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What are some of your favorite books currently?

Okay, so this question requires a bit of explanation of my reading habits. There are four types of books that I read: Dime Store Novels, of Literary Merit, Smart Books, and Reference Books.

Dime store novels: Books that are written to tell a story and just to tell a story. They’re not out to challenge the genre or blow our minds with inventive structure. Currently on my nightstand:

  • Patricia Briggs (Alpha and Omega series): Actually anything by Patricia Briggs. I love her. Everything she’s written is the sort of strong, female characters that I craved growing up.
  • Tamora Pierce (ALL): Same as above, she’s got wonderfully strong female characters and I love her.
  • Victoria Laurie (Ghost Hunter series): Simple, straight-forward series with exciting characters and premise! I read her books super fast, I’d say it takes me about two, three hours to read one of hers.
  • Mira Grant (Parasitology): She’s always so wonderful about building worlds through character/character relationships. Fun read, edge of the seat in a lot of ways, can’t wait to get to book two! Probably takes me 4-8 hours to read one book.

Of Literary Merit: Books that do defy genre, blow our minds, are probably going to win a handful of awards. Currently on my nightstand:

  • George Saunders (10th of December): One of my FAVE short story collections, it won something like…three? awards including like best short story collection of the year.
  • Celeste Ng (Everything I Never Told You): I actually don’t know if this has won an award but it was AMAZING NO SPOILERS GO READ IT
  • Flannery O’Connor (Wise Blood): I’m actually just starting this! I’ll keep you posted~
  • Jennifer Egan (A visit from the goon squad): One of my all time FAVES, got me into intertwining narrative, I love it.

Smart Books: Books that make me look very intelligent (or pretentious) when I go home for the holidays. They tend to be fairly controversial in subject matter and/or wildly misunderstood to be smart in the first place. Most of them I even like which is a bonus! My go to books:

  • Candide by Voltaire: Great book, hilarious and people think it’s not filled with A plus satire because Voltaire sounds very fancy.
  • The Dubliners by James Joyce: Short story collection of classic narrative, big themes of imminent death, man vs. nature, etc. 
  • The Lucifer Effect by Philip Zimbardo: About the Stanford Prison experiment. It’s okay, I don’t necessarily agree with the stance Dr. Zimbardo takes on his experiment/actions, but he doesn’t expect you too, I don’t think.

Reference Books: Books that I read over and over again because I WANT TO WRITE LIKE THAT:

  • American Gods by Neil Gaiman: What the fuck. What the fuck. The detail?????? The characters???? Shadow???? What the fuck.
  • Two or Three Things I Know for Sure by Dorothy Allison - I cry every time I read this book. It’s so raw and honest, it takes my breath away. Every time.
  • The Earth and Everything Underneath by K.M Ferebee: So gorgous, the imagery is incredible and it’s about witches. It’s actually a short story that you can read here (X) and I really recommend you check out Shimmer in general because it’s a great magazine.

As always, there’s a ton more that I enjoy, but these are in my rotation right now! Ask me again in a month and they’ll be all different.

May Favourite, by unoriginal-aspirations

She breathed in deep. The cold air that burned her lungs was the only thing she could feel.
Her bare hands felt nothing in the cold winter air; her raw face, her torn clothes. Nothing.
It had been a long war. Now…Now it was over and she should have felt… Something.
Her eyes glazed over, staring at the war torn city below the tower in which she stood. Her short black hair was pushed into her face by the wind and stuck to her lips.
Hand-prints on the banister, red and brown with drying blood, registered in her mind.
Those were her handprints. That was not her blood. It was the blood of enemies. The blood of friends. The blood of her true love.
Somewhere below lay the bodies of every person she loved. People to whom she would have given her life. People she would never see again.
The sudden voice made her jump. She had been so lost in a stupor that she had not noticed a servant enter her tower.
Slowly, she turned and let her eyes fall upon the small girl.
“Your majesty, you are injured. Let me attend to you?” Her voice found her.
“No, there are other who are more direly injured, attend to them,”
“Not to be… argumentitive, your majesty, but you are the queen. I cannot let you bleed out because you wish to wallow,” Said the small girl, in a voice like a mother.
The queen was shocked. Nobody had ever spoken to her in such a manner, especially not a handmaid. But something told her that the girl was right.
Finally, after several moments contemplation, she sat in front of the girl. The moment she sat, tears began to streak her face. The feeling she had lost rushed back into her heart with the force of a river.
She felt the pain of her wounds. She felt the loss of her friends. She felt the blood on her skin. The queen began to sob. “Your majesty… People… Are going to leave you… They run away, they die,” Her voice was steady and strong. “We cannot control that, it is… A fact of life. Mourn for your losses, but do not let your grief keep you from rebuilding your country. Your people need you.”
And she was correct, the girl with the blonde hair and crooked nose who was no older than herself. She was the queen, she must lead her country. It was her duty.


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Please please please would you explain to me what is that jbj? explain everything you know about it?

Hi anon~ 
JBJ is a fanmade group made up of eliminated PD101 trainees!

I think it first started off as  KenCallTaeKyun (Kenta, Yongguk, Taedong& Sanggyun) where fans grouped together these trainees because thought them forming in a group would be nice. As more fans saw it, I guess those fans decided to add to that lineup and made a new group, Just Be Joyful (JBJ). The members are now Taehyun, Sanggyun, Kenta, Yongguk, Hyunbin, Taedong and Donghan.
Then, a fan made an ‘official’ twitter acc for JBJ and started uploading fanmade teaser pics for them (1, 2).  They also edited fanmade albums (1, 2, 3, 4) fanmade season greetings (1) fanmade teaser videos (1, 2, 3), fanmade logo and light stick (1, 2) and even a fanmade subunit of JBJ (LOL). They’re also suggesting the fandom colours!Basically, everything a real group would have, they made JBJ edits for it! As more fans gathered interest in this, more content was made for them which would be rt’d by the official twt acc. Because fans liked the idea of JBJ so much, they started pushing for JBJ to move from being an imaginary group and to being a real one! So with love in their hearts and wishful thinking, JBJ supporters started trying to trend ‘DebutJBJ’ on twitter, added ‘DebutJBJ’ to their twitter names and comment ‘DebutJBJ under instagram posts of the trainees for them to see!
And it worked! There were articles about fans wanting JBJ to debut, in some official articles where the trainees were mentioned they were being referred to as “JBJ’s XYZ”, or ‘JBJ’ would be tagged on instagram in collaborative photos with the trainees for official magazines. During interviews the trainees themselves mentioned that they know about JBJ and showed interest in debuting as an actual group. The trainees of JBJ have also taken group photos~

And now, with so much attention to JBJ and so many fans pushing for it to happen, the respective company came together to discuss JBJ’s debut plan~ They announced that most companies are looking at the idea positively and support their trainee debuting in JBJ. They also mentioned that JBJ may officially debut in mid-September and would be managed by FAVE Entertainment.

Long story short, JBJ was a fake group that fans put together but because of the love and attention from fans, JBJ might just debut as a real group~ But only temporarily!

Also, there’s another fanmade group called Cherry Blossom Boys!!
Please support the idea so hopefully these trainees can follow the same faith as JBJ and possibly debut!

Who likes short stories?

I don’t feel like short stories get as much attention as novels. So, I thought it would be cool to have 31 short stories in 31 days in July that are freely accessible online to discuss and share faves. (Yeah, I know short story month was in May but I’m always a bit late for everything). 

Ideally it would be as high commitment as someone would want with daily stories and discussions about the stories. But at the same time laid back enough for people to join only on a couple of days who maybe want to read horror, or read after the ‘date’ of the discussion, or only have time to read a couple. 

I thought a set up like this:

Sundays: ?

Mondays:  Horror

Tuesdays: Contemporary

Wednesdays: ? 

Thursdays: Classic

Fridays: Fantasy

Saturdays: Science Fiction

might work. Don’t really know what to do with Sunday or Wednesday yet. I have some stories in mind but I’m open to suggestions. This is a very rough idea, but one I think would be neat to try. 

a couple days ago,
i got in the car and told myself i was going to get lost.
i looked for roads i didn’t know,
took turns i didn’t recognize
and did my best to ignore landmarks and street signs-
but, somehow, i still ended
up on that road haunted by the ghost of the old hitchhiker
(i’m sure you know the one)
and as i was driving down it,
skeletal trees and miscellaneous forest-life
framing that two lane road that never let me get too far away from home,
i thought i caught a glimpse of him.
the man who, if you ignore him three times,
shows up in your back seat and drives you off the road.
but i only saw him once before i got home,
and i didn’t stop for him
because by the time i realized who he was it was way too late
(and if he had really wanted a ride from me he would have shown up again, don’t you think?)
i know i should have been scared-
most of his stories end with some kind of crash-
but mostly it was just nice to know
that someone else was out there that night,
as the sun was starting to set
and the shadows were getting longer,
someone who’s just as lonely as i was
someone who’s also stuck on that stupid road
determined to take you home.
—  13. january, a.b.e.

(x) modern day fairy tales: puss in boots

when marquita’s grandfather dies, the only thing her family inherits is a white cat. problem is, it keeps running away and every time it does a mysterious girl called boots (on account of her shoe obsession) crosses marquita’s path. boots tries to set marquita up with a rich boy, but marquita’s more interested in boots.

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whats your favourite sterek/steter fic ever?

Well I have no freaking clue what I did to deserve the hardest question in the history of ever today but fuuuuck, man.  Okay, well, the Steter one jumped right to mind because it just straight-up has no other contender out there.  Nothing’s so much as brushed up against the pure, brilliant fantabulousness that is:

Just one Sterek fic though?  One?  I genuinely can’t do that (apparently) so, uh, here’s just, like, a couple things [coughshackscoughitycoughs]:

This is actually the first Sterek fic I ever read.  Which means I’m either horribly biased in favor of it because I could not have imagined a better introduction to this fandom or it actually is the best Sterek fic I’ve ever read.  It has all the perfect highs and lows and characterizations in a totally AU setting, plus extra special bonus: beautiful, engaging writing!

DevilDoll is my favorite Teen Wolf author in the history of all the history because everything they write is mind-blowing and perfect and THE EXACT THING I DIDN’T KNOW I WANTED BUT THANKS TO THEIR MIND-READING EPIC-RY, THEY KNEW.  Greatest Hits: My Heart Comes Tumbling DownJinx RemovingYou Were a Kindness When I was a StrangerStand Fast in Your EnchantmentsCome with Me and Walk the Longest Mile… Erm, literally everything they’ve written?  That’s kinda the point, haha.

Thooough drunktuesdays@drunktuesdays has collected more of my top five than any other author. Greatest Hits: Patterns of Intention and Cool Story, Bro (and I literally can never pick a favorite between those two.  They are both fucking perfection).

Survivah / @optimismology remains the only author who can get me to read WiPs because I have literally no self-control when it comes to their work and cannot wait.  Greatest Hits: Easy Trouble, Safety in Silence and A Simple Life.

Probably the author I get giddiest about seeing new things from is stilinskisparkles / @stileshale because I know it is going to put me in the best, goofiest mood for the rest of the day.  Greatest Hits: Derek Hale’s Very Bad, No Good (Nice) Summer and Yours was a Good Heart for Me.

zosofi / @zosofi​ can get me to read the loooongest fics because I KNOW it will be fucking amazing, no matter how outlandish the scenario (I mean Oscar-winning actor!Stiles TOTALLY WORKED, BUT LIKE… IT DID THOUGH.  I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND).  Greatest Hits: Just Act Normal, Gravity’s Got Nothing on You and Spook: A Ghostly Love Story in Three Parts.

theroguesgambit / @halekingsourwolf​ has scenarios that speak STRAIGHT TO MY SOUL, like, they make me aaaaache inside with how perfect they are for me.  They’re exact and to a ‘T’ what I want to read.  We have a wave-length; they don’t know it, but we do.  Because we’re angst-twins and I have never been angst-twins with anyone sooo courtesy apology for how weird and intense and stalkery I am about you, stranger [bright-eyed deranged grins].  Greatest Hits: The Price and (Not So) Pure Imagination.

I feel like entanglednow is the Sterek guru, the ultimate fandom classic author of all the most-bestest-ultimatiest-things soooo definitely study up.  Greatest Hits: Lock All the Doors Behind You, By Any Other Name, I Forgot All the Rules Today, Against a Sea of Trouble, Stretched Tight Over Skin - oooops, that last one is Stargent, how did that even happen, wow, who would do that?  No one even asked for that, whoo, I don’t know what happened there, I just–I gotta go sit in the corner and think about what I’ve done here.  [whips out shades and slinks away]

[reallyfastramblingsideeffectsvoice]: Also lemme special mention: Don’t Worry Baby by kalpurna / @kalpurna, Tiny Houses by ohmyjetsabel / @ohmyjetsabel-blog, Socrates Drank Hemlock by jettiebettie, Spark, Smolder, Catch by qthelights, Dating Backwards by RemainNameless, Stilinski’s Home for Wayward Wolves by owlpostagain, Shot Through the Heart by LunaCanisLupus_22 / @i-sveikata, Not Quite Lost (Not Quite Found) by alocalband / @alocalband, The One with the Napping by Captain_Loki, By a Law Divine by mirrorkill and No Such Things Grow Here by demonicweirdo / @desperauxx.

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Do you have a rec list of all your fav Mycroft pastiches?

You must be psychic because last night I started typing up a list of the assorted Mycroft-y things I have about the house (because I live an exciting life like that).

So here we go, they’re all decent in their own ways but my faves are starred **:

Novels/short stories

  • **Enter the Lion by Michael P. Hodel & Sean M. Wright
  • The Mycroft Memoranda by Ray Walsh
  • **Against The Brotherhood by Quinn Fawcett
  • **Embassy Row  by Quinn Fawcett
  • **The Flying Scotsman  by Quinn Fawcett
  • **The Scottish Ploy  by Quinn Fawcett
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Silver Birches by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Adventure of the Naval Engineer by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Case of the Missing Popes by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Case of the Banker’s Conclave by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and Murder at the Diogenes Club by David Dickinson
  • Mycroft Holmes and the Case of the Romanov Pearls by David Dickinson
  • The Dorking Gap Affair by Glen Petrie
  • The Monstrous Regiment by Glen Petrie
  • The Hampstead Poisonings by Glen Petrie
  • A Taste for Honey by H. F. Heard
  • The Notched Hairpin by H. F. Heard
  • Reply Paid by H. F. Heard
  • **Mycroft Holmes by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (I’ve starred this one because I like it, but it’s my least favourite of my favourites)

Comics/graphic novels

I’ll write a lil sentence or two about these because I rarely see any ‘Mycroft in comics’ Discourse

  • The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen by Alan Moore & Kevin O'Neill. Features Mycroft as a (minor) character, and the concept of his character in it fascinates me. If you haven’t read it and don’t mind ~spoilers~ you can read about TLOEG Mycroft here.
  • Mycroft Holmes & the Apocalypse Handbook #1-5 (2016/2017) by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Meh. I wrote very briefly about my problems with this here. I’ve yet to read all the issues though so I’m reserving full judgement until I do. Either way I love the colouring so I’ll forgive it…
  • **2000 AD #861-867 Cannon Fodder by Mark Millar and Chris Weston A very peculiar take on the character and one I can’t help but love, I made a photoset of it here to give you an idea.
  • Predator: Nemesis by Gordon Rennie and Colin MacNeil (photoset here). Just an angry man smoking a cigar basically. Looks like he could be American. Not convinced by any of it.

There are still quite a few things I need to add to the collection & I have various monographs and other crap but let’s not get into all that, you only wanted the pastiche.

TL;DR: Basically my One Tru Pastiche™ is any of the books by Quinn Fawcett. I love all four of them, they tick all my boxes. I have a tag dedicated to them if you want to know more, but basically they’re Victorian Legwork!Mycroft aka My Love, My Life, My Everything.

If you get out, it’s not the end of the world.
“But jeez, you can have some fun, if you put your heart and soul into it.”

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Re: Cask of Amontillado, I may be misremembering but I think the guy also literally chains his friend up before starting to build the wall. And the friend (who is v. drunk) is going 'haha come on dude this is funny and all but let me out now. Lol come on man where's that wine at what are you doing with those bricks'

Let’s be clear here: this meme was basically made for me.

And yes, he chains up his friend, who is dressed like a clown and also very drunk, and his friend slowly sobers up as the dude is bricking up a wall.

Also, for the lazy in us, and for those who want to see the posts that started it all, I highly recommend Vox’s explainer for this meme: http://www.vox.com/2016/10/14/13274974/tumblr-cask-of-amontillado-meme


Atlasaskskindly’s favourite short films (1/?)

 R'ha || 2013

This short film takes place in a futuristic world where a member of the R'ha species is held accountable for defending his planets against an oncoming threat.