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Happy Valentines day from the Elites!

All of these are based on their personalities and what they would say (other then Moldavite, shes mute) Also Labradorite’s blind, so you see what she did there.

I would of done my other 3 gems, like everyone’s fave skater gem… but these 4 were the easiest to think of, and I have been working 6 days in a row and I’m on my 5th day, so it has left me with no time to draw much. I inked and colored all of these tonight.

Is Kubo literally following Tatsuki Machida’s last competitive season or what. From the looks of it Yuuri Katsuki wants to retire after the Grand Prix Final?

“I’m gonna put 6 jumping passes in the second half of the program”
“Do you have a death wish?”

Literally us every time our fave skaters make emergency decisions. Amazing.

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I'm glad you liked the idea of skater punk jungkook. I think about this more than i should, honestly, since he had his ears stretched hahahags

yES omg ok sometimes it slips my mind that jungkook’s ears are stretched (even if it’s just a tiny bit) and the fact that he once said he’d like to be a tattoo artist, I think? but then I see him with a guitar or at a drumset in photoshoots sometimes and remember that one time he (and tae) lip synced almost perfectly to linkin park (probably also another fave of skater punk jungkook tbh) in a bangtan bomb and I’m like !!!! this kid is an inner angsty emo which is just waiting to be released


Future wardrobe goals: as much @armstreet stuff as possible. But for now, I’mma attach these fibulas/clasps unto everything they can possibly go on! (Fave skater, fave skirt, fave corset stealthed…  for reasons)

it’s been awhile since I mentioned my sideblogs so u m

@vic-nikiforovs is where I am a LOT of the time? I’d make it into my main if tumblr would let me rip alksdnfalk anyways come here for yoi content and figure skating

@kirksgalaxies is my “personal” blog ie I reblog all my other fandoms there like voltron, star trek, fma, mystic messenger, and just general funny stuff? 

@sapphicspook is my aesthetic blog. come here for beautiful things! 

@javionice is my Javier Fernández blog… he’s my fave skater and you should check him out if you’re into that sort of thing! 

~~and of course I’ll still be around here!


Our mistakes they were bound to be made
But I promise you, I’ll keep you safe. (x)