fave rap


I didn’t know I needed to hear Jimin rzp in my life before this


Passing by the edge of the cold winter,
until the days of the spring,
until the days of the flower blossoms
Please stay, please stay there a little longer

The Signs as Bangtan Bombs

Aries: just watching jungkook lip sync show

Taurus: while you were sleeping

Gemini: nick name T-shirts! (95z cam #1)

Cancer: ‘a guy like me’ lip-sync by jungkook (v cam)

Leo: jin and jimin’s push-up time

Virgo: lalalalalalalala OK! perform by jin & mon

Libra: jimin’s sexy dance one point lesson

Scorpio: BTS cypher fan no.1 v

Sagittarius: BTS with helium-filled balloon

Capricorn: practicing for show music core 'special MC’

Aquarius: mal dance made by j-hope

Pisces: (eyes, nose, lips) of BTS