faves by number

Aight, so @filakterium​ wanted me to do that about tag again, so here we go. :P

Name: Kaia

Nickname: Xayah (yes they rime or you are saying it wrong) :p

Zodiac sign: Virgo, but NASA tries to contest that for some reason

Height: 175cm

Orientation: Diagonal

Ethnicity: Scandinavian

Fave fruit: Peaches and apples

Fave season: Autumn

Fave book: I mostly just read profession literature. :(

Fave flower: Orchids! I have a bunch of them!

Fave scent: Fiancé scent, rain in the autumn

Fave colour: Except black you mean? Purple and teal

Fave animal: Cats, Corvids, Foxes

Fave beverage: Where’s my coffee?

Average hours of sleep: 9-12

Fave fictional characters: Marceline Abadeer 

Number of blankets: Blankets? We use duvets over here and one will do!

Dream trip:Road trip to the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone and Oregon. :3

Blog created: I’ve been here for about a year and a half.

Number of followers: Currently 10 300

I’ll not tag anyone, but feel free to do it. :)


i used to be a little boy, so old in my shoes. and what i choose is my choice, what’s a boy supposed to do? the killer in me is the killer in you, my love. i send a smile over to you, the killer in me is the killer in you, i send a smile over to you…

BTS Intro Post

Title; BTS Intro Post

Genre; Info(??)

Type; Intro Post

Group/Member; BTS – OT7

Authors Notes; Enjoy! I’m soo terribly sorry it’s so late! Hope it’s what you wanted!! 😊 Also this is a rlly rlly long post with lots of facts and photos so um ye…have fun. Tbh all this post does is just prove what a big ‘ol piece of trash i am because 95% of these facts were from memory, I typed all dis shit out guys…im fuckin dead now. These are all facts from websites that I remember, certain nicknames are not necessarily what I call them but some dso. kbye 😊 x


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