance, reblog this 10000 times and message me why you want to be on my faves list!

good luck!:)

xo, alex

***You guys know that the text won’t show so please don’t delete it :3***

I know I have a lot of blogs on my faves list (If you don’t know, you can see my faves list here in categories) but I really want it big so yeah :)

The only rules I have are:

  • You must be following me, please (I follow everyone back, so don’t worry)
  • Reblog only if you are a photography, vintage or fashion blog
  • Likes don’t count
  • Reblog 3 times for a better chance 

This post should get at least 30 reblogs!

What you’ll get with this?

  • You’ll be on my blog FOREVER!
  • I’ll help you with everything you need if asked (promos, vote for you…)
  • A friend forever, me ^^

Thank you guys, and please please pretty please follow the rules! <3