Had my yolo meal today and I feel like the cats on the bottom. 😝 By the way, if you’re eating clean all week long and you’re working out, one yolo meal will NOT ruin everything. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY! Enjoy it 100%! You’ll revert back the next morning usually. What’s your fave #yolomeal?

anonymous asked:

Headcanon: Phil mentioned in his latest live show that his fave emoji is the warthog. When Dan retweeted his tweet for emoji love, Phil sent Dan the warthog emoji. It's Phil's secret way of saying that Dan will always be his fave everything (fan, friend, lover w.e. it is, Dan's his fav)

aWW NO THATS ADORABLE and makes sense (like ofc it is most likely not thought out that much but it may be slightly subconscious in that way or a thing they do (theyve mentioned sending him the warthog before)) so thanks for that i am not okay <33