leverage is that one show that always makes you feel better no matter what’s wrong. feel sick? watch leverage. sad? leverage will cheer you up. overwhelmed by how shitty life seems at the moment? watching a team of thieves take down corporate assholes can help with that.

yay day 2 of daily tarot down! (with a brief call out from Catie thanks bb) it took me about an hour to pull, research, and write out my interpretations for 7 people which is actually not too bad?? I thought it would take longer and I’m positive as I get more confident with my own knowledge and feelings on the cards it’ll go quicker and easier. but I feel pretty good about what I did today and am excited to see how it develops!! I think downtime at work today is going to be note taking and studying. I signed up for little red tarot’s alternative tarot course last week and I really like her setup so far so maybe I’ll work more on that :))

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Aw I wish I knew you were doing an undertale cosplay sooner! I was thinking on doing an undyne at some point but I won't have it done by the con.

Oh no! Yeah I decided on Alphys pretty last minute ;^;
If you do Undyne at another con let me know. Undyne cosplayers are literally my fave thing rn ;w;