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in honor of reaching 10,000 followers, i’d like to do a huge promo! thank you to all of you for helping me get here, i am so stoked! <3

and here’s how i’ll repay you:

reblogs only, mbf me

will promote: 2 screenies and 1 list of faves with standout url’s bolded

will queue: 50 from two faves, 30 from three more 

best of luck, i’ll look at every blog that reblogs!

love, aivi

First 10+ to reblog (can go over!)
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Triggering & NSFW blogs will not be promoted!!

aaa ok thank you so much for 3k !!!!!!!  

so here are some amazing blogs that u should all go follow !! 


@abbeyisphantrash // @adorablehowell // @akumaphil // @amazinglaylin // @amazingtroye // @amazphil // @andromedalester // @articulatehowell // @astrobrolester // @astrological-phan // @astronomicalhowell // @aurellialester // @aww-phan // @ayetroyler // @ayymazingphil // @band-lands // @bedbuglester // @bishibashitroye // @bitchinhowell // @blissphil // @bloominglester // @blossomphan // @bobalester // @bubbletealester // @cafephan // @calypsophan // @carrieonphan // @carryonhowell // @cassiopeiaes // @catastrophx // @cheekyhowlter // @cheerfullyphan // @cinnamonphan // @classicalphan // @cloudietroye // @cometphan // @cringe-attacks // @crises-of-existentiality // @cuddlemedan // @cyberdan // @damndanhowell // @dan-howell // @dan-meme // @dan-senpai // @danaboutphil // @danhowellsaesthetic // @danhowellscreenshots // @danisnotonfiretm // @danisnotonplacenta // @danisnotpastel // @danisontnonfire // @dankmemeshowell // @danny-lester // @dans-tampon // @dansfluffybutt // @danstar // @danthrusts // @dantiloquent // @danyelest // @deeplyphan // @doddleodd // @doddleoddlers // @doddlephan // @doddlexoddle // @dodiesnumberonephan // @dorothymirandaclark // @dreamyhowell // @emeraldphil // @emospaceprincess // @eternallyphan // @ethereallester // @existentialdaniel // @extrememehowell // @fall-out-phil // @fireworksphan // @flowersivan // @flusteredphil // @folieaphilip // @forest-phan // @fuckgerardway // @galaxy-alphys // @glitteringdan // @glowinghowell // @glowlester // @gryphandor // @hcwell // @hello-intemet // @hellyeahhowell // @hester-lowell // @homesweethowell // @honeybearhowell // @howellesc // @howellesters // @howllestr // @huffleoddle // @hypocratehowell // 


@illmakeuhowell // @internetcultleader // @itsabadreligion // @jilliancares // @kanyememe // @kinkyhux // @leavethisblueneighbourhood // @lester-licious // @lesterchild // @lesterection // @lesterish // @lesterotic // @lestesrs // @lestrs-phil // @letsgoyoutubing // @llstrs // @lovelestr // @lovesicklester // @mchowelley // @milkdans // @moonlitdan // @muserdan // @nightowlhowell // @nutellatroye // @ofphans // @ohlesterno // @ohphantastical // @oi-troye // @orchidlester //


@petalphil // @phan-overdose // @phan-the-whiskers-within // @phan-you-not // @phanandchill // @phancenter // @phangirlingforphan // @phanidk // @phanjesus // @phanlight // @phanout // @phanphanphan // @phanscherryblossom // @phanscuddles // @phanselfie // @phantastic-dan // @phantxsy // @phil-lestcr // @philgon // @philhug // @philhugs // @philsrawr // @philtrash2k16 // @photohowlter // @phunwithphan // @pika-dean // @pliano // @plutodan // @pretty-w0rld // @pseudophan // @pughowell // @quiet-tronnor // @raindrophowell // @rebloggingphan // @sarcasticphan // @satellitehowell // @scowlhowell // @sexualdan // @shh-important // @shingekihowell // @sighphil // @sivanye-west // @sliceofphan // @smileyphan // @smileyphil // @smol-meme // @smolphanbean // @socially-youtube // @softsivan // @soulsivan // @spoopymemes // @stardustphan // @stardustsivan // @starlighthowell // @starlightsivan // @starsofphan // @stellarphil // @sunshinelester // @tbhdanhowell // @thorlester // @tinkerphil // @tinybeanjoseph // @tomlinsonsadidas // @toxicdan // @trashowell // @trohyewonder // @tronnor-oakley // @tronnor-sunsets // @tronnorfravan // @troyeboyish // @troyesings // @twzntyonephan // @uhphil // @valdimire // @virulester // @vividhowell // 

W-Z + #

@watercolorsivan // @wildflower-howell // @winkydodie // @yeezydan // @your90semailaddress // @21lester //

ok that was really long but i guess i follow a lot of blogs !!!  if i forgot anyone im so so sorry !! 

thank u all again ^-^

 hi i’m sophie and i can’t believe that 2k wonderful people are following my unfortunately sad blog?? i’m not worthy of any of you guys so this is a big hug saying that you are the best and deserve to be hydrated and fully rested (^: anyways i was so excited that i couldn’t fall asleep so ive worked on this until 3am lmao why am i like this

everybody on here is a beautiful mutual!! ♢friends and fave blogs are bolded(:

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hello this is your next door bts trash and I just wanted to make this follow forever because just a few minutes ago I realized today is this blog’s birthday!! and i had to do something about that!! yes, it’s really rushed, yes idk wtf i was doing but!!! i just wanted to say how thankful i feel, because this year a lot of things happened to me and this blog stuck to me the entire time and i just, honestly don’t know what i would do without it :’)

so thank you, friends, followers, mutuals, blogs that make my dash beautiful and making me a happy lil person <3 I love you, you’re beautiful and i wish for you to meet your faves if you haven’t already <3 fightinggg

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DC Challenge 52: Week 5 - Dream Team (Imagined)

Brave and the Bold, starring Damian with an alternating cohort.

Yes, I realize this is probably stretching the meaning of “dream team” a bit, but hear me out on this one.

The Batfam is the most fun when they are wailing on each other (which happens fairly regularly) and when they are forced to deal with powered heroes. However, the “powered” interactions are predominantly limited to larger teams (like the Justice League or Teen Titans) or Batman team-ups. I would love to see that mixed up with Damian in the spotlight.

The panels above, taken from Batman/Superman #77, illustrate the shenanigans that happened when he teamed-up solo with Supergirl. Imagine him with Blue Beetle, Aquaman, Zatanna, Starfire, Scooby Doo or pretty much anyone else and you can picture the dynamics. Accusing them of relying on their powers. Calling them slackers. Forming surprise lasting friendships. Setting himself up as the go-to guy of his generation. So much fun.

Hello everyone!! I recently reached 200+ followers which is really surprising because my blog (and I) are completely trash. Anyways, I’m so grateful for all my followers and would totally love to give all of them a big hug (ノ◠ヮ◠)ノ*:・゚✧ but since that’s impossible, I’ll just recommend a bunch of high quality blogs that everyone should follow!! ☟ (◕‿◕✿) ☟

Bolded = Mutuals (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
Italics = Faves (✪▽✪)


@-eruris || @a-sakuras || @acetier || @ackerking || @ackerleviman || @ackerqueen || @ackersexual || @ackersthetic || @addictedtohaikyuu || @aeselyn || @akachins || @akahshi || @akirishimas || @anagniou || @antitooru || @arminthelittledork || @attackonmytitties || @attackontitans || @bertholdts || @blanchevonnoir || @bluesargesnt || @bohkutos || @boikuto || @bokvro || @bxrtl || @calcifor || @ceejles || @chihironotsen || @dailyfreegifs || @dailyghibli || @dailyhaikyuu || @did-i-reachthem || @didanwhisperer || @dithe-r || @dorkysetters || @edwarddelrics || @enncshita || @ennoshlta || @eremixa || @erensjaegerbombs || @eruri-af || @erurihange || @ervris || @erwinswaiifu || @erwonmyheart || @eva-pilots || @evanglieon || @everythingblackbutler || @fairytailwitch || @flawlesseyebrowsandabolotie || @flawlesslevi || @fuckyeahstudioghibli || @fudayk || @fulllmetals || @fyeahsportsanime || @fyhaikyuu || @gamemaster15 || @garekiz || @gay-theprayaway || @ghibli-forever || @ginnozah || @god-damn-ayato || @goshiki || @grand-piano || @haganenoheichou || @haikyuusetters || @haise-lowse || @haiwaizumi || @hajihime || @hajimae || @hharukas || @hinatas-fluffy-hair || @hiragis || @hisbutlerelvish 


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Once again, thank you so much for following me!! ♡ And please message me if I’ve made any mistakes.

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Hello my cuties!!! ❤ ❤ ❤  first of all I want to thank you all for follow my blog duty of missing me words to say how important they are for me! ❤  thank you very much for making my dash such a fun and happy place :D tumblr really has helped me to meet wonderful people and amazing blogs with lovely edits who always brighten the day! so I decided to make a follow forever since two days ago I hit 5k followers! thank you very much for every reblog and those cute tags  in my edits!! ❤❤ ❤

Thank you soooooo much!!!  Love you all my babies !!! (つ´∀`)つ(つ´∀`)つ(つ´∀`)つ

bold: faves of faves ❤

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Good afternoon everyone! Well today I hit 550 followers and I decided to do a Follow Forever as a way to thank you all!! 

Listen, when I made this blog, I never expected people to follow it nor for it to reach 500 followers. I hope everyone on this list knows that I love them and that I love all your blogs! (and if anyone ever wants to talk please don’t hesitate I’m always open to talk!). 

Mutuals are in Italics ~ My friends and faves are in bold 


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♥♥♥ Love You All ♥♥♥ ~~ Matthew

wow such great editing skills, totally didn’t just use powerpoint

I recently hit 500 followers (how???) so I decided I would do a follow forever bc I love you guys so much and wanted to thank you for all of the sweet messages and support you’ve shown me! Even if we don’t talk, I still see you guys on my dash and reblogging my posts, and it means a lot! I’ve only had this blog for a month, but I’ve already made so many great friends and I’ve honestly never been happier! Thank you so so much, I love you all ❤️

(my absolute faves are bolded, make sure you follow everyone on this list bc they’re the coolest)


@admiralserious @aliceinhabsland @all-pucking-day @allthebros @am0erg0sum @andrewshawsome @artemibread @artemipanarin @ayyyblackhawks @bennboysandthestars @bennyandthestars @blackcherrycoke @blackhawks72 @blackhawksandrevelations @blackhawksdagger @brandonsaaders @brentseabrookshair @bruise-brothers @canadibennaf @captain-fucking-serious @captain19notsoserious @carey-pric31ess @cheekytoews @chelseairwin26 @chi-town-mistress @chicagosdarlings @chicagostylehockey @chicagotrash @chicagourll95 @chitown1988 @chloeee-88 @coach-qs-stache @coffeekristin @daddygaudreau @donottoewsme @easy-brieezy-beautiful @fannishtalk @fckyougeno @fratboy-kaner @freedestinycreation @fruitsandcrap @fuckkaner @ga11-agher @gfhockey @glassbanger21 @grumpy-jonny


@habs-suck @habsnhawks @hatrickane@hatrickkaner @hawkeynow @hawkshockey27 @heartseguin @heidii19 @heyscavver @hjalmarssoniklas @hockeyboystho @hockeyhugs @hockeywashergame @hockeyyybabyyy @ialreadyclosedthegoddamneddoor @incorrectblackhawksquotes @introvertedtherapy @iwantjonathantoewstofuckmeup @jamiebenn1491 @jassondemers @jokipukka @julesjulianne @justpuckmeupp @jxmiebenn @k19sharman @kaaannneee @kaneralmighty @kanerboo @kanergirl88 @kanerily @kanershuffle @keets-blog @kingkreider@kissestokane @littlerussianpanarin @lovehawkey @lovemyblackhawks @luxnowell 


@maccahawk @madhousemashinter @markodanos @mcdonagh27 @megangaudreau1413 @miscalainaeous @mo-riddly @mountaindewdoughty @mullsandmutts @musicislife11961 @myjourneysmuses @nambandjunkie @natahawkey @natesbeaulieu @nhl88pkane @nhlbeauts @nymphila @officialhilaryknight @osh-my-gosh @panarin-toews @panarinaf @panarinartemi @panic-at-the-goalline @patrick-kanes-mouthguard @pattycakepeeks @peaceandfrends @pkane@pucknugget @raanta @rhstubachick13-17 @rookiesinlove @rox-star @runphoebe


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Sorry if I forgot anyone, I love every single one of you!

hi guys ! so recently i just reached 1k in followers, and i’d like to thank everyone with a follow forever ~ i love you all, even if i don’t follow you ok. side blogs have an asterisk at the end, mutuals are bolded, fave blogs/senpais are italicized. also, please remember to check out all the side blogs i’m grateful to be a part of: @-taetiseo, @functiongirls-, @yeriprotectionsquad, @girls1k, and @-bomi ! thanks so much again, xoxo. - poonam

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So… I hit 1k followers and I decided to make a follow forever. Thank you all for following me, I really really appreciate you guys,
I know I missed a lot of people because you never tell me when you change your names ;(. I’m so sorry, but I love you all so much♥
note: my faves are bolded (some of the bolded ones are gone and idk why:c)

Also I want to change my url and I need your help, so I’ll love you forever if you vote here: x, thanks♥ (If you do that please send me an ask with your choice and I’ll give you a blog rate, selfie reblog, make you a playlist, handwrite your url, draw you as neko atsume cat, idk i’ll do anything you want)

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my long overdue follow forever!! (This was supposed to be for hitting 1k which happened last year but I’ve been away yikes). So it’s been about 5-6 months since I became a SEVENTEEN blog and since then I’ve reached 1.2k+ followers!! Which I thought I would never reach in a million years because I’m so lazy OTL. Anyway, I’d just like to say that I’m so so grateful for all of you because you’re all so precious and ily okay ( ◜◒◝ )♡

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italics - mutuals
bold - faves / blogs that i admire from afar 
♡ - sweet peas / cutie pies that i adore

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Again, thank you for being such lovely people and blessing my dash!! I hope you all have a great 2016 and stay wonderful ♡  

So we recently hit 1000 followers and i can’t believe that 1000 people actually like this blog and i wanted to say thank you. Thank you so much and we love you all. You all make us really happy, and we love you all. So, we decided to do our first ever follow forever. I’m very sorry if i miss anyone, just tell me and i’ll add you!! <3. (i also wanted to say that this blog is mostly run by S.J, so any like “I” references are from me)

bold = mutuals
italicized = faves

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omg i honestly cannot believe that i hit 3k!! i feel like i just hit 2k a few weeks ago wow.

anyway, i’m so so thankful for everyone who’s followed me in my 9-ish months of being in the phandom, this is a really great community that i’m proud to be part of! 

so let’s just get right into it! :)

faves/friends bolded!

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Still can’t believe my trashy blog just reached 1400++ followers  TT_TT

Thank you so much for following me! I can’t thank you enough, honestly! Thank you for putting up with me TT_TT This is my first follow forever, hope I didn’t forget anyone~ bolded ones are my faves   ♥ 


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Please tell me if I missed you, I’ll be happy to add you up to the list! Also feel free to chat with me, ask me anything, or share headcanons with me ^^ 

Hello there cuties! Finally I made this today yeey! I think it’s time… and because of all of you, I’ve reached 1k followers!! I never knew I would make this far. Thanks to all of you, for following me, for sweet messages,and for new friendships

mutuals = bolded

faves = italicized


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If I forgot you, please let me know and I will add you to the list! I’m sure didn’t mean to forget you, because I have a memory that belongs to a goldfish… but anyways tell me if I did so! ^^

Have a lovely day everyone!

ooooohhhh my god! i really can’t believe– thank you guys so much for following, liking, and reblogging my gifsets because it really means a lot! and these people that i follow make my dash amazing, and my tumblr experience better because they’re all wonderful people! thank you again :* <3 (faves are bolded c:)

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