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Zayn’s 16 magazine covers so far… Which one is your fave? 😍😍😍

every single day im so proud to be a liam stan like this boy is so amazing and so talented and so beautiful and hes gonna be so successful and im so here for it!!! he deserves every single thing in this world and im gonna be screaming like a proud mother when everyone else falls in love with him too!!! 


I can’t even with Zaynie and Liam. Most of these amazing moments have been gif’d already. Mostly for my own reference.

0:25 - having their own conversations transitioning to Zaynie DANCING 

0:45 - Zaynie gesturing ‘like us’ (camera movement but the blur suggests Zaynie has turned towards Liam)

1:01 - Liam gesturing towards Zaynie with the ’we can make it til the end’ while Zaynie is REALLY feeling the song

1:03 - whispering boyfriends

1:07 - Zaynie + Liam singing along to ‘You and I’ while Liam looks contemplative and Zaynie is STILL feeling the song

1:19 - Zaynie turns TOWARDS LIAM and again points to him while saying 'You and I’

1:44 - Liam turns towards Zaynie for 'meet in the middle’ and does some CRAZY vocal changes that make it even hotter than usual I wonder if it’s a turn on for zaynie…all the hot vocal changes Liam does

2:05 - Zaynie is REALLY feeling the 'like us’ lyrics…

2:18 - Zaynie mouthing the lyrics with conviction

2:25 - Liam joins Zaynie on the 'You and I’ and Zaynie turns towards him at the end of it

2:45 - Liam is feeling the song SO much that he backs his ass into Zaynie’s crotch…

3:04 - after gesturing 'we can make it to the end’ to the crowd, Liam turns to face Zaynie and they catch each other’s eyes

3:37 - 'we can make it if we try’ facing each other


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what are your favorite ziam moments from every year (2010-2016)?

favorite ziam moment from every year 

this is so rude 

since is ziam from every year gonna start with 2008

2008-zayn was supposed to go to xfactor liam did go to xfactor but didnt go too far 

2010-zayn finally go to xfactor and liam was back to xfactor they finally meet

this is some “couple predestined to happen”


2011- zayn talking on bravo about ziam first kiss(?)

bonus-liam tweet about zayn 

2012-It is the worst year to choose so much has happened is the the ziam year roller coaster.

you have liam really missing zayn and not knowing how to function

because zayn place is 

and ou have ziam more and more close but then ( because always have a but)

vegas It happened and everyne have a  opinion about vegas  but the question is zayn was with a “ I had enough”attitude

the girlfriend leave and zayn mood get better 

but then we have liam quoting a classic zayn’s tweet

but then the last concert of the tour 

but then have liam’s birthday

and FINALLY itunes festival say hello to the new couple :D

but then we have MSG and as every big 1d moment we must have “all the boys must have girldfriend less niall” so liam “girldfriend” is back 

but you know actually my fave 2012 moment is ziam Germany

because nothing warms up the heart,make people happy,get your in better mood that a newly couple in love

bonus- last first kiss

2013-ziam on 1dday because has so much happen that you dont know where to focus

ziam sex time

ziam dancing

ziam sex kinky time

ziam what is personal space

ziam comforting boyfriend

ziam proud boyfriend

ziam sex kinky time (again)

ziam worried boyfriend

ziam singing for the other

bonus-  the toothpaste kiss

liam harry run to put the toothpaste bu zayn stay to listen the instructions but for some reason the 3 are back in the same time and ziam is like that

and you have zayn smile “ “I just kiss liam when we’re live for all america”

2014- “you and i“this song is on midnight memories that is actually from 2013 and explains liam’s tattoo and that is actually liam fave song in 2013

but in 2014 we have liam crying when they sing the song for the first on zayn solo

and honestly if liam says “its you” to me like that even i would do a song called its you to liam 

bonus- ziam brits

thanks for make clear that this was a ziam holiday

2015-liam always talking about zayn 

bonus- liam extremely embarrassed with a (sex) joke about zayn

2016-nobody asked but liam want you to know that he loves zayn

bonus- zayn tattoo hand that reminds me liam smoking

juicy j wiz khalifa-you feat.liam cover /mykl posting a picture that is the inspiration of zayn tattoo

liam you/zayn its you

and of course 

none of the gifs are mine 

all credits to the owners

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Is Zayn' ring similar to the one that Liam used in Cardiff, the show Liam cried singing You and I while looking to the empty space where Zayn used to be? TM88, who is currently working with Liam, said he knows Zayn and deleted the tweet. Sorry, I'm gonna log off, cry in a corner listening You and I. TOOOOO much for just a day

How many times am I going to say “Good GOD!” today?!

*squints at the different versions of the same GD picture to see if I can tell if it’s the same ring*

I don’t fuckin know. It probably is the same kind or ring, if not THE same ring, knowing this shady ass band! You know what? There’s only one person in this goddamn band that I trust. 

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Your top 5 ziam moments 💕


Aaaah damn how do you pick your top 5, I deadass can’t but Imma try, so not my ultimate Top 5 but 5 of my fave Ziam moments:

That time they were a giggly cuddly mush on stage

 Listen lmao I love this moment because Zayn represents me @Liam all the time

LMAO this picture is so amazing bc this still from the video is so amazing, Zayn you could have clapped your hands normally like you didn’t have to have your noodle arms wrapped around Liam but okay (peep: Harry tho jkdbfmfs)

Zayn forgetting everyone when he hugs Liam is an actual thing but this is one of them first time it happened I FEEL BAD FOR LAUGHING AT HARRY

Brits 2014, our last Brits do with OT5 and like idk they all looked great and hahaha look so cute whacha whispering Zayn share the joke with the class

Bonus: Liam’s birthday hug (I am not crying we all are) //I WANNA GIVE A BIRTHDAY SHOUTOUT TO ONE OF ME BEST MATES//

(gifs and pics belong to the rightful owners and creators, thank you!!)

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What is your favorite fetus Ziam moment and most recent Ziam moment?

Every ziam will say it’s so hard to choose fave ziam moments bc there’s so many good ones! (all of them) 😩😂 but thank you for the ask!!

This is definitely one of the earliest and cutest ziam moments that I love. THE PURE HAPPINESS! Zayn just smooshing his face into liam’s and liam wasn’t even accustomed to all the touchy feely gestures the boys would give him yet but he doesn’t pull away or anything and he smiles aw

After that one it would have to be germany!ziam in 2012 wow what a blessing that was for us and for them

p.s this chin caressing thing of theirs pains me in the best way, always

they had a whole couch and they chose to sit practically in each other’s laps and I’m still crying to this day about it, look at the fucking thirst on zayn jfc get him some water please im concerned

can’t forget the bed interview that germany brought us as well

and for my fave most recent ziam moment?

let’s be real I’ll take anything ziam give me now a days a.k.a social media interactions (limited) and cartier jewellery and matching outfits but also this gem

of course I love zayn. he’s great (why would you ask me such a dumb question?)