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H ~ Hello -Karmin

A ~ Awake -Jin

V ~ Vanilla Twilight -Owl City

E ~ Everytime we touch -Cascada hehe

S ~ So far away -Agust D feat. Suran

O ~ Oh na na -K.A.R.D

M ~ Memories -Within Temptation

E ~ Empty -Winner

K ~ Kabhi kabhi Aditi zindagi -Rashid Ali

O ~ Only hope -Mandy Moore

O ~ Outro : Luv in skool -BTS

K ~ Koi mil gaya -K.S. Chithra, Udit Narayan

I ~ In the end -Linkin Park

E ~ E.T. -Katy Perry

S ~ Stronger -EXO

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Nicknames: kath, kat, (to throw it back) LT, (to throw it WAY BACK) katt

Starsign: capricorn

Height: 6’

Last thing I googled: funniest eps of the office

Fave music artist: noah gundersen

Song stuck in my head: theme from skyrim

Last movie I watched: moana

Last TV show I watched: the office

When did you create your blog: 2010

What kind of stuff do you post: gay stuff, memes, games, tv

Do I have any other blogs: lol yes, aesthetic, personal, tarot, floral inspo, southern gothic, porn blog… i need to be organized

Do I get asks regularly: eh sometimes not really

Why did I choose my url: i lov joel

Gender: female (???)

Hogwarts house: huff life

Pokemon team: valor

Favorite color: greens and blues

Average hours of sleep: lol…… 4 or 5 on a good day

Lucky number: 7, 17, 27

Favorite characters: tess, joel, nick valentine, hopper, deacon, wade wilson, kal'reegar, all of my OCs, rose quartz, pearl, any DILF, cersei lannister

How many blankets do you sleep with: just one

Dream job: animator or illustrator

Following: what does this mean

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