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Every idol group deserve the attention they’re getting. Do they work hard? Then they deserve it. The rest is luck, company name maybe, intelligent media play, BUT THEY DO DESERVE IT. Twice, GFriend and Mamamoo deserve the attention just as much as DIA, Lovelyz and BerryGood. EXO, BTS and Seventeen deserve the attention just as much as 24K, Boys Republic and Romeo. Stop putting groups that work their asses off against each other. 

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Hey beautiful :)) have You seen yoonmin best moments by arielle on yoo toob? They really got the best moments and its like a kalubin quality compilation lmao i think theres pt 1 and 2.... good for the soul

ym best moments pt 1, ym best moments pt 2

omg thank u for recommending these !! they have some of my fave underrated moments between that I really really love. also the i need u piano instrumental made me so teary lov it