fave scenes tbh

Okay but… let’s keep the toilet deleted scene… but without the toilet.

LeFou goes to hide in a closet because he can’t take the battle. Reminds him too much of the war. “I shouldn’t be here, I shouldn’t be here,” he repeats to himself in the clip, sounding scared and vulnerable.

But then he takes a few deep breaths. He thinks of happy thoughts. He does what he used to do to help Gaston, but to himself, since there’s no one around to help him.

Then, when he’s calmer and more in control, he decides to go out anyway. Despite he’s afraid, despite he hates all that noise and all that violence. He decides to do what’s right. And what’s right is helping out.

So, he does. And that’s when he saves Mrs. Potts.

There, now that deleted scene is fine.

Adrien is jealous of himself *how every fic goes imo*
  • Chat Noir: Ladybug, you are the prettiest girl in Paris
  • Ladybug: Thank you Chat Noir.
  • CN: Will you accompany me to-the-mysterious wedding today?
  • LB: … Nnno.
  • CN: But-But, Ladybug, I love you!
  • LB: I love you too. I LOOOOVVVMM YOU!
  • CN: Marry me Ladybug!
  • LB: ...No
  • CN: WHY!?
  • LB: I…I don't love you! Woopsies~!
  • LB: I am in love with another
  • CN: Who is this maaan!?
  • LB: He…is…you
  • CN: *happy gasp*
  • LB: I love you!
  • CN: Marry me Ladybug!
  • LB: …Nno
  • LB: I am in love with your other identity.
  • CN: ADRIEEN!? I'll kill him when I find him!
  • ADRIEN: No if he finds you first
  • CN and LB: Adrien!?
  • A: The mysterious wedding has been our wedding all along. Ladybug and I are getting wed at the wedding today! YOU are not invited! Will you be my best man?
  • CN: Of course, Adrien…I hate you so much.
  • A: Goodbye ChatNoir! I'll see you at the bachelor party!
  • LB: Goodbye, Chat Noir! I will always love you!
  • CN(whispering): Ladybug~

goodbye glee meme [4/7 ships]: Sam Evans & Mercedes Jones
“Just know that whoever I’m with or whatever I’m doing, I’d rather be doing it with you.”


maggie in a t-shirt appreciation post


I didn’t need a heart and a fucking waterworks display but that’s what I put on for myself as she spoke these lovely words. <3 such brilliance.

its months later, found this in my drafts and this made me cry GOD i love chiaki so much D:


I’d leave it open.