fave show forever

things i love abt jungkook
  • his bunny teeth
  • the moles on his neck n body
  • his sparkly galaxy filled doe eyes
  • his cute laugh 
  • the way he imitates his elders 
  • he’s a virgo
  • how strong he is 
  • naturally the best at everything
  • doesn’t back down from a challenge
  • he’s a walking meme
  • how he’s sweet, shy and sensitive 
  • the fact he really admires other musicians
  • his beautiful voice  
  • his bare face n natural skin !!!
  • the fact he owns a fidget spinner eifjref
  • insane dance skills  
  • how he wrote ‘begin’ for bts
  • his hands
  • hand/arm veins !! 
  • he naruto ran across a field
  • his love for video games
  • how he gets really cute n excited when talking abt the things he’s passionate abt
  • he used to be part of the rap line (multi talented superstar)
  • how he acts around girls  
  • all the covers he’s done  
  • the cute sounds he makes in between him talking
  • his pout ™
  • his confidence
  • he’s the golden maknae :(
  • how he genuinely loves bts and considers them family
  • his love for lamb skewers 
  • his nickname ‘nochu’
  • how he gets when ppl call him oppa
  • “what’s tasty in busan?”
  • how he tries his hardest to learn different languages because he wishes to interact and understand us more
  • how he’s determined to do anything he sets his mind to
  • his cute nose 
  • pink lips !! prominent cupids bow !!! 
  • his love for piercings and body mods 
  • his piercings in general 
  • his emo phase
  • how far he’s come and how his voice has developed 
  • his white tees n timbs
  • his nose n eye crinkles 
  • his unlimited love for his fans and how he treats us  
  • his thick busan accent/dialect
  • he’s proud of where he’s from 
  • his habit of wriggling his fingers
  • just absolutely everything ! his entire beautiful being inside and out, he deserves the whole world n i love him sosososososososo much !!!!

Marco polo (season 2) appreciation post 1/10 → S2E01 Hunter and the Sable Weaver

“Any man who rises to greatness will face envy from his brothers, his relations. You stand above them all, because you know compassion is the greatest shield. Have compassion for these smaller men smaller minds.”


favorite supernatural quotes (ruby, lucifer rising)

You don’t even know how hard this was! All the demons out for my head. No one knew. I was the best of those sons of bitches! The most loyal! Not even Alistair knew! Only Lilith. Yeah, I’m sure you’re a little angry right now, but, I mean, come on, Sam! Even you have to admit I’m - I’m awesome!

Will I ever be over the fact that the chief strategists on either side of the war for the large part are Eleanor and Flint? The shots of them looking out over the sea, the cut from Eleanor in the fort after Nassau is (briefly) taken by the pirates to the room where Flint is instructing the captains. The difference is that Flint has Silver ( no daylight between you and I) and Madi (the madness of those who see the world as it should be) , and Eleanor has no partner, and the one she has betrays her so profoundly ( by bringing the Spanish).


make me choose 
boetiesarecool asked: torchwood or doctor who


6/9 Songs: Always Better
And what is true
is that we loved, 
and that I loved,
and that I love,
and I will always love
and love is always better.