anonymous asked:

you're planning on watching ace of diamond ??

yes and im #scaredshitless bc im afraid im gonna love it too much and ,, i cant,, handle,, more,, ok??? *dramatic sobbing* a certain someone ?? lowkey reminds me of my fave guy??? and?? a certain ship ??lowkeyy???reminds me off??the grand otp???and??? IM SCAREEEEEEEEEEEED I DONT WANT ANOTHER OTPPPPPP AND I DONT WANT ANOTHER #FAVEGUY WRONGED BY ANOTHER SHITASS FANDOOOOOM

i heard a lot of things about that fandom and literally all were bad lmfao, from 3 different shipper sides, not to mention. it seems it’s bad all over and hq is bad enough already i mean,,

…do i wanna do that to myself??? >___>

(lol probably would have already but i dont have enough time… i wanna watch logh first and since it’s on-going, it’s a big deterrent for me)