What’s in a Name

Summary: Since he had returned she hadn’t left his side. Their hands clasped together from the moment she saw him again. But in the rush of Stiles’ return, and all of their memories coming back as well, everyone had seemed to forget something. Something pretty important.

Notes: It’s actually been years since I’ve posted a fic so hopefully you all like this!

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Daily Dose of Dramione fanfiction 81:

Wanna Bet? by Carefreekutie (Rated MA)
“Fine! I accept your challenge you bloody arseholes”-Draco “You have until the day before graduation to find a way to get into Granger’s pants” -Blaise Draco makes a bet with his two best mates that he can sleep with the brainy female of the golden trio before the end of the year. But what happens when she can see through his barriers and he ends up falling hard for her?

TYPE: Multi-Chapter
CATEGORY: Post-War, Hogwarts

MY OPINION: I really liked this fic! I loved what was done with Lucius’ character and both Hermione and Draco were really in character. The smut was tastefully written and the plot was well-planned. I loved the supporting characters of Daphne, Blaise, Theo, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Lavender and a lot of others. 


Nyaofrps fave Fcs include: Laith Hakeem

  • Name: Laith Hakeem
  • Birthday: January 15th, 1990 (Capricorn)
  • Age:23
  • Best Known for: His youtube channel.
  • Nationality: Canadian
  •  Race/Ethnicity:Paraguayan, Argentinean and Saudi
  • Could Play: Guy full of wisdom, Class clown
  • Mostly Portrayed As: Player, Crazy

I think Laith can play a variety of characters. He could play the modest guy, the class clown, etc. He also adds diversity to roleplays too.