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“I love ducks!”
“Tch. Thank you, Niall.”
😂😂😂 always gonna be
one of my fave
nouis moments - Shay (YT stag)

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Isak&Even || That’s what our love can do


Mike Wazowski voice: I made it into the commercial 8D

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i’m watching shows about apocalypse preppers b/c i’m trash, and my fave thing is how they always start with the people prepping against stuff with historical precedent like plague or natural disaster or economic collapse and by the end it’s the dude running around the forest pretending he’s evading alien tracker beams and the one who has destroyed all their electronics in preparation for the machine uprising. inevitably, zombies follow.


also this amazing poison ivy cosplay we seen while walking with her daughter as the most adorable harley quinn.

she told us how she was getting side eyed by these yts in here for daring to be poison ivy when we gotta see all these pasty storms and michonnes like???? excuse y'all????

we can cosplay your yt faves AND do it better