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least fave wrestlers? get shady lmao

ooooo snap! okay so,, there are plenty of wrestlers i dislike lmao (orton, styles, ziggler, cass) but that’s more based on irl stuff than their character/in-ring ability (i’ll admit billy ray is a good wrestler) so for this i’m gonna do like, actually wrestling personas i dislike

- lana (irl she’s proved to be Shitty, but besides that, i don’t appreciate or understand her gimmick at all)
- brock (i’m………..so tired of him. i can understand that he’s big and strong but,,, i don’t buy the whole “pew pew f5 pew pew suplex city!” stuff..it’s boring and i’m sick of paul heyman talking lol)
- seth (i think he’s a good guy irl, but his character is the biggest piece of shit ever lmfao. his in-ring ability is amazing though, i gotta say)
- aj lee (she’s not current but o well. i absolutely hated her “i’m not like other girls” act and the way people praised her as a feminist icon for bringing other women down lol. her “pipebomb shell” was just a messy rant of internalized misogyny and i think ppl give her way too much credit)
- braun (i….don’t hate him, i just wanna see something better from him y’know? i’m so tired of huge guys with little to no personality…vince…….please i’m begging) 

UpUpDownDown is so funny because you get to see your favorite wrestlers just being goofy, hanging out and playing video games. It’s so crazy how some fans attack each other arguing over their faves when their favorite wrestlers in real life are good friends.

Some of y'all just need to relax and just enjoy the entertainment because it’s not that serious.

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WWE fans be like:

I loved The New Day since Day 1:

I’ve been watching wrestling since birth fam:

I don’t really like Roman Reigns, just his fist bumps:

Only the NXT girls can really wrestle:

I care about every diva.. not just my faves:

My favorite wrestler isn’t problematic:

Guys who come to WWE from the indies are more talented than those that don’t:

I love wwe, nothing about the product annoys me:

Black wrestlers get pushed! Look at the Rock:

Once my fave gets pushed things in wwe will MOST DEFINITELY change: