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reasons everyone should be watching lucifer:
  • it’s about the devil, who one day went “fuck this. i’m over hell. i’m moving to LA” honestly that’s enough reason to watch it 
  • it’s not like every other cop show that is on tv at the moment. the supernatural twist always makes things bizarre and fun
  • it’s funny, like genuinely funny. it has it’s serious and emotional moments but most of the time it’s pretty lighthearted and doesn’t use Death™ to “intrigue” viewers
  • one of the best characters on the show is a pansexual demon who starts off as a pretty emotionless character and soon turns into the biggest softy who would do anything for the people she loves
  • lucifer is a bisexual dork who isn’t evil at all and just wants to be loved and accepted 
  • chloe decker’s eye roll thingy
  • the show does not slut shame their female characters
  • 5/9 of the main characters are poc, 6/9 are female (as of season 2)
  • the female relationships in this show are fab!! there is no jealousy, just love and random bar fighting
  • ella lopez… i can’t even describe this dork you just need to witness it 
  • the mother-daughter bond between chloe and trixie is so great. chloe is such a good mom, such a good cop, such a good person. 10/10 recommend just watching for chloe decker
  • deckerstar. whether it’s just a brotp or an otp, you will love their dynamic
  • all the characters are super different, and are all great. even some characters who may not be your fave at the start, you will end up appreciating them. 
  • mazikeen’s special love for trixie decker will make your heart melt. no one would dare mess with that demon’s little mars president 
  • lucifer’s constant “dad” jokes or comments about god are great
  • the music is also great 
  • please just watch there are more reasons but i think i got the main ones. lucifer is great

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Your nice but of snark beneath Emma's picture in the finale review was fun... but also kind of true. OUAT has been on a steadily downward curve for some time and plummeted in the last few seasons, that's a given. Many people blame it on the ships; I blame it on the overly convoluted plots that strangled the characters, which were the main focus in S1. Ships got so much focus because that simply was what they could focus the characters on with the little time that was left. Any thoughts on that?

I think OUAT’s One Big Problem is that they can’t stick the landings on their character arcs because they’re trying to smoosh everybody together into one plot. The show routinely shoves its characters aside to try and create “suspense” through people frantically looking for Random Magical Doodads right up until the finales– but we’re not here for the Dollar Store Glitterpalooza Extras, we’re here for the characters. The doodads only matter as a pretext for getting our faves to have some sort of emotional change and interact with others; it’s the character’s emotional payoff we’re after, and it’s that payoff that the show has trouble executing during the finales and that’s led to the show’s creative downfall.

The Doodad Dilemma ™ first appeared in early S2, where the first third of the show was everyone in FTL running around after a series of Lucky Charms side-quests (magic beans! wardrobe dust! magic compasses! squid ink! hearts! etc.). But of course nobody gives a shit about “sparkly dirt,” as Hook so eloquently put it– we only care about the subsequent Hook vs. Cora subplot; we don’t care about a compass, we only care about how Mulan is willing to fight her friends to save Aurora.

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What did the compass do again? (No, don’t tell me.)

At its best, the show uses these magical props as a device to link the FTL flashbacks and modern-day Storybrooke scenes together, while showing how the characters are changing. For instance, in S2 “The Queen is Dead,” the Death-swapsies Candle was symbolic for Young!Snow’s innocence, the Mills vs. Snow family vendetta through multiple generations, and how Modern!Snow failed the moral test that her younger self passed. When Modern!Snow picked up the candle in Gold’s shop I let out a little gasp because I was shocked Snow was going to whack Cora by proxy. The candle by itself is nothing– how it symbolized Snow’s dark side is what’s important.

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Holy shit, you guys

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I’m gonna actually lose my mind with this fandom one day. 

2x7 was a monstrous fuck up all around as far as malec is concerned. They literally faded to black on their first time just after Magnus expressed a very real concern and vulnerability that was literally pushed aside because Alec really wanted it so Magnus shouldn’t worry- I’m not faulting characters here, this is strictly about writing and editing. 

When LGBTQ fans and genuine allies rightfully called the show out for this- especially the fact that the same episode literally had Jace and a random seelie rolling around half naked in a bed, in Magnus’ loft as a matter of fact- some fans, mostly straight, tried to say all we wanted was to see our faves naked and that we needed to shut up about it. They kissed, we knew they had sex, asking for more was clearly because we were perverts and wanted smut.

But what might actually be worse at this point than straight fans telling us we have no right to be angry and that we’re just perverts is these random few LGBTQ, and also straight, fans who are saying we shouldn’t and won’t have intimate malec scenes because straight girls will fetishize them. First all off, straight fans, shut the fuck up. We don’t need you to explain to us how often and in what ways we are fucking fetishized. We live with it. My fellow LGBTQ fans who have expressed this opinion- what the actual fuck? So because some random straight girls might fetishize it we shouldn’t want, and should stop demanding, intimate scenes between the main LGBTQ canon couple? I really don’t care. We deserve those kinds of scenes. Those scenes should be as normal as het sex scenes and scenes with heterosexual intimacy. 

Like I’m honestly… what the fuck. Like how many different ways do LGBTQ fans need to be silenced when all we’re asking for is equal fucking representation?!

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I am also LGBTQ & in an interracial relationship. Shadowhunters 2B has been building up Malec very well & unpopular opinion, if they do break up & the fans are devastated, it shows they did a good job w/ the characters. Malec isn't breaking up due to cheating or some random reason, there's a real storyline involved. Bc I do read your reviews & watch shows for rep, I agree w/u on Coliver. Their relationship is toxic. After the episode is released, can you go into depth ur fave 2.18 scenes? Thx :)

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I’ll be happy to share my thoughts on my favorite scenes from 2x18 once the episode has aired. It might surprise you though, but then again it could be your favorite scene as well. 

I don’t understand this prevailing belief that if a LGBTQ character or couple experience conflict it somehow means that they’re being treated unfairly by the writers. I mean, I don’t know about you, but just because I’m LGBTQ doesn’t mean I don’t have relationship issues. It doesn’t mean I don’t argue with my girlfriend/boyfriend or we don’t say things we regret in the heat on the moment. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have our struggles. If anything I like seeing that Magnus & Alec’s problems have nothing to do with the fact that they’re gay. 

Like you said, they have real problems. There are real consequences and they’re not something that can be wrapped up in a nice little bow with a kiss on the forehead at the end of the episode. Alec is trying to change generations of harmful thinking regarding Downworlders while still protecting mundanes from demons. He has Valentine & Jonathan threatening to kill anyone and everyone in their way which causes him to have to make some really hard decisions, decisions that won’t please everyone but he’s doing his best.

And then you have Magnus who has a duty to do anything he can to protect his people because they come before anyone else and that includes Alec. Both he and Alec are trying to figure out how their love for the other fits into a world where their duties to other people are in direct conflict with those feelings. This is a story with LGBTQ people I want to see. We need to see these kinds of stories. 

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Marinette for the thing please! Love your work by the way!

Aww thank you!! <3

sexuality headcanon: Bisexual, definitely

otp: Love square and Alyanette - at this point tbh I think I love both equally

brotp: EVERYONE. She’s such a friendly child I love her so much. And her canon friendships with people like Alya and Nino are amazing.

notp: Anyone out of her age range

first headcanon that pops into my head: She’s a fantastically good tennis player but as soon as Adrien shows up she’ll fricking throw the tennis racket out of her hand by accident I was watching Wimbledon earlier and this was all I could think about

one way in which I relate to this character: I’m such a clumsy dork

thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character: THAT STALKER CALENDAR. Marinette, no

cinnamon roll or problematic fave?: Cinnamon roll!!!! Aaaaaand maybe problematic fave. Please, stop stalking Adrien omg

Send me a character!

30 days of your favourite TV show challenge

Fed up with having no 30 Day Meme for your fave show? Then fret no longer, as I have made a set of generic questions that can be tweaked for any show. If I were a computer genius, I would have made a random generator for the list. As it is, a challenger will have to use the tried and tested pulling a number out of a hat method.

1. Favourite episode

2. What you wished happened

3. Favourite regular character

4. Favourite guest character

5. Your song/fan mix for the show

6. Best title sequence

7. Most Romantic moment?

8. Favourite fanwork

9. Favourite photo/screenshot

10. Favourite ship 

11. An unpopular/cracky opinion you hold.

12. How would you convert someone to your show?

13. What show related fan works you would like to see?

14. Worst decision

15. Scene that made your heart break

16. Best use of a hoary old trope

17. Something that made you happy

18. Something that made you Sad

19. Something that made you Think

20. Something that made you Laugh

21. Best series opener

22. Best season finale

23. Which character would you like to go to lunch with?

23. Talk about the music

24. Best scene involving music/dancing

25. Crime against fashion 

26. Favourite quote(s)

27. Favourite non-romantic OTP

28. Most surprising moment

29. Favourite location

30. Favourite costume/clothing/accessory

Swaps or another 30 Days!

31. Favourite colour episode

33. Favourite character moment

34. Biggest BAMF

35. Favourite b/w episode

36. Something from your head fanon

37. Best fight

38. Least Favourite episode

39. Best scene

40. Which character would you be?

41. Biggest surprise

42. Pick a side!

43. Least favourite character

44. All the pairings you ship

45. Best weapon

46. Most taxing problem

47. Favourite item of merchandise

48. Best explosion

49. Missing episode you would like to see found

50. Best SFX

51. Worst season finale

52. Favourite writer

53. Favourite director

54. The coolest thing

55. Crackiest moment?

56. Worst titles

57. Best pirate

58. Most woeful use of SFX

59. Best scene involving eating/drinking

60. Scariest facial hair

61. Favourite voice

Repeatable questions for shows with large casts and multiple ships:

Q. What did you think of ____ / _____?

Q. Favourite [name of character] moment?

Q. What do you think of [name of character]?

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my favorite thing about comic books, at least in DC and Marvel, that other media just doesn’t have, is that since all the stories exist in the same universe you can be reading a comic about one character and others you love suddenly show up and there’s nothing that makes me happier than unexpectedly seeing my faves, random team-ups I never though would occur, there are so many possibilities and dynamics, it’s crossover paradise and I love it