fiki week, day four - inspired by stories

Heirs of Durin by dragonsquill:
To their fans, Fili and Kili Durin are descendants of a royal line that gave up the throne, famous for the fact that they use their ground-breaking concerts as a blatant form of foreplay.  To the members of the Heirs of Durin, they are the ones who made them a family.

What’s in a Name

Summary: Since he had returned she hadn’t left his side. Their hands clasped together from the moment she saw him again. But in the rush of Stiles’ return, and all of their memories coming back as well, everyone had seemed to forget something. Something pretty important.

Notes: It’s actually been years since I’ve posted a fic so hopefully you all like this!

Read on ao3 if you wanna :)

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A/N: after seeing mingyu’s stage outfit yesterday at the gyongbuk sports festival, i was inspired to write this lil fic/long drabble!!!! so…praise!! but ya i wrote this when i woke up this morning so this is not a request and im sure no one wanted even more mingyu smut but at least im over my smut writers block!!! and yes lmao im working on the dom!soonyoung smut before any1 asks. also pardon the title/banner cuz imo this was written so randomly it doesnt rly deserve an actual title lol and i hopefully will do these more often so there might be a Random Drabble 02 and 03!!!

also its abt to get really nasty lmao facials are my fave

fic type: (not entirely a fic but) smut with fem!reader
rated: m
warnings: basically no plot just sex, blowjob, facial, (slight?) daddy kink, cute pet names, slight humiliation, aftercare (IM AN AFTERCARE WHORE??) fem!masturbation, also casual cum tasting??, anyways this is too long to be a drabble but too short to be a fic so here ya go enjoy~
word count: 1300

- diamond

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A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

➥“I don’t like showing up unannounced in a girl’s room,” he continues, as if she hadn’t spoken. “I know the Salvatore brothers are known for it, and even dear Elijah indulges now and then, but I do not. It’s rather creepy, I think.”

Caroline likes to credit herself for being able to handle a lot of shit (her own father locked her up in a cell and tortured her for hours, for crying out loud), but the implications of a gift from the scariest, most unstable, and downright evil creature in existence is too much for even her to repress. // klaus/caroline, caroline/originals, ensemble


Just Hear This and Then I’ll Go by @allwaswell16 (44k)

Former boy band member Louis Tomlinson can’t stand pompous indie artist Harry Styles, but with a new record label to launch he is going to have to endure his pretensions to snag up and coming new artist Liam Payne, who happens to be Harry’s oldest friend. Luckily, Liam seems to be very interested in 78 Records and maybe a little more than interested in Louis’ best friend. Too bad Harry won’t be making this easy on any of them.

A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

JUST LIKE HONEY, by theelliedoll
➥There was a sharp, loud intake of air, and the ghost of a devilish smile being conjured up by her wild imagination before her shut-tight eyes. Are you coming for a visit, love?

“Nope.” (She wasn’t.)


I’ve been thinking of Tokyo, she told him instead, her heart drumming dead in her throat. Lately, I’ve been thinking of Tokyo. // klaus/caroline

Daily Dose of Dramione fanfiction 81:

Wanna Bet? by Carefreekutie (Rated MA)
“Fine! I accept your challenge you bloody arseholes”-Draco “You have until the day before graduation to find a way to get into Granger’s pants” -Blaise Draco makes a bet with his two best mates that he can sleep with the brainy female of the golden trio before the end of the year. But what happens when she can see through his barriers and he ends up falling hard for her?

TYPE: Multi-Chapter
CATEGORY: Post-War, Hogwarts

MY OPINION: I really liked this fic! I loved what was done with Lucius’ character and both Hermione and Draco were really in character. The smut was tastefully written and the plot was well-planned. I loved the supporting characters of Daphne, Blaise, Theo, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Lavender and a lot of others. 


Fave Fics 3/?

take my hand (and my heart and soul) by bananasandboots

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Words: 45k

Rating: Mature


 Harry feels nauseous when he opens his mouth. “Hey. Um, hi. It’s me,” he mumbles before realizing with a jolt that Louis might not have his number anymore. “It’s Harry… Styles,” he tacks on, screwing his eyes shut and pinching the bridge of his nose. This was a terrible idea.

 There’s silence on the other end for a long time. Harry understands. He shouldn’t have called. He tries not to let the static swallow him whole.

 “I – yeah. Hi,” Louis finally answers, slowly, awkwardly. “I um. Sorry. I heard about your accident. You’re alright?”

Or, the one where Harry hasn’t spoken to his best friend in sixteen months and can’t remember why.


31 Best Fics Of 2016:

↳ 24.- All I Wish Not To Remember by @avocadolouie (71k)

What happens when all you had, all you loved, all you held dear is viciously ripped away from you? When your inner core, once filled with love and hope and light, blackens to raw, dark hatred?

What happens when your soul is hopelessly consumed and no matter how hard you try, no matter how hard you attempt to shake yourself out, to rid your tormented mind of the opaque feelings that plague you, all you can see, all you can feel, all you can want is…



31 Best Fics Of 2016:

↳11.- Nameless Night by green_feelings [@sadamenoito] (155k) 

For their 18th birthday, every person receives a letter that reads a simple date. That is the date you’ll meet your soulmate.
Harry and Louis have different beliefs, live in different worlds and have different dreams, hopes and fears. Yet, they’re not so different from each other when it comes to love. When their paths cross, there is no doubt they belong together. Except for that one, essential difference: they didn’t receive the same date.

Or, a fic about differences that make no difference at all: Harry and Louis are soulmates. In every way possible. Featuring Niall as a role model, and Liam and Zayn as a different kind of role models.

Fave Fics 2/?:

American Roseby justgotowisharder  

Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson  

Words: 53k      

Rating: Mature


“Your voice sounds rosewood when you’re lying.”
“I didn’t lie, Harry.”
“You’re lying right now.”
Louis rolls his eyes, sighing. “Honestly, fuck your synesthesia.”

(The story where Harry hears in colors and Louis’ voice is multicolored. Harry hates his disorder, Louis hates to be gay. Little they know, they’re meant to be)

(credit to @williamxxjames​  for the manip)