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so i don’t use my tumblr alot but it’d probably be fixed if i followed more wrestling blogs so uh u know if u like wwe then like/reblog this so i can check out your blog and possibly follow u!!!

and christian is my absolute fave of all Time and is perfect and im a huge supporter of rolleigns if that helps at all idk i like a lot of wrestlers tbh but christian is definitely up there

UpUpDownDown is so funny because you get to see your favorite wrestlers just being goofy, hanging out and playing video games. It’s so crazy how some fans attack each other arguing over their faves when their favorite wrestlers in real life are good friends.

Some of y'all just need to relax and just enjoy the entertainment because it’s not that serious.

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I don't feel bad for her at all. She used and took advantage of my fave wrestler and she's gonna pay for it. She did this all on purpose just all for her and became obsessed with it all. She made her bed and she's gonna lie in it. Dean didn't deserve or ask for any of this until they waved money in his face.

what comes around goes around for sure. 

I honestly hate self entitled fans so much.

They feel like they’re owed a picture or an autograph with their fave WWE wrestler, but they really aren’t. They don’t owe you shit.

They already practically put their bodies on the line for your entertainment. What more do you fucking want?

If they’re getting off a plane after a long ass flight and you demand and picture and they say no because they’re tired… YOU HAVE NO FUCKING RIGHT TO

If they don’t wanna take a pic with you after traveling all fucking day, then oh well. Suck it up and don’t act like a self-entitled piss baby.

It just annoys me that someone can say their a fan of someone and then the moment they don’t wanna take a pic with them, they’re no longer fans of that wrestler. Because then…. You were never really fans of them in the first place.