fave pilots


One of the best interviews of tøp. Its old but You need to see this.


why don’t we ever talk about this


After Empire Day

Here’s to the three who failed to represent the might of Lothal’s imperial presence! Minister Tua, Commandant Aresko and Baron Rudor.

Such disappointments.


[01.01.17] FIRST DAY OF 2017 I’m startin strong

pic featuring a fave color from my first pack of staedtler triplus fineliners (!!!) and a sticky note thing that I picked up from the dollar store, as well as some older faves from pilot and muji. the bujo spread is inspired by @studyign‘s “50 things productive people do differently” own spread as well as a cool quote I found ^*^


Meet My Faves: 7/??

Joshua William Dun

Born June 18, 1988, Josh Dun is an american musician, best known as the drummer of the duo Twenty One Pilots. In 2010, Josh was the drummer for the band, House of Heroes, before eventually leaving to join Twenty One Pilots in 2011. Josh and band mate, Tyler Joseph, are currently promoting their new album, Blurryface, and will embark on the Blurryface Tour this fall.