A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

JUST LIKE HONEY, by theelliedoll
➥There was a sharp, loud intake of air, and the ghost of a devilish smile being conjured up by her wild imagination before her shut-tight eyes. Are you coming for a visit, love?

“Nope.” (She wasn’t.)


I’ve been thinking of Tokyo, she told him instead, her heart drumming dead in her throat. Lately, I’ve been thinking of Tokyo. // klaus/caroline

Daily Dose of Dramione fanfiction 83:

Kiss, With Tongue by Tamlane (Rated NC-17) 
Frustrated with the male propensity to ‘shag and run,’ the girls engage in a contest to see who can go the farthest by Valentine’s Day without going all the way. But perhaps they should have chosen their partners more carefully….
Side Pairings: Pansy Parkinson/Neville Longbottom and Lavender Brown/Blaise Zabini

TYPE: Multi-Chapter
CATEGORY: Post-Hogwarts at Hogwarts (8th year)

MY OPINION: I basically devoured this fic in one sitting even though it is almost 60,000 words! The plot was engaging the characters were spot on and the smut was fantastic! I believe it is definitely worth a read and the supporting pairings were really well written as well! 


A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

➥“I don’t like showing up unannounced in a girl’s room,” he continues, as if she hadn’t spoken. “I know the Salvatore brothers are known for it, and even dear Elijah indulges now and then, but I do not. It’s rather creepy, I think.”

Caroline likes to credit herself for being able to handle a lot of shit (her own father locked her up in a cell and tortured her for hours, for crying out loud), but the implications of a gift from the scariest, most unstable, and downright evil creature in existence is too much for even her to repress. // klaus/caroline, caroline/originals, ensemble

Daily Dose of Dramione fanfiction 81:

Wanna Bet? by Carefreekutie (Rated MA)
“Fine! I accept your challenge you bloody arseholes”-Draco “You have until the day before graduation to find a way to get into Granger’s pants” -Blaise Draco makes a bet with his two best mates that he can sleep with the brainy female of the golden trio before the end of the year. But what happens when she can see through his barriers and he ends up falling hard for her?

TYPE: Multi-Chapter
CATEGORY: Post-War, Hogwarts

MY OPINION: I really liked this fic! I loved what was done with Lucius’ character and both Hermione and Draco were really in character. The smut was tastefully written and the plot was well-planned. I loved the supporting characters of Daphne, Blaise, Theo, Harry, Ron, Ginny, Lavender and a lot of others. 


Nyaofrps fave Fcs include: Laith Hakeem

  • Name: Laith Hakeem
  • Birthday: January 15th, 1990 (Capricorn)
  • Age:23
  • Best Known for: His youtube channel.
  • Nationality: Canadian
  •  Race/Ethnicity:Paraguayan, Argentinean and Saudi
  • Could Play: Guy full of wisdom, Class clown
  • Mostly Portrayed As: Player, Crazy

I think Laith can play a variety of characters. He could play the modest guy, the class clown, etc. He also adds diversity to roleplays too.


Daily Dose of Dramione fanfiction 80:

The Nietzsche Classes by Beringae (Rated M) 
The Ministry takes action against the remaining prejudice in the wizarding society and asks Hermione for help. “What do you want? Money? Power? Name your price, Granger. I’m not about to let pride get in my way when an Azkaban sentence is on the line.”

TYPE: Multi-Chapter

MY OPINION: I absolutely love the characterisation of both Draco and Hermione in this fic and even though the smut isn’t actually as smutty as I like it…it is so tastefully and artistically written. The story itself is beautiful and interesting and I love the history aspects presented in this along with the theories. The beginning first few chapters were like reading the most interesting history/philosophy book in the world and the rest of it was dramione goodness.

RATING: 4.5/5

A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

➥Klaus can be the sun. Klaus can be what rises red and falls red also. He can be what she follows, what she chases, what she drives toward. Klaus can burn and consume. He can be in danger of extinction. He can exist only behind someone’s back half the time. Klaus can be universal and magnificent and he can be the biggest star. He can be someone whose head rolls at Caroline’s feet every night, as she drives on to him. Klaus can be the sun. // klaus/caroline

A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

FANG CLUB, by liarfaker
➥People are always asking her if she knows Klaus Mikaelson. “We’ve crossed the line, Klaus." "I guess so,” he says casually, and a grin forms on his face. “We had a near-life experience." // klaus/caroline

A long list of all of Hannah’s favourite fanfiction;

THIRTEEN TEETHMARKS, by concertinacheatingheartbeat
➥Elijah thinks the years too long, too dull - even for such a grave man like himself - not to have something to chase. She would rather have been devoured by lions, drowned by leviathans than to once more catch his eye in the flow of a crowded room. // katherine/elijah

Daily Dose of Dramione fanfiction 79:

Good Girls Have Some Naughty Toys by KrystyWroth (Rated NC-17)
Draco tries to blackmail Hermione. You think he’d learn. She has been named the smartest witch in their year. But does he learn? No…

TYPE: Multi-Chapter
CATEGORY: Hogwarts-Era

MY OPINION: This fic is filled with hot hot smut and voyeurism and a lot of crazy everywhere sex but it also has an interesting plot.