fave: queen dani


My dearest CBS,

Please understand that this request comes not only from me, one single viewer, but from many, who are tired of this bacon eating, 90210 loving, 320 pound HUMAN that keeps harassing our Television screens three times a week, every week. 

Now my proposition is…just make a new show. Air it like…right now and show it before and after your weekly little Big Brother episodes. If you don’t know where this is going, here’s a hint for all you Jordans out there (no hate on Jordan, just sayin’). I WANT TO SEE DANIELE DONATO!    

In my opinion the new show should be called either “Queen Danis Kingdom”, “Jury House Besties (except no actual footage of "Big Jeff” and “PhD Student Bookie”)“ or  "Big Jeff gets outshined by our Queen”. Whatever sounds good to you. K? We good? Thanks.

                                                                  Yours truly (not gonna be if you keep showing us Adam), 

Team Dani. 

That is all.

PLEASE NOTE: this is a joke, i’m not going to sent this to anyone, however all i’ve written is true.