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top 5 special stages?? any k-pop group! :)

Hi, awesome anonnie! :3 Glad you asked, let me give you my most comprehensive answer:

1. Odd Eye, SHINee - this one is a good one because it was written and composed by member Kim Jonghyun. It’s one of the first times Jonghyun ever vocal directed with the members and he proves his love for them in the spot-on vocal distributions choices he makes. Every line fits its member perfectly. The lyrics were written with the charisma of shinee in mind, while the notes/harmonies highlight each of the member’s colors well

2. Okay, buckle up, next we got Odd Eye by SHINee!  the looks in this one are kind of dark, which is super exciting and sexy.  Jjong rocks a head band, Key sees through your soul even with the limited depth perception the iconic eyepatch gives him, choi refuses to wear a shirt. And look @ dem body rolls!!!! especially taemin’s!!!!  even from the front angle rolly worm Jack Skellington has me shook

3. OHHH Boy I don’t know if you’re familiar, but for 3 I chose ‘Odd Eye’ by SHINee. The vocal distribution is impeccable and as usual, CD-nee shines with their live vocals. Taemin’s adlibbing/accenting during rap god Choi Minho’s parts are some of my favorite parts of the performance

4. you guessed it–Odd Eye by SHINee!  Please be careful when watching 1:22, Kim Kibum is known to take lives with the delicious drama of his performance

5. Okay, I’m gonna end strong with a choice that might surprise you: Odd Eye by SHINee.  I think Onew was the perfect way to end the “you’s” as his high notes carry an especially haunting tone.  I don’t know how to describe this song, but a word that fits it for sure is ‘lingering.’  It stays with you.

Thanks for the ask!!! :3 I hope this gave an in-depth look at my performance/musical taste!

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I was wondering if you know any olicity highschool au's or any with them being parents? I love your writing!

(I know I’m forgetting many, but these are the ones I remember reading, and in some cases, rereading)

High School AU:

By @sarcasticfina​​:

who else would it be but you and me (forever and eternity) 

I know I don’t know you (but I want you so bad) 

Forever + Olicity + AU!Teens 

olicity + meet as kids/fall in love + meet again as adults  

teen!au olicity + ugly duckling/swan transformation 

What does home look like (I’ve only seen shadows of it in my dreams) 

I didn’t know I was looking for you (but now I see, you’re the only one for me) 

Teen Wolf AU

Beach Date (Teen AU)

Seriously, just read every damn thing this woman has written. She’s one of my all time favorite Olicity writers, and her stuff just hits me right in the gut so hard. Read everything by @sarcasticfina

By @theirhappystory​​:

Anything to Make You Smile (It Is My Better Side) 

The Chemistry Between Us 

We Weather the Storm, You and I, Til the End of Time 

Read her. Get emotional. She’s amazing.

This is Home (Now I’m Finally Where I Belong) by @mimozka 

Cross Your Heart by @jemmaniac

This is one of the best High school AUs I’ve read here. Just wow.

From Time by @smoakinoken​ 

Accidentally in Love by @cellardoors_and_petrichor

I think we’re alone now by @cellardoors_and_petrichor

So darken your clothes or strike a violent pose… (Maybe they’ll leave you alone, but not me.)  by @sufferhopegracelessheart​ 

How you get the girl by @kindheitstraum

Highschool AU (Part 1) by @thealternativesource

This woman writes some damn hot stuff. That also hits you in the feels.

You Can Thank Me Later by @rayaa 

A Field Apart by @smoakinitup​​

By @serenasnotebook​​:

Make it last 

Help Me Through This Hopeless Haze 

The High School Bully 

I honestly cannot begin to describe what her writing does to me. I read her before joining the fandom and she became an instant fave. Another of my favorite writers. Just read every single thing she’s written. I love her writing so much, and it gets to me every damn time.

An Encounter by @lisztomania​  

I want to say yes, sir by @sass-and-caffeine

A little thing we call High School by @author123456

Grindr for Nerds by @sssssssim

Give Me Strength and Give Me Paint by @sssssssim

Just go read her Pink on Green series. It’s pure drabble gold. 

The Same Everywhere by @bluesuedeshoes

Another drabble gold writer.

Parents AU:

By @ash818​:


The Man under the Hood

Whatever we lose (like a you or me)

To the Lees by

This is perhaps the most well created universe in a fic that I’ve ever read that’s taken the core characters we love and mixed them with amazing original characters that make you root for them, love them, feel for them. If you haven’t read this series, you’re missing out. It’s abso-fucking-lutely phenomenal.

By @sarcasticfina​:

who else would it be but you and me (forever and eternity) 

Sometimes it lasts in love (but sometimes it hurts instead) ​

patch it up and sew it shut (my scars are all but gone)

every now and then, the stars align (boy and girl meet by the great design)

Seriously, READ HER.

By @theshipsfirstmate​:

Sight of the Sun 

That’s All You 

Just read her. She’s wonderful.

By @hopedreamlovepray​:

Take my hand and Take my heart ​

Hearts Full of Love 

You need to read every damn thing she’s ever written. ​

By @lizook12:

Dreamer’s dreams 

Celebrating Father’s Day 

A Little More You 

It’s Never Felt So Right

 Dancing Away With My Heart

The Good Kind of Crazy 

A Lifelong Love Letter

The best is yet to come

Here I Stand and Here I’ll Stay 

By @dust2dust34​ & @so-caffeinated ​:

Forever is Composed of Nows

Pieces of Always

In case you haven’t read this yet, do. It’s a wonderful alternate universe within the canon with amazing original characters. It’s a beautiful, changing reading experience. Bre and Janis should have all the hats dropped for them.

Hold me in your arms (keep me safe) by @sentence-fragments

I love everything she writes.

Nothing comes from nothing (nothing ever would) by @effie214

We Don’t Talk About the Koalas by @rosietwiggs

Another of my favorite writers. Her writing is just perfection.

Once and Future Queen by @anthfan

I gobbled each and everything she writes and reread them so many times I’ve lost count. READ HER. EVERYTHING.

Sprinklers by @felollie

Closed Eyes and Broken Hearts by @felollie

Read every other thing she’s written too. They’re wonderful pieces.

Felicity and her boys by @nikkibeckettcsm

Another of my absolute faves. Her stories are such a fun read!

Our Happily ever after by @justscribbling

Becoming a father by @agentjoannemills

Just like Marie Antoinette by @edanyeros

And here i just want to stay by @ivorykeys09

A bottled future by @iluvaqt

On This Special Day by @mimozka

Snow Angels by @thealternativesource

Oswald looks at Edward as though he’s the perfect human. And to Os he honestly is. Who else has stood at Oswald’s side through thick and thin, never betrayed him, and even risked their life for him? Who else has said anything remotely close to “I would do anything for you”? Who has never looked down at Oswald like everyone else has since he was a child?

Dinner at 8. Nothing else matters but dinner at 8.


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