faves: a bit disappointing


There’s too much to say about this album. Here are a few things right off the bat. 

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The lyrics, the feel, everything about this song transports you into another world. The dancing too is so good- but the chain link thing was kind of funny too me. Ngl though it’s an amazing choreo.


HOSEOK sliding on the floor though

Everyone attacking us with them thrusts tho.

Still kinda sad bts didn’t show the clip of hoseok throwing on his red jacket


That flute beat hooked me in so fast. I don’t know what they were saying, but I’m sure the lyrics won’t disappoint one bit. One if my faves from this album.

Outro: Her

OKAY this gives off that old-school good, soulful BTS vibe and I am here for it. I can’t wait to read the lyrics, I know they’ll be good.

Pied Piper

I knew I was going to cry with this one- though I’m not sure what’s being said, the beat and tone in their voices gave off a somewhat somber yet powerful feel to the song. The “I’m taking over” at the end really reminds me of the title (duh obviously), and I’m dkdhdjsjs.

Best of me

OKAY you really can hear chainsmokers in this, but it’s still an amazing track. I knew BTS was going to deliver and they did.

ILLEGAL (dimples?! Idk I’m confused, help an army out ppl)

It’s already so cute. What can I say except that it’s an adorable sounding song.


Everything about mic drop IS GREAT. NO COMPLAINTS IT’S AMAZING.

Yall already know what I feel about Serendipity and OFC bbmas skit had me crying.

Here are some things that attacked me whilst I was simply trying to enjoy their new album.

HOSEOK AND TAEHYUNGS voices. V was trying very hard to snatch me but thank the HOSEOK Lord that Hoseok was stronger and made me fall in love all over again.

JIN. Who do you think you are with that angelic voice and beautiful face? Thank God he’s gotten more lines (from my first listen).

Rapmonster in DNA with that cute ass move in that one part. And rapmonster throughout the whole album actually haha :“)

Suga…you sneaky boy. Giving us small snippets of your singing voice. He was so smol in DNA istg.

JIMIN boy if you don’t stop going so hard with your thrusting Imma have to file a complaint to bighit. Also why is your jacket always trying to come off I mean chill mochi.

Jungkook, you too. Who gave you the right to do anything?!?!

ALL IN ALL I’M AM DECEASED AND THE ALBUM IS AMAZING. There is no track I dislike, I love them all. The lyrics I KNOW will be meaningful and deep and the other choreos are definitely going to be just as good as DNA. They all sounded great and I have never been more happy to be awake at 5:08 am writing this.

When the lyrics come out, I might do another review, but for now, it’s time for another listen and a small nap before work in a few hours.

Also "LEATHER” is coming out tonight ;)

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