/ I loved you more than I ever thought I could love anybody, maybe that was the problem.


I was at the #tlpsg concert today. AND GUESS WHO HELD HANDS WHEN THEY PERFORMED MY LADY. LIKE THE PART WHEN THEY WERE DANCING IN FRONT OF THE HUGE ASS MIRRORS.  IN PREVIOUS CONCERTS THEIR HANDS ONLY TOUCHED BUT THEY H E L D HANDS THIS TIME. Like sehun didn’t want to let go i think. I AM 85% SURE IT’S TAOHUN THO. Because i was focusing on taohun the whole time then. Didn’t take photos cos it was at the main stage and the screens weren’t focusing on them :-( but guys, there you have it, taohun. Also, sehun went to find/run to tao when they were performing gee. So yeah. 

In case you’re wondering how the concert was… IT WAS AMAZING. LIKE HELLA AMAZING. From the solo stages to the lightings to the group perfomances. Sobs I can finally die happy. I really hope all of you are able to experience it once in your lives too :-) 

OH YEAH baekhyun and kai did the als ice bucket challenge on stage HAHAHAHHAHA sehun was so ever ready to dump that bucket of water on baek HAHAHHAHAHA