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idk if you answered this already lmao but top 10 fave wrestlers, look wise? (I mean male but whatever ya wanna do sis lmao) 😘

ahsdis no i haven’t answered that yet….he h ^^’ i’ll do gals and guys if u dont mind! 

1.) kazuchika okada is the prettiest boy i’ve ever seen
2.) roman…i just wanna know how??
4.) mustafa ali jesus christ
5.) billie kay <33
6.) asuka 
7.) kota ibushi
8.) pete dunne…he’s like..weirdly attractive to me idk
9.) alicia fox,, noam is a lucky boy
10.) ariya daivari he is so good looking tbh 

thank u sis!! there are lotsa pretty wrestlers now that i think about it lol 

(can’t find my original post, so I’m just going to rehash it)

It is possible and ok to just not like a wrestler. Doesn’t matter if they are a million times more attractive and talented than Sasha Banks, Finn Balor and Roman Reigns combined. If you have specific reasons for disliking a wrestler, cool. Maybe you can have a spirited debate with the non dumpster fire part of this fandom. If you don’t and are just not into them, it’s OK. You are not required to like a wrestler. And you aren’t required to explain yourself to other people. And -news flash- it’s possible to not be into a wrestler who happens to be poc and also not be a card carrying member of the KKK. Shocking, I know. I think a lot of Tumblr has forgotten that. Just go out there and try to enjoy it.

UpUpDownDown is so funny because you get to see your favorite wrestlers just being goofy, hanging out and playing video games. It’s so crazy how some fans attack each other arguing over their faves when their favorite wrestlers in real life are good friends.

Some of y'all just need to relax and just enjoy the entertainment because it’s not that serious.

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WSL Men’s Division Tag Pages

You can now search for a work by your fave wrestler’s name using the below handy pages.

Don’t forget, works set during different periods of a career may use different incarnations of a name, so we’ve got tags for John Morrison and Johnny Mundo, Tyler Black and Seth Rollins, Neville and Adrian Neville.

Happy browsing!

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My laptop is still broken :( like I legit shattered the screen, so I'm waiting to upload six fics and it sucks because I don't trust any site but ao3 to put my fics on. But uh, if I were to start a tragic angsty fic with our fave wrestlers in the youth psych ward would you be interested in it? There'd be no smut or strong romance cause they'd be minors. But they'd be in strong friend ships.

Omg I’d be sooooo interested! That sounds so cool!

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got tagged by fellow jeff hardy trash over there @i-kneel-for-king-loki

My Faves: i have tons of faves (and a page w/ faves too) but since i got tagged by a wrestle friend my fave wrestlers are Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose and Jeff Hardy

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There's a lot of times he's looked uncomfortable in hugs. I think, even though he says it's okay to hug him, some go OTT and just grab him before he finishes saying "okay". I know it's exciting to meet your fave wrestler, but please treat them like a human rather than a thing.

Yes they are humans first and foremost.