I’ve been listening to this playlist a lot over the last couple days. It’s so nice and relaxing and fun and I just love it so much I wanted to share it. The music in this series is great and ughhhh <3

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ok fam pls help me out i wanna kno ur fav kpop music videos bc i just wanna watch a lot and bc im interested mine are heart attack aoa lion heart snsd kill bill brown eyed girls i need u (original version) bts and youre pitiful fiestar

ok i might miss some bc i like so many omg

Red Velvet (Ice Cream Cake) (Happiness

Bts (Dope) (For You i like the dance version better but this is the mv)

Orange Caramel (My Copycat) (Catallena)

Anda (Touch

Shinee (View)

Miss A (Only You) (Hush) (I Dont Need A Man) (Goodbye Baby)

Literally every f(x) mv especially (Red Light)

After School (First Love)

Akmu (200%) (Give Love)

Exo (Call Me Baby) im sure youve seen it but its still amazing

Wings (Hair Short)

Zion t (Eat)

Kisum (You & Me)

Lim Kim (Love Game)

9muses tbh all their mvs are good (Hurt Locker)

Exid (Ah Yeah)

AOA Black (Moya)

Ailee (Don’t Touch Me) (U&I

4Minute (What’cha Doin Today)

SNSD (I Got A Boy)

Hyuna (잘나가서 그래)

also 2ne1 mvs are good but theres a lot of cultural appropriation :///

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What's your fave song from badlands?

oh god how do i do this fuck ok i’ll try not to list the whole album out.

Castle, New Americana, Hurricane, Hold Me Down, Roman Holiday, Ghost, Colours, Young God, Gasoline, Control yeahhhhhh

what about you guys :D