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anonymous asked:

What are your top favorite carmilla fics to re-read? :)

Great Question!!

  • Meet Me Halfway To Your Heart - aka the fake engaged AU where Laura and Carmilla’s parents are famous 
  • Marriage of Convenience - also a fake engaged AU but Carmilla is a politician, also this one’s a WIP but updates pretty regularly
  • Beating Like A Hammer - the AU where Carmilla is in a band and Laura is a journalist
  • The Trades We Choose - personal assistant AU
  • On Your Ground - Doctor!Laura AU
  • The Blind Date - Carmilla and Laura are exes, get set up on a blind date, and, well, you can figure out what happens next
  • if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only love - deals with the aftermath of s3, a bit angsty and raw but also soft and healing and bittersweet
  • at night i hear her breathe (it sounds like explosions) - cute fluff one-shot with a side of smut, bubble baths are involved
  • Don’t Say A Word - angsty but also really sweet, takes place during episode 2.36

 Luffy’s Attempt at Cooking !
In Which All Terrible Beginner Cooks Can Relate : “Oh, how exactly do you cook ?” ♡

– bonus : 

Rearranged my shelf a bit today and look how pretty it is 💕

Game Grumps Described as Problematic Faves (Updated)


  • Has been shown to dislike story based games.
  • The Sonic and Legend of Zelda Hate
  • Updates his animation channel slowly (if ever but he can’t really help this though)
  • Will never finish Trauma Center
  • It took him two years to beat Pokemon Firered because of his insistence in using Beedrill
  • edgy 
  • Ambiguously straight 
  • Butthole adventure+ Paper Mario match announcer voice


  • Needs to improve his gaming skills. (Sorry Danny)
  • Doesn’t know what the fuck is going on
  • Is 8 years older then Arin so when Arin was ten Danny was 18 thus their friendship is weird 
  • Needs to finish several series 
  • Dead weight in most two player series


  • Also needs to improve her gaming skills. (Sorry Suzy)
  • Receives hate for being least funny grump (I disagree but something to think about)
  • Is married to Arin unlike you


  • Not Jacksepticeye


  • Needs to be Kinkshamed
  • Nipple pictures
  • Needs to love himself and treat himself better


  • Mario Maker
  • Agrees that he is a sadist
  • “Can’t hit what you can’t see” over and over
  • The Anime refrences
  • Doesn’t wash his hands after using the bathroom
  • His milk obsession 
  • His girl voice
  • We’re still waiting for Gamerverse (although it’s coming)


  • Sexually harasses Danny
  • As seen in one of his Music Videos he has a habit of killing all of Danny’s other friends (idk why he hasnt killed the other grumps yet)
  • Is literally a daddy so people will kinkshame you
  • Has a PHD thus he is better then you
  • Uses fanservice against the fans
  • Already training his daughter to be a deadly ninja

Matt and Ryan:

  • Says and mentions the nastiest shit
  • Random nudity
  • So highly associated with each other that they have the same entry on this list
  • “Yes yes yes” and “Daddy likes”
    The mom jokes
  • Not gay but we want them to be


  • Needs to finish earthbound
  • Made fun of Hufflepuffs once
  • ???
  • Really scraping the bottom of the barrel because he is a cinnamon roll

For the love of all that is holy in this world please stop talking about dex as if he was in any way important to the plot of this episode

“Shall we?” - Lost Souls Forever, by @okimi79​ and @riddlelvr