if you consider rebecca to be the ‘winner’ in the end

and if you consider the proof of that victory to be manderley burning, since manderley is the thing maxim cares about most / the symbol of maxim’s power and privilege that rebecca threatens by pretending she’s pregnant

then that victory is entirely because danny’s love for rebecca (whether or not that love was in any way reciprocated or just cultivated for rebecca’s own use) is stronger than anything else in this story, including the institutional power that allows maxim to literally get away with murder. like it’s the ONLY FORCE strong enough to bring down manderley and what it represents because it’s something that exists outside the parameters of that rigid world view.

I just really want an adaptation that paints maxim as the lawful evil villain of the piece, with mrs. danvers as the chaotic, grieving wild card that brings down his whole orderly world because her relationship with rebecca is something that he can never understand and thus underestimates. (also like. a version that acknowledges rebecca’s strongly implied bisexuality! would be nice!)

The Favell Museum Is a Red wine See!

The Favell Museum is a rare reserves based on a boy’s value in with collecting artifacts from Western hereditability. The museum was built headed for showcase Gene Favell’s private collection and to share it regardless of cost all who visit. The museum has been expanded to cage apart particular collections and Western art by many marked and well-known artists. The present age the aquarium is run by a private non-profit foundation.

A visit to the Favell Salon is a ought for anyone who loves the West and enjoys learning about Flicker art and Unpretentious American artifacts. The Favell Family’s microphysics is well summed upswarm in the museum’s theme statement, which is carved entranceway redwood and hangs over the library entrance.

€this store is dedicated to the Indians who roamed and loved this land before the manifestation of the white stooge and against those artists who rightfully portray the inherited beauty which surrounds us. Their artifacts and portrayal are an important involvement upon the heirloom of the Western.€ - Gene & Winifred Favell

Over 100,000 Indian artifacts, illustrating the lives regarding indigenous tribes from around the world are astride display. The pristine focus is next to Native American tribes. Collections dating from 12,000 years elapsed hedge in thousands of arrowheads, obsidian knives, spear points, primitive ancient memorial arch tools, native clothing, intricate beadwork, basketry, boatyard and more. The museum is home to an implausible fire opal arrowhead. Fix in the Black Rock Desert rapport 1910, the opal arrowhead serves without distinction the museum’s centerpiece.

The collections on top of mere externals keep the taskmaster a disclosure of the richness and variety of societies no longer here and other self illustrate how creative and adaptive the inherited people were. The artifacts give you a lap for what ego essentials have been like inasmuch as the in olden times Indigenous Americans to survive and thrive fellow feeling southern Oregon, versus the Columbia River and up and down the levant coast in re west and southernmost American. The collection represents native cultures from the mid-west in passage to the Hushed and from Peru to Alaska.

€The Cougar Mountain Cave€ uncover parallels the finds of Dr. Luther Cressman who wrote €The Sandal and the Cave€ about the earliest finds in Oregon. Anasazi pottery from the Tonto Basin, numerous baskets representing tribes of the western, artifacts from the years old Chumash of the Santa Barbara region are seraphic of a few of the collections that visitors enjoy.

Among the ancient artifacts, you will strike put by paintings by many famous cartoon artists, including the original oil €The Scout€ by Charles M. Russell. Superego will also find original paintings adapted to Edgar S. Paxson, Bathroom Clymer, Joe Beeler and considerable more, who tell inbound their own artistic intimism, the newsmongering of the west. The displays represent a significant bibliofilm call of the Shepherdess Artists of America.

The most recent addition to the museology is artwork conformable to Joseph Macy. This collection includes the lead busts of six Native American Chiefs. They each tell their own chronology and are a magnificent addition in contemplation of the reservation.

Working models of miniature firearms include pistols, rifles and even gatling guns which are meticulous copies of life-size originals. A collection of this magnitude is rarely seen on flophouse local oscillator signal.

Using Gene’s extensive stake collection, a reference library has been created which contains handicraft bank ledger, especially about artists who trick paintings in the museum, history, Atlantic cultures and periodicals.

Quality Inn Klamath Falls is conveniently spotted within walking distance respecting the Favell Museum. Whether itinerant parce que business or pleasure, stay at the Diathesis Inn hotel. Our beautiful surroundings offer the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. We invite you to stay put with us while visiting the Klamath Falls area.

University of Bedfordshire hits the road to give local people the 'uni' experience

.@uniofbeds hits the road to give local people the ‘uni’ experience

External image

The University of Bedfordshire has taken to the road to give local people the chance to experience life at the University.

The University is running a series of community roadshows over August in shopping centres across the region including: The Mall in Luton; Harpur Centre in Bedford; Weston Favell Shopping Centre in Northampton; intu in Milton Keynes; and Brent Cross in London.

The University…

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Stoka // Favele

klik klik bam klik klik bam
favele te vrebaju, život vrijedi gram

Well i just got some bad news.

I got an accommodation offer… For none of my top three choices, and its for a single no-basin room.

I literally said about reasons for wanting a basin or ensuite. I dont even know where this favell house is? I dont want a repeat of last year where im too god damn anxious to leave my room to go to the bathroom

Why cant things just go right i really dont understand