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Ur not interested in bears huh?

what a random assumption? well, it’s not that i’m not interested in bears.. i mean they’re cute in concept but like they’re scary. like i used to live in an area where houses get visited by bears and like you just dont wanna provoke them cause they could maul you when that happens

but i love winnie the pooh! it was my fave childhood show. so yeah bears are cute in theory but like they’re wild at the end of the day

*NOT A REAL COVER!* I just wanted to draw my own version of Sabrina because I’m so excited that Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is getting made into a tv show! I’ve always had a special place for Sabrina because I was so into magic and witchcraft as a kid (ok, tbh as an adult too), and it’s almost unreal that all my childhood faves are now getting tv shows (riverdale AND sabrina? How lucky are we?!) Congratulations to @writerras and @roberthack I’m so psyched! 🖤

ramblings about this Smallville AU that is already happening under the cut

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Date: August 23, 2017

CT: Fave Childhood Show
It’s my club mate, Chono’s birthday! She chose Fave Childhood Show for her theme. Omg I have way too many fave childhood shows I loved! Top 3 pics is my 2nd account. I decided on just a mix of 3 of my fave childhood shows there. Those are Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, and Denver the Last Dinosaur (mostly because I love that dino kigurumi from Toyland). My main account is Ronin Warriors. Which apparently no one remembers. 😢 Yes, I know the original was called Samurai Troopers. But the butchered English version had a special place in my childhood. Show features Ryo, Rowen (Touma), and Anubis (Shutendouji).

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Okay so when I feel nostalgic I watch Ed Edd n Eddy because it was my fave childhood show and that show honestly gets better with age. So I got to that particular episode and because I love making long in depth headcanons and being annoying plus I wanted to use that gif I just got so I made that post

on one hand SAME I love that show & I love it even more now that I’m older and can see how absurdist & surreal it is, but on the other hand you’ve probably just inspired someone to write a hurt/comfort ed edd n eddy fic & i’m not sure I can forgive you