favorite fellas -> j. august richards
“When I was nine-years old my friends and I would go in the backyard and play Star Wars and superheroes, play pretend. Sometimes people will ask me how I do all those fight scenes or stunts, and it’s like I’ve been doing this my whole life. I’ve always been a fan of fantasy and comic books as a kid, and now I feel like I’m doing it for a living, which is really pretty wonderful.”

your fave is problematic: heathers
  • veronica: sort of bitchy, cynical, too easily fooled, accidental serial killer
  • jd: i think it should be pretty fucking obvious why jd’s problematic
  • heather chandler: bullies literally everyone and her ghost is annoying af
  • heather duke: jealous, bully, prays for the death of her bestie
  • heather mcnamara: normally pretty nice but gets bitchy when the other heathers are around
  • big bud dean: abusive father and probably an abusive husband too and is he seriously ANYONE’S fave
  • ms. fleming: clueless af and sort of obnoxious
  • kurt: stupid sexist rapist jock
  • ram: see above
  • martha: ……………