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What are your thoughts on Kim Yuna? I've only gotten into the figure skating community pretty recently, and yours is one of the best blogs I've come across! I remember the popularity Yuna had back when she was skating, but I'm really interested in seeing another person's view of her. Thank you in advance, and if these kind of questions are rude, I'm sorry, please feel free to ignore it.

this isn’t a rude question at all, feel free to ask me about any skaters! i just can’t guarantee that what i say is always what you want to hear lmao. as for yuna, it’s hard for me to talk about her because she gives me so many complicated emotions - in a good way, but like, hard to talk about, you know? it’s kinda the same way i feel about mao. how do you talk about yuna in such a way to encompass what a huge influence she was/is, what a larger-than-life-figure yet also just a person at the same time? it’s tough. i really like yuna, she’s one of my favorite skaters. i love the attack and power of her skating when she was younger, and her introspection as she got older. i liked her since i first saw her at the vancouver olympics, but oddly enough it actually took me until after sochi to really “get” into her skating emotionally, but once i did i appreciated her so much more. i really respect everything she’s done for skating and for skating in south korea especially; it wasn’t easy for her, being the trailblazer in her country. she was a very strong and well-rounded skater with maybe the best 3-3 combos i’ve ever seen, she pushed the sport forward, and she was certainly one of the best skaters in her generation. she wasn’t perfect, there are some things about her skating i don’t like, but i just have an immense amount of respect for her as an athlete, and many of her performances are very touching for me personally.


the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters


Happy Valentines day from the Elites!

All of these are based on their personalities and what they would say (other then Moldavite, shes mute) Also Labradorite’s blind, so you see what she did there.

I would of done my other 3 gems, like everyone’s fave skater gem… but these 4 were the easiest to think of, and I have been working 6 days in a row and I’m on my 5th day, so it has left me with no time to draw much. I inked and colored all of these tonight.


make me choose: yellow river concerto or butterfly lovers programs (@ohlovesosweet)
pang/tong | karen chen | lu chen

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Who's your fave real life skater? Mine is Shoma Uno because he seems awkward off the ice but on the ice he is a beast.

mine ‘was’ yuna kim because even if she got so serious on ice they called her ‘the ice queen’, she’s a really soft bun and she can also sing pretty well! 
oh yeah shouma uno is so adorable (hanyu really has to protect his podium well from him haha) 
lately i really got into jenny’s way of skating. some people says she sometimes chooses songs and choreographies that don’t suit her, but you can really see that what she’s dancing it’s what she really likes. 
i based milo a little on her!

also gonna point out that yuzu’s fs was so peaceful to me because of the music being by joe hisaishi. i’ve loved the ghibli movies since i was young and eventually started listening to hisaishi’s music just on my own and when i first watched yuzu’s fs it was like a dream come true. my fave skater and my fave composer.

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hey~ so i'll be going to the u.s nationals next year and i was wondering what the policy is on phones/cameras/pictures if you're not official media? i'm a millennial through and through and i love taking pictures of everything and while i wasn't planning on trying to take the photographer's gig, i'd like at least, like, one pic of my fave skaters on ice. but obviously will not if they're not allowed

Thanks for asking!

So, generally, the policies are there because they don’t want people hefting in big cameras and taking professional-type photos and posting them all over the internet, basically usurping official media.They’re not really referring to everyday fans like you and me.

Taking pics and videos with your phone is generally fine, as long as you’re not disturbing others (and please, do make sure that your flash is turned off when taking pictures, and that any lights on the front are turned off when recording!). I’d be really surprised if they were super-strict about it.

Now I have to say, you’re going to US Nationals and I’m super jealous. And the Olympic season Nationals too! You are a brave person, because that will be a crazy Nationals full of all kinds of emotion. I will be a wreck by the end of it, I am certain, I can only imagine how great it will be to be there live.